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  1. Experiential Network – 2015 Summer Yuka Kawano CPS MS in Leadership
  2. Background (in today’s society) Professionals pursue their continuing professional development by utilizing both formal and informal education sources. Professionals are searching for ways to keep up with their peers.
  3. Background (in Northeastern University) Currently, Northeastern University does not provide graduated professionals with any opportunity for pursuing additional studies. As part of academic fields, Northeastern University should be able to help workers continue their studies. The main barriers for such provisions are the high reliance on certificates and degrees.
  4. Objective The goal for this project is to provide Northeastern University with practical recommendations about continuing studies, which can be applied in each professional career in Medicine and Health Science, Business and Management, Engineering and Science, and Computer Science and Web Development. By doing this, Northeastern University will be more ideal and supportive university for those graduated professionals who would like to be more successful in their professional fields.
  5. • Universities’ participation in continuing studies According to FINANCIAL TIME’s website, more than 20 universities are offering nearly 90 MOOCS courses in a number of academic fields during the summer and fall season of this year. • University of Virginia (4) • University of California (14) • University of Washington (3) • Colombia University (3) • MIT (5) • Babson Global (1) • University of Maryland (2) • Stanford University (3) • University of North Carolina (1) • University of Pennsylvania (7) • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (10) • University of Michigan (4) • University of Texas (1) • University of Chicago (1) • University System of Georgia (1) (subsidiary of University of Georgia) • Case Western Reserve University (1) • Wesleyan University (1) • The University of New Mexico (1) • Johns Hopkins University (6) • San Jose State University and McKinsey Academy (2) *( ) …. The number of courses that are offered MOOCS are non-degree programs, however most of the courses listed offer certain certificates. Duration of the courses depends, and beginning times also differ course by course.
  6. • The most used method and tools for continuing studies in each area Medicine and Healthcare On ground / One-way approach (setting / style or method) Business and Management On ground / One-way approach and Interactive approach Engineering and Science On ground and One-on-one style / One-way, Interactive, and Training style Computer and Web Development Online style / Interactive approach
  7. Clinical Psychologist (Medicine and Health Science) Job description Their job is to diagnose or evaluate mental and emotional disorders of individuals by conducting observation, interview, and psychological tests, and formulate and administer programs of treatment.
  8. Clinical Psychologist (Medicine and Health Science) Knowledge they need • Psychology • Therapy and Counseling • English Language • Customer and Personal Service • Education and Training • Medicine and Dentistry • Sociology and Anthropology • Clerical Skills they need • Speaking • Social Perceptiveness • Active Listening • Critical Thinking • Reading Comprehension • Writing • Judgment and Decision Making • Science
  9. Clinical Psychologist (Medicine and Health Science) Fact about medical field • Medical field requires doctors to obtain specified number of credits annually, which are called CME credits, in order to maintain their medical license and to remain credentialed to see patients • CME credits are authorized by the American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition Award – Certificate or degree has to be provided by official institute, and doctors cannot earn them from informal educations.
  10. Clinical Psychologist (Medicine and Health Science) • Open Online Clinical Case Discussion – Northeastern University collects cases to be discussed from university students who study to be Clinical Psychologists • University students are able to observe the discussions worked by professionals although they do not participate it – Northeastern University creates an online platform, such as Blackboard system, where case discussion is conducted • One case discussion can be discussed for two weeks • There is one week of break after every two-week discussion • During the one week of break time, Northeastern University also organizes free meet- up event, where professionals and Northeastern students can get in touch with each other informally and casually
  11. Regulatory Affairs (Business and Management) Job description In this job, specialists plan, direct, or coordinate production activities of an organization to ensure compliance with regulations and standard operating procedures. The necessity of this job developed from the hope of governments to protect public health about the safety and efficacy of products in the areas, such as (1)pharmaceuticals, (2)veterinary medicines, (3)cosmetics, (4)complementary medicines
  12. Regulatory Affairs (Business and Management) Knowledge they need • Law and Government • English Language • Medicine and Dentistry • Administration and Management • Biology • Clerical • Education and Training • Chemistry Skills they need • Reading Comprehension • Speaking • Writing • Active Listening • Critical Thinking • Judgment and Decision Making • Time Management • Coordination
  13. Regulatory Affairs (Business and Management) Fact about Regulatory Affairs Requirements • 3-5 years of regulatory or quality assurance experience in medical devices and/or pharmaceuticals • Bachelor in Chemistry (strongly preferred) • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word • Focus on consistent ethical behavior and high compliance • Mental agility and complex problem solving skills • Ability to establish quick, positive rapport for long term relationships
