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Crop over 2012

  1. CROP OVER 2012... ...follow the Starcom Network to GREAT savings!!!
  2. WHY ADVERTISE WITH US? The Starcom Network of stations offers you the BEST value for your dollar. When you invest with our stations, you get the BIGGEST reach and the LARGEST audience! Our Crop Over offers are designed to save you money when you purchase combo packages, which will associate you with the best Crop Over brands, and give you extra STRETCH with free spots on ANY stations of your choice! The following slides give you the option of varying packages to suit your specific needs.
  3. BRIDGETOWN MARKET Investment: $5,500.00 + VAT You normally get: 38 ‘P’ time ads What you will get: 40 ‘P’ time ads PLUS 20 ‘A’ spots! “Market mas” – Faces of Crop Over 2012 on You get over $4,000.00 in promotional association as well!
  4. VISUAL ARTS EXHIBITION Your investment: $3,000.00 + VAT You usually get: 19 ‘P’ time ads What you will get: 20 ‘P’ ads PLUS 5 ‘A’ spots “The Art ...Seen” – a look at the exhibition on with your logo and ad on the website 24/7 for the ENTIRE SEASON! get over $2,000.00 in associated promos as well!!!
  5. CAVALCADES!!! With Hott 95.3 FM as the official sponsor of these events and doing features on each of the Cavalcades, we can afford to bring you the best and most affordable package, with the biggest audience on radio, guaranteed! Your investment: $3,000.00 + VAT You usually get: 22 ‘P’ time ads You will get: 25 ‘P’ time ads PLUS 7 ‘A’ spots Pictures of party goers for the Season, with your logo attached, for the entire Season!!! You also get over $2,500.00 in promotional advertising!
  6. junior monarch SEMI-FINALS The Junior Monarch Semis brings together masses of children and parents, hitting two demographics at once! We offer you a package of coverage by the finest commentators in the island, which offers FANTASTIC savings too! Your investment: $5,000.00 + VAT You usually get: 38 ‘P’-time ads What you will get: 40 ‘P’ ads and 20 ‘A’-time ads You get over $2,000.00 in associated promotional advertising as well!
  7. Junior Monarch FINALS! Your investment: $8,000.00 What you usually get: 57 ‘P’ time ads What you will get: 60 ‘P’ time ads + 30 ‘A’ ads You also get profiles on the finalists, which will be advertised on the radio, directing traffic to YOUR logo and ad for the ENTIRE SEASON!!! This event attracts exclusive attention to its coverage, with anxiety building up as we experience the future of the Festival! When you invest in this package, you also get over $4,000.00 worth in promotional advertising!!!
  8. COMBO OFFER!!! If you wish to purchase both semis and finals for the Junior Monarch, we are pleased to give you a first-time offer of BOTH packages at only $10,000.00! That is a savings of over $6,000.00 in CASH!!! PLUS>>>>>you get over $5,000.00 in promotional mentions! You therefore get 100 ‘P’ ads and 50 ‘A’ ads at only $10,000.00 +VAT You would usually pay $16,100.00 +VAT for the SAME PACKAGE!!!
  9. PIC-o-d-CROP SEMIS & FINALS! This combo package comes at the exceptional investment of only $15,000.00 +VAT! What you get: 150 ‘P’ time ads for use on ANY station!!! What you would usually pay: $19,650.00+VAT! As one of Barbados’ premium products of the Crop Over Festival, this will guarantee mass publicity for your products!You will also get over $8,500.00 in promotional advertising!
  10. PARTY MONARCH FINALS!!! One of the hottest events for Crop Over, thousands of revellers will be enjoying the show, while thousands more will be listening on-air and online! The advertising value you get with this package is truly incomparable. When you invest $10,000.00 +VAT, you get 80 ‘P’ ads and 40 ‘A’ ads...a value of over $12,000.00! The most exciting opportunity of all is that you get to do giveaways as a sponsor of the Finals, all season through! You also get over $7,000.00 in promotional value across three stations of the Starcom Network!
  11. Pan Pun d Sand! This event has grown exponentially over the past years.The pulsating rhythms of steel attract thousands of visitors every year. You may purchase this advertising package and get over $2,000.00 in free promotional value! Investment: $5,000.00 + VAT You get: 40 ‘P’ ads + 20 ‘A’ ads You usually get: 38 ‘P ‘ ads
  12. PAN IN D CITY!!! With an investment of only $5,000.00 +VAT you get 40 ‘P’ time ads, along with 20 ‘A’ time ads! You also get over $2,000.00 worth in promotional advertising! The top broadcasters in the island come together to have a good time and bring you top-notch commentary on this spectacular event!
  13. JUNIOR KADOOMENT All roads lead to the convergence of kiddy magic and the most fun part of the Festival! You get to sponsor with an investment of $5,000.00 + VAT which gives you 40 ‘P’ ads and 20 ‘A’ ads on ANY station! Here is where all the fun truly begins!!!
  14. GRAND Kadooment!!! This is where the climax, the grand finale, the moments for which we all wait...this is where it all happens. The grand stage of the Spring Garden Highway comes alive with a mixture of fun, festival and fabulous entertainment! You enjoy coverage of this event, along with hundreds of promos leading up to the day, with an investment of $10,000.00 + VAT! You get 100 ads on ANY station, for use before November 30th 2012!
  15. COHOBBLOPOT One of the longest standing features of the Festival, thousands of people look forward to this event every year! Leading up to the event, we produce a special promo, with your name and tagline attached, and rotate it over 250 times for the Season. With an investment of $10,000.00 + VAT, you get 100 ‘P’ ads on ANY station of the Starcom Network, for use before November 30th, 2012! You may also purchase the live broadcast for $5,000.00 on the Caribbean Super Station and get $7,000.00 in spot advertising for use anytime before November 30th, 2012! This is the most fitting way to saving thousands of dollars and generating profit!!!
  16. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR YOU... •If you wish to purchase multiple packages, we will create special discounted rates just for you! •If you advertise with no other radio stations, you automatically qualify for our “partnership benefits” special, which is tiered based on your investment. •If you wish to suggest anything that may make our service to you better, we would do our best to accommodate you! •Thank you for making usYOUR CHOICE in radio advertising!