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Using Facebook to Be More Self-Determined

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Using Facebook to Be More Self-Determined covers everything people with disabilities need to know so they can use Facebook to be more self-determined! Joshua Ryf and Jennifer Kuhr explain what Facebook has to offer and show you how to take advantage of all of its features. They also discuss do’s and don’t’s, as well as how to respect yourself and others, and how to stay safe. Then, they go over strategies that will help you build your own social network and engage others to raise awareness about self-determination. Whether you use Facebook a little, a lot, or not at all, this session is for you!

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Using Facebook to Be More Self-Determined

  1. 1. Using Facebook to be More Self-Determined 2013 WI Self-Determination Conference October 30, 2013 Presenters: Jennifer Kuhr Secretary People First Wisconsin Joshua Ryf Communications Director WI-BPDD
  2. 2. Using Facebook to be More Self-Determined What we will COVER today: 1. Advantages 2. Features 3. Examples 4. Do’s and don’ts and staying safe 5. Building your network 6. Increasing self-determination 7. Your next steps
  3. 3. Using Facebook to be More Self-Determined What we will DO today: 1. Learn together 2. Brainstorm ideas 3. Meet new friends 4. Ask questions 5. Network with each other 6. Have fun 7. Get excited to use Facebook!
  4. 4. Question: Do YOU use Facebook?
  5. 5. Using Facebook to be More Self-Determined What is Facebook? Free social networking tool
  6. 6. Using Facebook to be More Self-Determined What is a social network? Also referred to as social media, this is a website that helps you communicate with other people.
  7. 7. Brainstorm: Name some social media sites you use or have heard of
  8. 8. Question: What are the advantages of using social media?
  9. 9. Using Facebook to be More Self-Determined What are the advantages of social media? Easy to set-up and use Helps you stay connected/feel less isolated Immediate and mobile Makes it easy to learn and share (Usually) free or cheap (Facebook is free!) Safe place to express yourself Participate in another community Automatic notifications (like birthdays)
  10. 10. Using Facebook to be More Self-Determined How do you get started with Facebook? Go to Facebook.com, create an account and add your info
  11. 11. Using Facebook to be More Self-Determined Where do you use Facebook? Computer iPad Smartphone
  12. 12. Using Facebook to be More Self-Determined Different types of accounts Profile page (personal) Business page (organization or company) Group (for people with a similar interest)
  13. 13. Facebook Features: Personal Account
  14. 14. Quiz: Facebook Terms
  15. 15. H B E A C D F G
  16. 16. Ticker Profile Photo Cover Photo About Timeline Ads History Chat
  17. 17. The Toolbar
  18. 18. Friend Requests Messages Notifications Home (newsfeed) Your name (profile page) Privacy Settings
  19. 19. Home=Newsfeed
  20. 20. Timeline
  21. 21. About
  22. 22. Photos (all in one place)
  23. 23. Friends
  24. 24. Send messages (similar to email)
  25. 25. Posting
  26. 26. Question: What are some things that you could post?
  27. 27. What you can post Your status, including where you are Photos Videos Links Events
  28. 28. Posting example (likes, comments & shares)
  29. 29. People can share with you on your timeline And then you can: • Like • Comment • Share
  30. 30. Stay in touch with family
  31. 31. Events Page
  32. 32. History
  33. 33. Did we miss any of the Facebook features?
  34. 34. Other types of pages: Business and Groups
  35. 35. Business (aka pages)
  36. 36. Business – admin panel
  37. 37. Business – analytics
  38. 38. Groups
  39. 39. Handout: Cheat Sheet
  40. 40. Facebook Do’s and Don’ts
  41. 41. Do’s Connect with family and friends Make positive comments Encourage others Use common sense when posting Any others?
  42. 42. Question: What are some don’ts?
  43. 43. Do NOT: Post inappropriate photos or language Be a cyber bully Post photos of other people without permission Post personal info, like: • Credit card info • Where you bank • How much money you have • Your home address Friend someone you haven’t actually met
  44. 44. Staying safe: • Only post stuff that you want everyone to see • Don’t mention your location • Be careful with your home address, family members’ names, and your birthday (identify theft) • Monitor photos you are tagged in • Don’t put your phone number in your profile • Don’t post about upcoming vacations for trips (why not?) • Other ideas for staying safe?
  45. 45. Staying safe: Set-up your privacy settings
  46. 46. Building Your Social Network
  47. 47. Some strategies to build your network: • Connect with your friends on Facebook • Make new friends at the SD Conference • Be active in your community and friend the people you become friends with • Like organizations that have a mission you’re interested in • Be active online: add your comments to posts that you are passionate about • Share useful information • Other ideas?
  48. 48. Increasing SelfDetermination with Facebook: Learning & Sharing
  49. 49. Learning • Like people and groups that provide useful information that you can learn from • See how other people use Facebook to have a voice • Follow issues that will affect you • Groups to like: • • • • • Self-Advocacy Online ASAN People First BPDD DRW
  50. 50. Share what you learn and raise awareness You’ve built your network and learned new information, so share it! • Share articles, photos, and videos that promote self-determination • Post about how you use the six degrees in your life (e.g. are you making choices?) • Continue to build your network The more people are online talking about selfdetermination, the better
  51. 51. Question: What are Your Next Steps?
  52. 52. Report Back: Next Steps
  53. 53. Handout: Friend Me Sheet (add your next steps to the back of this)
  54. 54. See us for help! • Setting up accounts • Adding info • Starting pages • Learning more
  55. 55. Thank You for attending! Now go raise awareness about self-determination!