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Summer wedding ideas

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A Summer wedding provides you with summer wedding ideas for planning the wedding outdoors. The summer wedding flowers can add vibrancy to the wedding function. https://weddingdoers.com

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Summer wedding ideas

  1. 1. Summer Wedding Ideas
  2. 2. As summer wedding provides relief from chill and offers choice of the outdoor venues, still the guests would like to avoid heat. You have to ensure shade by tent rentals and arrange the portable air- conditioning system or hand towels which are cold can be passed on to guests. Water and the cold beverages should be made available near the site and dancing area. The following summer wedding ideas will be of help. • Choosing Themes for Summer Wedding: … Page 1 of 9 Summer Wedding Ideas
  3. 3. One can opt for the usual garden or beach themes which are considered classic in the summer wedding season. You can have a personalized theme in place of a general set-up. You can choose a beach with your childhood memories instead of choosing an ordinary beach. You can even opt for a theme centered on the mountain which could be unconventional and informal. • The Wedding Flowers in Summer: In a summer wedding, there will be… Page 2 of 9 Summer Wedding Ideas
  4. 4. plenty of flowers available to choose from. There will be several varieties of summer wedding flowers in this season and abundance of choices will be at your disposal including sunflowers, roses and dahlias which are inexpensive. • Choosing the Decoration Colours for  Summer Wedding: Several bright colours are ideal for the summer weddings. Selecting only two hues shall keep your venue in unified colour. You can utilize one colour which… Page 3 of 9 Summer Wedding Ideas
  5. 5. is dynamic for an assertive statement. • Choosing Music for  Summer  Wedding: The ambience can be lightened by a string trio or pianist at the time of cocktail hour. Further there is range of summer music available to be chosen including band music and the classic tunes. • Wedding Dresses for Summer: The bride can choose from strapless… Page 4 of 9 Summer Wedding Ideas
  6. 6. and sleeveless outfits. To avoid bulk, choosing light fabrics like chiffon, georgette or crepe is advisable. The men could prefer linen suits or slacks and dress shirts. For the bride and the bridesmaids, the big straw hats can be chosen as wedding ideas for dresses in summer season. Hairstyles for Summer Wedding: The hair will get affected by the humidity and heat in summer. The hair which is straight will tend to be straight while… Page 5 of 9 Summer Wedding Ideas
  7. 7. the wavy hair would become wavier. The professional hair dos for the latest durable styles could be tried by the brides or even the flower crown will be beautiful. Summer Wedding Food and Beverages: The seasonal bounty like fresh vegetables and fresh fruits could be included in menu. There could be corn, berries and watermelon and sorbets. There is choice of oysters and lobster in fresh seafood with the potato salad. … Page 6 of 9 Summer Wedding Ideas
  8. 8. The guests can be treated with frozen drink bar if the wedding is in the outdoors for them to enjoy beverages of all types. The guest can be kept cool with fruit smoothies and wines while fresh fruits can be used for garnishing. • Summer Wedding Favours: The seasonal taste of summer can be given to your guests with ripe peach or fresh pear. If it is a beach wedding, you can select seashells and beach-themed candles as favours. Also, the flowers… Page 7 of 9 Summer Wedding Ideas
  9. 9. pots are ideal choice as the wedding favours in summer season, so as the paper parasols, wooden fans or the sunglasses. Page 8 of 9 Summer Wedding Ideas
  10. 10. Thank You! Visit WeddingDoers.com Page 9 of 9