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  2. INTRODUCTION Everything that a human being can do is being transformed by machines in this era. One of the key causes is the performance exchange. In today's society, we teach our machines to think like people and complete their missions on their own. As a result, the concept of a digital assistant emerged. A digital assistant that understands voice commands and does relevant tasks as requested by the user using voice reputation features and language processing algorithms. A digital assistant is capable of filtering out ambient noise and returning relevant facts based on particular commands supplied by the person. Virtual Assistants are entirely software-based, but they've recently been integrated into a variety of devices, and some, such as Alexa, are created specifically for standalone devices Because of the rapid change in era, it is now more important than ever to educate our machines using machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. With the help of Voice Assistant, we can now speak to our machines. Nowadays, every significant company uses Voice Assistant so that their customers may use their voice to interact with their devices. As a result, with the Voice Assistant, we're progressing to the next level of development, where we'll be able to converse with our device.
  3. OBJECTIVE • Virtual Assistants are software programs that help you ease your day to day tasks. • This system is designed to be used efficiently on desktops. Personal assistant software improves user productivity by managing routine tasks of the user and by providing information from online sources to the user. • These types of digital assistants are extremely beneficial to the elderly, the visually and physically challenged, children, and others by ensuring that interacting with the system is no longer a difficult task for humans. Even blind people who are unable to see the system can engage with it by using their voice. • JARVIS is effortless to use. Just call the wake word ‘JARVIS’ or CLAP. And within seconds, it gets executed.
  4. TECHNIQUES USED It uses several techniques like: • Artificial Intelligence • Natural language processing • Speech recognition • Hotward detection • Clap detection • AI Brain – Ask any question • PYTHON language and its modules
  5. IMPLEMENTATION Speech Recognition • Jarvis has the ability to listen to spoken words and identify them. For this we can use speek recognition in Python to convert the spoken words into text, make a query or give a reply. • We can can do speech recognition in python with the help of computer programs that take in input from the microphone, process it, and convert it into a suitable form. • For this ability to work we need to first import speech recognition module. import speech_recognition as sr Pyttsx3 • pyttsx3 is a text-to-speech conversion library in Python. • It is a very easy to use tool which converts the entered text into speech. • The pyttsx3 module supports two voices first is female and the second is male which is provided by “sapi5” for windows. import pyttsx3
  6. 1. Opening various websites, apps. • Jarvis can open various Websites and apps like facebook,instagram, LinkedIn etc. • For this we have import webbrowser Module. • Syntax for importing webbrowser Module. import webbrowser A) Opening LeetcodeWebsite
  7. B) Opening Instagram • You can just open Instagram by saying “Open Instagram” and jarvis will open your instagram website.
  8. C) Opening Facebook • You can just open Facebook by saying “Open Facebook” and jarvis will open your facebook website.
  9. 2) Google Search • Jarvis can also allow the users to search anything on google. • You can perform a Google search using the following simple command. It opens your browser and searches for the topic you have given in your code. Syntax:“Keyword”)
  10. 3) Play music on Yotube • Jarvis can play various songs according to the user. • Function pywhatkit.playonyt(), opens the YouTube in your default browser and plays the video user mentioned in the function. Syntax:- pywhatkit.playonyt(“url/topic name”)
  11. Other functionalities performed by Jarvis 1) Chrome Automation • Python provides a library named keyboard which is used to get full control of the keyboard. • By using keyboard module we could use various shortcut keys used in chrome. A) Open new tab in chrome Command:- keyboard.press_and_release("ctrl + t") B) Close Current tab in chrome Command:- keyboard.press_and_release("ctrl + w") C) Open new window in chrome Command:- keyboard.press_and_release("ctrl + n") D) Show history in chrome Command:- keyboard.press_and_release("ctrl+h") E) Open incognito tab in chrome Command:- keyboard.press_and_release("Ctrl + Shift + n")
  12. 2) Youtube Automation A) Pause the youtube video Command:-'space') B) Restart youtube video Command:-'0') C) Play youtube video:- Command:-'0') D) Mute video:- Command:-'m') E) Skip video by 10 sec:- Command:-'l') F) Enter full screen mode:- Command:-'f') G) Enter film mode:- Command:-'t')
  13. APPLICATION • This AI Jarvis can answer your any question in few seconds. • This AI Jarvis is able to understand your feelings. • This AI Jarvis can act as an alarm clock. • This AI Jarvis is capable of telling about real time information like weather forecast, latest news, etc. • This AI Jarvis can understand you in both Hindi and English. • This AI Jarvis has over 100+ voices. • This AI Jarvis is able to control your whole computer. • This AI Jarvis can talk to you in sarcastic way also. • This AI Jarvis is able to control your social media handles. • This AI Jarvis has the database of the whole internet. • This AI Jarvis can be integrated and used as a home automation tool. • This AI Jarvis can act as an web automation tool.
  14. FUTURE ENHANCEMENT • Enhancement in the capacity of database or the data training sets can be done in this for more situations or the acquaintances that can be faced by JARVIS. • This would upgrade its effectiveness and the wide range ability of producing responses. Further addition of more voices can also be done as an additional feature. So these limitations can be broken with the increase in data training sets. • The interface of the system can be improved more or we can say can be optimized. From saying more optimized it is meant that the interface can be more user friendly, comprehensive and easy to use for more percentage of users. So the Jarvis would become more accessible and intractable.
  15. CONCLUSION • Jarvis - An AI Voice Assistant System uses speech recognition and other AI techniques along with Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing for a smart responsive system to the given circumstances or conditions. • It can reduce the workload of basic human activities or the daily activities and can replace some human working posts like personal secretaries employed for scheduling a person’s per day time table. • Critically, the system is designed to interrelate with other sub-systems smartly and comprehensively.
  16. Thank you