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Young Lions CZ 2023 | MEDIA 15

  1. MEDIA -Team 15 H peful piggies
  2. Our target audience GENERAL PUBLIC Parents struggling with finding professional help for their children. MEDICAL STUDENTS Deciding about their future career.
  3. Our insights Mental health is not always visible from the outside world. A large proportion of people live with mental illness without people around them knowing it. 8 out of 10 medical graduates are not certain about their future career pursuits. This is often influenced by their internships during the last years of studies. source 1: NUDZ, MEDIAGUIDE - informace, data a příběhy na jednom místě, 2021 source 2: Voicecall survey with 10 medical students
  4. Our PIG idea Piggy banks are cute. But also very fragile. ...same as children. Piggy banks are coin holders. ...children however, hold emotions.
  5. The Buzz Let's send the piggies out there! Provoke curiosity among wide public by placing 30 life-size sculptures in frequent places in cities.
  6. | 3,431 young people shared their mental health issues Share yours... *it's anonymous ZE DNE NA DEN !!! Neznámá plastová prasátka se objevila po Praze a jiných městech! Strategy Záhada prasátek rozkryta. Jde o mentální zdraví dětí. Ensure media presence by creating a sensation! IMHD April 23 teasing awareness Start REVEAL Longterm PR
  7. We broke the case. Now, let's recruit! Extra insight: No clinics approach students proactively in their future career steps. Solution: Take advantage of KN’s assets. Send experts and doctors to events at universities to talk and allow students to think about a career in child psychiatry. Goal: Increase the number of medics applying for this career by 14 % (= 1 % of 2,500 absolvents) in one year. source: Voicecall survey with 10 medical students COME AND TALK
  8. 25 newcomers to child psychiatry career path Out-of-home 6,000,000 impressions 0 CZK Online video 3,000,000 impressions 50,000 CZK Social 5,000,000 impressions 0 CZK PR 5,000,000 impressions 0 CZK Our effectiveness
  9. Summary AUDIENCE INSIGHT BIG IDEA SOLUTION RESULTS General public and medical students. Mental health is often not visible from the outside. More than half of medical graduates have not yet decided about their future career. Use the piggy bank analogy to disrupt the public narrative. Use of online and PR media coverage to spread the message. Proactively approach students with live events. 19 mio.+ impressions. Improved nationwide discussion about youth mental health. Increased interest in pursuing career as child psychiatrist. MEDIA -Team 15