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"Evolution of your Role as Founder"  by Janis Zech (Fyber, Point Nine Capital)

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 As an entrepreneur, you have to move fast and learn constantly. Let's face it: your role as a founder will evolve as your startup grow. So... do you have what it takes?  We're glad to invite Janis Zech, Co-Founder of Fyber and now Venture Partner at Point Nine Capital, to share the different stages of his entrepreneurial journey!

Janis is an entrepreneur & investor passionate about tech startups, bright minds & bold ideas.  He started Fyber, a cross-platform monetization & advertising solution for app developers back in 2009. Five years later, he sold it for €150M. He will share what happened in between: from doing everything himself to delegating bit by bit, building and managing a team, growing from €0 to €218M in revenues, fundraising and exiting. 

 It takes a special kind of mind to be able to juggle so many responsibilities while knowing what your priorities are at any given point in your startup's life. Here, Janis shares his own adventures and what he looks for in founders when investing in early stage startups.

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"Evolution of your Role as Founder"  by Janis Zech (Fyber, Point Nine Capital)

  1. 1. "Evolution of your Role as Founder" @janiszech https://angel.co/janiszech
  2. 2. About me • Co-Founder @Fyber: €0 to €218M (2016) in revenues; sold for €150M in 2014 • Angel & board member in 15 tech companies (Remerge, Delivery Hero, Dalia Research, Spotinst…) • Venture Partner @PointNineCap • On a mission to build great technology companies (and to learn by doing things)
  3. 3. Uncertainty
  4. 4. Your role as a founder is paradox • Short-term vs. long-term? • Internal vs. external stakeholder? • Delegation vs. operating? • Vision vs. reality?
  5. 5. Business Time Start Scale Mature
  6. 6. Focus on having the highest impact in context of size of organization… Figure 8: Baecker’s Form of the Firm, adapted from Baecker (2006a: 128)
  7. 7. Company First! Increase likelyhood of success… • People, People, People • Co-founders - 1st hires - Experts & leaders • Product • Dream - MVP - PMF - Scale - Excellence • Strategy • Start up - Scale up – Innovate • Culture • Explict values - Consistent behavior – Hire/fire/promote people
  8. 8. Questions?
  9. 9. Thank you J