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Secrets of Rock Star Developers (and How to Become One!) [CON7615] (Yuji KUBOTA part)

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This slide introduced how hard-of-hearing person become a (good) developer at JavaOne 2017

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Secrets of Rock Star Developers (and How to Become One!) [CON7615] (Yuji KUBOTA part)

  1. 1. #HeapStats@sugarlife 1 Who I am KUBOTA Yuji (@sugarlife) Java technical support engineer at NTT a hard-of-hearing developer, OpenJDK Author, icedtea Committer
  2. 2. #HeapStats@sugarlife 2 •READ codes and WRITE code •source codes are as text messages, we need not fear them. Do trial-and-error more than others •documents and comments are great help •Not maintained docs and comments are not help, so you must maintain them for our friends How does a hard-of-hearing person become a (good) developer?
  3. 3. #HeapStats@sugarlife 3 • Conversation by chat (IRC, slack, SNS...) and mailing list • Please tweet what you hear at conference, it is VERY GOOD HELP for hard-of-hearing people. • Written knowledge such as articles and books • Who is good author? To join JUG to know who is professional • To write articles and then get feedback as same as others • Too hard things, but talking presentation is also good. Two hard- of-hearing persons have talked LT at Japan JUG. • Watch sessions by youtube with automatic subtitles • recommend JVM Language Summit, virtual JUG Other useful helps
  4. 4. #HeapStats@sugarlife 4 •We do not need to give up by our disability due to many people are very kind and help us. Conclusion