  14. Regulatory Affairs (Business and Management) 1. Multi Skills Development through Case Writing Activity – Northeastern University opens opportunities for professionals as Case Writing Course to gain and develop multiple necessary skills to work in Regulatory Affairs field • Northeastern University recruits people who can guide and assist case writing • Professionals are expected to produce case materials that deal with the real situations related to ethics in Regulatory Affairs field, and they can choose the situation freely • They are expected to work on researches, interviews to workers, organize information, and eventually produce case materials that will be used for case discussions • Professionals can have access to Discussion Board of some classes in MS in Regulatory Affairs for gaining professional information • This process also requires a lot of writing activities by making use of tools, such as Word or Microsoft
  15. Regulatory Affairs (Business and Management) • This producing process is accompanied by the development of compliance and rapport with others • Case writing require conductors to follow some rules in writing activities, which will lead to the accumulation of consistency and compliance • All of these process can be guided by recruited assistances, and successfully created materials will be applied into *free online discussion board activity (No. 2) 2. Case Discussion through Free Online Discussion Board Service – Northeastern University also set up free online discussion board service, where professionals can work on case discussion • Professionals who are busy can simply have an access to this online discussion board • Materials are created by other professionals explained in Recommendation No.1
  16. Agricultural Engineers (Engineering and Science) Job description Their job is to apply knowledge of engineering technology and biological science to agricultural problems concerned with power and machinery, electrification, structures, soil and water conservation, and processing of agricultural products.
  17. Agricultural Engineers (Engineering and Science) Knowledge they need • Engineering and Technology • Design • Mathematics • Physics • Mechanical • Computers and Electronics • English Language • Building and Construction Skills they need • Critical Thinking • Complex Problem Solving • Writing • Reading Comprehension • Active Listening
  18. Agricultural Engineers (Engineering and Science) Fact about Agricultural Engineering • They opt to seek Master’s Degree or PhD to pursue further research • Written communication skill is crucial • Having necessity of being comfortable with computers
  19. Agricultural Engineers (Engineering and Science) • Computer skill implementation – Northeastern University students become tutors • Students can get small pay as their on-campus part time job • Lesson can be either in person or online – Professionals are required to pay fee for the one-on-one lectures, but the amount they pay is less than they pay for formal instructions outside – There is no limit of the time the tutorial instruction ends
  20. Data Analysts (Computer Science and Web Development) Job description They collect and analyze data contained in a computer database or elsewhere to identify problems and possible solutions. It might be also possible that they design and create databases to house the information they need, ensure data accuracy and make suggestions to business managers about how to develop efficiency or quality based on their findings. They spend many work hours sitting at a desk in front of computer.
  21. Data Analysts (Computer Science and Web Development) Knowledge they need • Information Technology • Statistics • Management Information System • Computer science • Systems Analysis • Design • Emerging technologies • IT project management • Database management system • Mathematical Analysis of Information Skills they need • Detail orientation • Mathematical inclination • Ability to work independently • Proficiency with (1)Computer system (2)Data management concepts (3)Database structures • Strong writing skills • Familiarity with a particular market or industry
  22. Data Analysts (Computer Science and Web Development) Fact about Data Analysts • They acquire a four-year degree – Statistic, Math, Business Administration, Computer Science, Data Management, Software Application • They frequently complete Master’s Degree to be competitive – It can often be a substitute of related work experiences • Strong writing skills are advantage • Familiarity with a particular market or industry is valuable
  23. Data Analysts (Computer Science and Web Development) • Free Online Resources Provision and Mentorship from Northeastern students – Northeastern students who completed certain courses become providers of free online resources and mentors of particular subject related to the necessary skills for Data Analysts • Those students who are recognized as eligible tutors by their professors can register to be a part time workers at Northeastern University • They post some useful online resources and guidelines of studies on online systems – They are expected to provide the guidelines for learning by applying the knowledge they gain from their past courses • They will also be mentors for learning professionals and answer questions about the contents they receive from learners – For answering and tutoring learners, e-mail, Skype, phone conversation, in person meeting can be applied depending on the availability of both working students and learning professionals
  24. About careers Above The Fold Magazine An example of professional association – IMA Bureau of Labor Statistics Continuing a medical education (CME) Executive Education – University Help service for extensional learning Guild Research National Institute of Health Recruiter Video of Introduction for “Getting started with matrices”