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10 Growth Hacks for Mobile Apps

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10 Growth Hacks for Mobile Apps

  1. Growth Hacking for Mobile Apps 10 Universal Tactics Powered by
  2. Steve Young, Appmasters.co With the cost per install consistently growing each year, app publishers must get creative with their marketing efforts. Powered by
  3. Powered by I bet that you would like to see your app being downloaded by millions of users
  4. And that’s totally reasonable! I mean... Who wouldn’t like that? Powered by
  5. Powered by Unfortunatelly, there are already tons of great mobile apps in app stores... Image source
  6. Powered by ...and to overtake them you have to market you app the smart way
  7. We’ve collected these 10 universal growth hacking tactics that we’ve used to grow our client’s apps. Powered by 10
  8. Powered by 10 Growth Hacks For Mobile Apps
  9. #1Deploy Analytics Powered by
  10. 1. Define your micro-conversions If You haven’t done it, do it ASAP. It’s not a hack at all. You need to know the funnel leading users to conversion. 2. Set Event Tracking MixPanel is a great tool for that. It’s simple and keeps you focused on the most important metrics. 3. Have your funnel up and running That’s it. You are now ready to move on into hacking and testing. Powered by #1Deploy Analytics
  11. #2 Release early beta Powered by
  12. 1. Identify a market similar to your target market If you target US teenagers, make Canada your testing ground. Release MVP/early beta. Let it be a quiet launch. 2. Think up a name App name is a crucial brand asset. Don’t use it for testing the MVP. Think up a name – the more descriptive the better. 3. Data & feedback The goal is to get as many data & feedback as possible. Get in touch with your users. Don’t be shy or lazy. Go to forums. You need 2k-3k users to make data relevant. Powered by #2 Release early beta
  13. #3 Create fake landing page Powered by This one is not fake, but still it is a good example.
  14. 1. Create fake landing page Forget growing an app w/o doing usual marketing stuff. Test CTR for various copy, personas, design and CTA. 2. Spend some money on ads You need valuable traffic. Don’t go cheap on that. Spend some bucks to drive your target demo onto app site. Use social media/blogging if you have time and skills. Powered by #3 Create fake landing page
  15. #4 Follow Guidelines Powered by
  16. 1. Follow Dev Guidelines It’s worth it. Respect the platform and its context. Following Guidelines helps getting featured. 2. Contact MS / Apple / Google Get in touch with app store owner & ask for featuring. If you fit the guidelines, your chances are quite fair. That is, if your app isn’t a crap. 3. Useful Links • Windows Phone • iOS • Android Powered by #4 Follow Guidelines
  17. #5 Do some ASO testing Powered by
  18. 1. Test App Icon Well designed icon, next to descriptive name, is the main factor that makes people check out screenshots & description. 2. Test Screenshots Screenshots are about your value proposition and user on-boarding. Add description/copy, it often boosts installs. Make screenshots vertical. 3. Test Keywords The goal isn’t to improve your position. You want to find right queries. Do keyword research: use Thesaurus, Google Keyword Tool & Appcod.es Powered by #5 Do some ASO testing
  19. Have you seen our: Powered by We do mobile design, development and marketing
  20. #6 Cross-promote Powered by
  21. 1. Use your apps, apps of your friends etc. This is one of the most effective ways to drive new installs. Use house ads to promote your other apps – preferably of similar genre. Powered by #6 Cross-promote
  22. #7 Use AdWords Powered by
  23. 1. It works AdWords App Install Ads works. It will work great if you can spend some time to know the tool better. 2. Target specific devices Target devices running on iOS/Android to eliminate non valuable clicks. Powered by #7 Use AdWords
  24. #8 Ignite Activity Powered by
  25. 1. „Add Friend” Phone address book is a social graph ready made. Use it. 2. „Add Friend” v. 2 Create an opportunity to add other users (from the area nearby etc.) as friends. 3. Don’t force it Never, ever force your users to send invites, post on Facebook etc. Ever. Powered by #8 Ignite Activity
  26. #9 Push Notifications Powered by
  27. 1. Time limited messages Push notifications can increase retention really well. „On sale this weekend”, „Free level to unlock today”. It works great. 2. Social notifications Inform about friends/in-area activity. Use names. Personalize. 3. Push notifications are permission based Make it easy to opt-out. Powered by #9 Push Notifications
  28. #10 Target Uncrowded Platform Powered by
  29. 1. Windows Phone converts great Folks often don’t believe that. Take a look at the numbers below. 2. Few Apps in the Store? Good In Google Play there are already over 1,800,000 mobile apps, while in the App Store there are over 1,500,000. In the same time in Microsoft Store there are ‘only’ 700,000 apps. 3. WP users are hungry for good apps What’s more, they generate fair volume of valuable & engaged traffic. Check out Qpony app we did for mcommerce business in the next slide. Powered by #10 Target Uncrowded Platform
  30. Spot 6 differences Tip: compare WP & Android Average Session Time. Powered by #10 Target Uncrowded Platform
  31. Have you seen our: Powered by We do mobile design, development and marketing
  32. QUESTIONS? Contact us hello@whallalabs.com @WhallaLabs +48 607 127 551 Powered by