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How WPMaintain Improved Page Speed by 16%

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With WP Engine's Page Performance tool, WPMaintain improved their site speed by 16%. Here's how they did it.

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How WPMaintain Improved Page Speed by 16%

  1. 1. How WPMaintain Improved Page Speed by 16% A data-driven approach using WP Engine Page Performance July 7th, 2016 #wpewebinar
  2. 2. Ask Questions as We Go Please use the “Questions” pane throughout the webinar Slides and recording will be made available shortly after the webinar #wpewebinar
  3. 3. Introducing the Experts #wpewebinar Suraj Sodha Founder WPMaintain.co.uk @SurajSodha @wpmaintain ❖ Trained as a lawyer before starting web design agency in ‘07 ❖ Finalist in auditions for the UK’s version of The Apprentice in ‘08 ❖ Speaking engagements on digital marketing and WordPress in UK, Dubai, Bahrain, Australia and the USA over past 5 years Adam Prishtina Sr. Director, Product WP Engine @AdamPrishtina @wpengine ❖ Fantasy football addict since 1989 ❖ Grew up writing BASIC code on an Atari 400 ❖ San Francisco transplant still adjusting to the Austin heat
  4. 4. Why are page speed & performance important? #wpewebinar
  5. 5. How WPMaintain improved page speed by 16% #wpewebinar
  6. 6. Who can use WP Engine Page Performance? #wpewebinar
  7. 7. Testing web pages before WP Engine Page Performance. #wpewebinar
  8. 8. The benefits of using a data- driven approach. #wpewebinar
  9. 9. Pixel Jar is a Southern California based web development firm specializing in worldwide custom WordPress development. "I really do think this is a great feature. And if it was included with the hosting it would absolutely be a tool I would use regularly." marieforleo.com index page tested 11.90% page speed improvement
  10. 10. Webdevstudios is a website development company that focuses on custom WordPress website and plugin development, providing custom solutions for clients like Microsoft, WEtv, Discovery Channel, Wharton University, Kaspersky Antivirus and more. "With just a few small adjustments based on the recommendations of the Page Performance tool we shaved half a second off of the load time of the website." blogs.office.com page tested 15.73% page speed improvement
  11. 11. Networld Media Group is a leading business-to-business media communications company that provides news and information on a variety of industries. "I love this concept and find it to be a very helpful tool. Having personalized recommendations and clear metrics is extremely helpful in being proactive in creating a better user experience." networldmediagroup.com page tested 16.63% page speed improvement
  12. 12. WP Engine Page Performance: https://wpengine.com/page-performance/ WPMaintain: https://www.wpmaintain.co.uk/ Resources #wpewebinar
  13. 13. Q & A #wpewebinar Feel free to ask away in the “Questions” pane!
  14. 14. ❖ Thought processes holding you back ❖ How to make more and work less ❖ Productivity hacks to increase profitability and help you deliver more value ❖ Techniques to close more business & create higher lifetime value with clients Next Next Up... WordPress Pros: You Are Too Cheap! Wednesday, July 13th, 11 am CDT/ 5 pm GMT Register Now! http://wpeng.in/too-cheap
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