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Xporter for Jira - Overview

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Xporter for jira - Overview
For more, visit https://www.xpand-addons.com/xporter/

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Xporter for Jira - Overview

  1. 1. Xporter for JIRA Overview Pedro Gonçalves Xpand Add-ons Lead Xporter for JIRA Creator Easy, Fast and Accessible Exporting from JIRA
  2. 2. 1. About Us 2. Why Xporter? 3. What is Xporter 4. Xporter in Action 5. Feature List 6. Xporter Academy 7. Microsoft Office Add-in Agenda
  3. 3. About Us - The Xporter Team Big Data 5 Years Making this kickass Add-on 3 Offices in 2 different countries +1.500 Customers Using our products +60 Countries With customers +100 Reviews In the Marketplace +100.000 Lines of Code Written by our team 4 Languages Available in English, German, Spanish and French +1000 Support Tickets Closed by our Support Team +150 Features In our roadmap
  4. 4. About Us - Our Clients
  5. 5. Why Xporter? JIRA export capabilities are limited to XML, Word, HTML Printable and CSV formats. Users are restricted to simple and hard-coded layout. They are not allowed to define what they want to get printed nor how they want to see it printed.
  6. 6. Why Xporter? We believe exporting from JIRA must be easy, fast and accessible to everyone!
  7. 7. The need for exporting from JIRA • Print issues using customized templates to: • Send mail/letter communications • Create business reports • Share information in JIRA with people that: • do not have access to JIRA • do not know how to use JIRA
  8. 8. The need for exporting from JIRA • Create and share reports (on-demand and scheduled) • Release notes • Project status • Test specifications • Ticket status and SLAs • Auditing • Export documents with issue contents on Workflow transitions
  9. 9. What is Xporter? Xporter is an add-on that addresses the limited exporting capabilities available in JIRA. It allows you export JIRA to documents.
  10. 10. • With Xporter you can: • Create templates using MS Word and Excel. • Generate documents in PDF, Word and Excel, PNG and SVG. • Download documents on-demand, send documents by email and publish documents to remote servers. What is Xporter
  11. 11. Templates Make it simple! Xporter Templates are created using Microsoft Word and Excel.
  12. 12. Templates Templates can have: • Fields and Custom Fields • Comments • Worklogs • Sub-tasks • Linked issues • JQL queries • Calculations and Formulas • And much more!
  13. 13. Templates
  14. 14. Templates
  15. 15. Templates
  16. 16. Templates • Global templates are managed in JIRA Administration. • Since version 5.2, personal templates are supported and managed in the User Profile.
  17. 17. Template Store Xporter also has a Template Store where you can look for community templates. These templates can be used as starting point for your own templates.
  18. 18. Xporter in Action Let’s see Xporter in Action • Export Single Issue - From the Issue View Screen • Export Multiple Issues - From the Issue Search Screen • Export Tickets from JIRA Service Desk - From Customer Portal
  19. 19. Xporter Academy More Features
  20. 20. Permission Schemes • Each JIRA project uses a Xporter Permission Scheme. • Xporter Permission Schemes define security rules to export issues.
  21. 21. Permission Schemes • You also use Permission Schemes to associate Issue Types and Templates.
  22. 22. Workflow Post-functions • Xporter provides workflow post-functions to: • Send by email the export result. • Upload or attach the export result to JIRA, Confluence or a FTP server.
  23. 23. Scheduled Reports • Schedule reports allow emailing reports at preset times. • Scheduling is based on Cron expressions.
  24. 24. API • Xporter provides a REST API to generate documents from external apps. • Inputs: • Issue keys • Template to use • Output format (PDF, Word, Excel, PNG) • Output: • Binary file with the export file
  25. 25. Integration with other Add-ons • Xporter supports exporting content created by other add-on such as: • Xray for JIRA • Gliffy • Nfeed • Insight • Tempo Timesheets • JEditor • Structure • Table Grid Editor
  26. 26. Xporter Academy
  27. 27. Xporter Academy • Xporter Academy is a Bootcamp to learn about using Xporter for JIRA. • Addresses Configuration and managing Templates. • Is available with the online documentation of Xporter.
  28. 28. Microsoft Office Add-in
  29. 29. w w w. x p a n d - a d d o n s . c o m pedro.goncalves@xpand-it.com