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Food Rules For Expecting Mothers During COVID-19 Lockdown

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Every moms-to-be should follow certain food rules to stay active and maintain baby’s health & development. Visit an ultrasound baby scan clinic in Aylesbury for further consultation.

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Food Rules For Expecting Mothers During COVID-19 Lockdown

  1. 1. Food Rules For Expecting Mothers During COVID-19 Lockdown Food Rules For Expecting Mothers During COVID-19 Lockdown
  2. 2. Pregnancy brings with it a wave of blissfulness for the expecting mother as well as for her loved ones. However, it is also the time when both the mother and yet-to-be-born baby needs a lot of care.
  3. 3. As the world is struggling with the Coronavirus scare, it has become even more crucial for pregnant women to take care of their diet and well-being. So, right from washing the veggies carefully to cooking up a healthy meal, one needs to take extra precaution at this hour of crisis.
  4. 4. Here are some few food rules every pregnant woman must follow.
  5. 5. Understand Your Body’s Need
  6. 6. Eating healthy can help alleviate morning sickness and boost your immune system. Eat foods that suit your body.
  7. 7. Wash Fruits n Veggies Properly
  8. 8. Make sure you always wash vegetables and fruits with water properly before consumption to get rid of germs.
  9. 9. Limit Your Caffeine Intake
  10. 10. Instead of drinking coffee or tea, expecting mothers can drink fruit juices and mineral water. Soft drinks and energy drinks are equally unsafe for expecting mothers because of their high level of caffeine.
  11. 11. Choose Fresh Foods
  12. 12. Expecting mothers must eat freshly made meals and avoid ready to eat packaged food. They should also inform their doctor about their food allergies.
  13. 13. Go For Cooked Food
  14. 14. Make sure you always eat cooked food as it keeps disease-causing pathogens at bay. The high temperature kills any possible infectant present in food.
  15. 15. Drinking unpasteurized milk is also not safe for consumption. Always boil milk before drinking it.
  16. 16. Don't Drink Alcohol
  17. 17. Alcoholic beverages are extremely detrimental for expecting mothers. Consuming alcohol during pregnancy is not safe for the baby’s health.
  18. 18. Eat Immunity Boosting Foods
  19. 19. To make your immune system strong, eat healthy home-cooked meals. Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, foods high in protein and dairy are fit for consumption.
  20. 20. Eat, Exercise And Relax
  21. 21. Increase your probiotics intake by regularly eating yoghurt. It strengthens the immunity of expecting mothers and their unborn child.
  22. 22. Expecting mothers need a good night’s sleep for their psychological and physiological well-being.
  23. 23. Light exercise helps improve circulation and mood of expecting mothers.
  24. 24. Consult your doctor to discuss which kind of exercise would suit you best.
  25. 25. You must not forget to visit WINDOW TO THE WOMB one of the best ultrasound baby scan clinic in Aylesbury for further consultation.