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Session 4 - Xamarin Partner Program, Events and Resources

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This is the presentation slides of video session delivered at the Xamarin Partner Summit 2017. Microsoft speaker Greg Urquhart, describes the Xamarin Partner Program and upcoming changes. Microsoft speaker Francine Anthony, highlights upcoming events and resources for Xamarin Partners.

Watch the session recording at channel9.msdn.com/Events/Xamarin-Partners/Xamarin-Partner-Summit-2017/Xamarin-Partner-Program-Events-and-Resources

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Session 4 - Xamarin Partner Program, Events and Resources

  1. 1. #XamarinPS2017
  2. 2.
  3. 3. https://www.xamarin.com/consulting-partners/resources Dedicated Partner Sales Executive Mobile Partner Plan & Account Mapping Access to Partner Engineer Access to Partner Marketing Manager Case Study Support – potential Lighthouse highlight 2 cases / year 1 case / year Access to Partner Team Listing on “Find a Xamarin Consulting Partner” search results Top priority placement Priority placement Access to Resources Page
  4. 4. • App Dev definition expanded to emphasize mobile expertise • Access to MPN full benefits based on Silver or Gold status
  5. 5. #XamarinPS2017
  6. 6. Xamarin Webinar Series Xamarin.com/webinars http://build.microsoft.com/
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Who We’re Looking For: Top Targets and Criteria Partner driven projects for top tier enterprise or consumer brand • Leading global industry name or high brand value Priority technology lineup • Xamarin/Xamarin.Forms, Azure, Xamarin Test Cloud, Visual Studio Team Services, Hockey App, SQL 2016 • Other third party integrations: Zebra scanners, beacons, AR/VR Transformative use case • Demonstrated business impact • Innovative use case (e.g. Cognitive Services) • Social impact Amazing apps • Public apps with 4+ stars and 500+ reviews, high usage high utility apps
  9. 9. Partner Benefits • Enhanced partner visibility - Showcase your mobile talents • Gain cool assets to use for reference and marketing purposes • Story promoted through Microsoft marketing engines • Support from the Lighthouse Technical Team
  10. 10. Reach out to Partner Executive If you have a customer that you think fits the criteria, reach out to your partner manager and have an initial conversation. Initial Meeting If you and Partner Manager agree that customer is a good fit, Partner Manager will schedule a 30 min intro and background meeting between your solution experts and our marketing team. Discuss marketing opportunities, gauge interest and determine any next steps (demos, etc.). Determine Fit Following meeting, identify best opportunities and timeline Get customer agreement for next steps.
  11. 11. Next steps Are you a Xamarin Partner? Talk to your partner executive about what was discussed and how you can leverage Interested in becoming a Xamarin Partner? Connect with a Microsoft team member to discuss how to get started #XamarinPS2017
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