cpg consumer goods retail analytics supply chain brand sku rationalization new product development new product introduction marketing sku proliferation e-commerce direct-to-consumer omni-channel consumer packaged goods fmcg food sku segmentation supply chain complexity innovation product segmentation brand management new product lifecycle brand building sales ecommerce web-based consumer direct sales channels cannibalization cross-channel consumer-direct complexity agile it-enabled complex business transformation tcs product profitability long tail data brand portfolio optimization boston university d²c subscription customization personalization online business digital native digital zero-based online shopping outside-in non-linear path to purchase social media loyalty beauty route to consumer off-line sales competitive advantage product lifecycle management on-shelf availability promotion optimization seasonal rapid prototyping fashion big data toy on shelf availability stage-gate concurrent engineering supply chain complexity fashion toy highly dashboard npd kpi kpi's innovative npd&i creative manufacturing organizational change management technology planning operations s&op online manufacturers on-line internet direct sales business model transformation multi-channel it and business architecture shareholder value creation strategies outsourcing strategy modernization applications landscape rationalization complex agility business transformation industry trends drive the need for change capacity to assimilate change industry trends ocm management of change organizational change will ruiz merger integration business value value chain multi-vendor governance synergies m&a integration m&a
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