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What footwear to wear during your pregnancy period

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Some footwear comes handy while you are making a trip to a baby scan clinic from your office itself. Let's know more about community formal footwear during pregnancy.

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What footwear to wear during your pregnancy period

  1. 1. PREGNANCY PERIOD What Footwear To Wear During Your PREGNANCY PERIOD
  2. 2. Though getting comfy maternity and nursing clothes is important, to-be mothers overlook maternity footwear. So, here are some of the great footwear options which are safe, comfy, and will offer great support during pregnancy.
  3. 3. Flip Flop
  4. 4. Flip flops are the best shoes for pregnant mothers or any individual who love the comfort of their feet more than fashion.
  5. 5. Chelsa Boot
  6. 6. Chesla boot is a lot safer option than regular heels that pregnant women should take a break from, during 1st trimester of pregnancy.
  7. 7. Gladiator Slippers
  8. 8. Gladiators slippers are an excellent choice during pregnancy as they are both comfortable and trendy, so do give gladiator slippers a try.
  9. 9. Loafers
  10. 10. Loafers are yet another stylish option for mothers who are in the fashion industry or hardcore white collar jobs, where dress code does plays an important role.
  11. 11. Crocs
  12. 12. Crocs made up of 100% polymer that is water resistant so in case you spill any water you won’t need to bother about ruining its fabric.
  13. 13. Crochet Slippers
  14. 14. These are made up of wool and stretches as your feet swell up due to pregnancy hormones. Its must have for every puffed-up mama, without a doubt.
  15. 15. Sandals
  16. 16. This footwear offers plenty of room to your feet and also help to keep the foot airy.
  17. 17. Bow Slippers
  18. 18. Pregnant working mothers should always carry a pair of comfy flip flop or slippers to their place of work and keep in under their desk so that your feet get adequate rest that it deserves.
  19. 19. Switch between your pairs of shoes, stay tuned and get perfect pairs of your favourite footwear either online or from the market.
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