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As your IT services provider, we monitor & manage your servers, workstation, data, install patches, software updates, upgrades, and equipment, as well as provide technical support on all hardware, software and user related issues. Our solutions provide scalability, flexibility, and simplicity allowing our customers to leverage our IT expertise.

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  1. 1. CLOUD SERVICE IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS: GET INTO THE BUSINESS ZONE Most of cloud storage services are consumer-grade solutions designed with simplicity and convenience in mind.
  2. 2. Most of cloud storage services are consumer-grade solutions designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. Business data is completely different and enterprise customers need a cloud storage solution with the tools, security and reliability they require. Cloud Storage Services Finally enterprise customers can be embrace the benefits of cloud storage and file sharing with confidence.
  3. 3. Immaculate Security and Data Protection Users are increasingly relying on their own smart phones, tablets and laptops to conduct business but mixing together personal and business data can be a problem. The most common concern businesses have with cloud is the issue of security. You must have heard about data hackers or intruders looking to steal sensitive personal and financial information. In reality, the vast majority of these instances occur either on public clouds that are open to everyone or within internal networks of the business where a business failed to invest in appropriate security infrastructure or due to limited access to resources with appropriate technical expertise. Welcome Networks enables you to manage your valuable business data.
  4. 4. TAKE CONTROL Cloud storage makes it easier to access data and collaborate on files, but the business still needs to be able to control over how and where the data is used. Welcome Networks is designed with business in mind, and has the tools and centralized management IT admins need to maintain and protect data in the cloud.
  5. 5. Encrypt Your Data You need your data in the cloud to be encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. If the cloud provider maintains the encryption keys, though, your data isn’t really secure. Welcome Networks uses industry leading encryption and provides encryption key management features that let you maintain control of the keys to your own data.
  6. 6. Seamless Integration Many enterprise customers are already using one or more Symantec solutions. Welcome Networks has been helping businesses like yours with advanced IT technology solutions since 1999. We are exclusively focused on the small to medium size businesses (5 to 200 users), accounting firms and law firms that need offline or online tailored IT solutions according to their specific needs.
  7. 7. http://www.welcomenetworks.com/