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Gmail for power users

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The presentation is all about the features and the benefits of GMAIL for power users enabling them to use Gmail more effectively. The screen shots gives you a clear idea further making it easy to understand

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Gmail for power users

  1. 1. By: Veni Paladagu
  2. 2. Paid Admin DNS settings
  3. 3. Search
  4. 4. Conti…
  5. 5. Labels Creating Nesting Shortcuts Editing
  6. 6. • Go to settings  general tab • Go to signatures column • If you have a web address you can click the button (chain) and type your web address. • Add image by clicking add image button, but the image should exist on the net. How To Create Sign and Add Image
  7. 7. How To Create Multiple Signatures • Choose the option called “Canned responses”. • The next time you want to send a mail to a particular person, you can directly go to the canned responses recorded. • The canned responses option is also a default reply template. • You can overwrite and delete the canned responses.
  8. 8. How To Avoid Recording The Signature At The Bottom Of The Mail • Go to settings labs signature tweaksenable it. • Save the settings. Now the signature will appear right below the body of the email.
  9. 9. How To Change The Theme or Create a Custom Theme • Change the theme in the settings tab. • You can also select the option ‘Random Theme’. The theme changes every day. • In the themes tab, select custom theme. You can choose the theme for each part of your Gmail page. • You can insert images by selecting the images option at the bottom. But you can have only one custom theme.
  10. 10. Whether or Not To Show Snippet • Snippet: The first few words from your email that appears next to the subject in Inbox. • To enable or disable snippets go to mail settings  enable or disable snippets. • You can also choose the number of email to be shown in the first page of Inbox, depending on the bandwidth of the internet.
  11. 11. How To Position The Chat Window • If the chat window is on the left, go to labs right side chat and enable it. The chat box now will appear on the right side. • Only chat can be put on the right side and not the other gadgets.
  12. 12. How To Setup The Video and Voice Chat • To enable go to www.google.com/talk/. Install the plug-ins. • Go to mail settings tabs; to check the version of the plug- ins. • You can also check how the video works by selecting the ‘verify your settings’ option. You can also check the microphone and headphone settings.
  13. 13. How To Use The Video Chat • Choose the option to call his/her computer. If you have the person’s phone number recorded, you can call their phone. • Certain options: mute the voice, move the video output of yourself on your computer by clicking and dragging. • Clicking the icon in the top left corner of the video screen will allow you to view full screen. • Click the “arrow” symbol on top of the video chat window, it will show the video chat in a new skin.
  14. 14. How To Have a Group Chat • Click the add person icon located at the top of the chat box. • Icon with a speech bubble shows that it is a group chat. • When you want to quit the group chat, just click ‘X’.
  15. 15. How To Use Google Docs Gadgets • Calendar shows common events in different colours. • You can also use a ‘Mini-calendar’. • ‘Google docs’ shows the recently viewed docs. • Using ‘Google Docs’ you can create drawings, presentation, documents, forms and spreadsheet.
  16. 16. How To Use a Calendar Gadget • When you are composing an email, press the ‘Invitation button’, you can send invitations. • You can see everyone’s calendar in the same dialog box. • You can add the event to your calendar by clicking a particular date and then clicking the add button.
  17. 17. How To Create New Doc Using Google Doc • Click the document from the top left corner of the browser window and go to labs and enable the ‘Google docs’ option. • Then go to the ‘Google docs’ gadget in the bottom left corner then select new doc. Then you can start editing the document and presentation as well. • You can also choose a template for your presentation by clicking the new presentation button.
  18. 18. Managing Your Time and Mailboxes
  21. 21. How to set priority inbox
  22. 22. Create a filter
  23. 23. Bob feature Multiple email- Select default
  24. 24. Receive mails from 5 email accounts
  25. 25. Enable pop setting from receiving end
  26. 26. admin@.. Was added …
  27. 27. Login with different -----reply with different Verify with the respective mail address
  28. 28. Connect outlook to Gmail account
  29. 29. Enable Imap Move to outlook Add new account Manual setting
  30. 30. Incoming server-----encrypted connection—outgoing server(SMTP)—encrypted connection
  31. 31. Perform the test
  32. 32. Using Gmail with Your SmartphonesBenefits:  Portable  Easy to Use Interface  All Features of Desktop Gmail are included in Gmail Mobile Important: Enable Internet Message Acceptance Protocol  Open Gmail via Browser and go to Gmail Settings  Settings > Choose Forwarding & IMAP  Make sure IMAP Enable is selected or ticked  save changes
  33. 33.  How to Setup Gmail Account in Android:  Go to Settings > Account and sync  Add account > Google > Next  Sign in:  username  password > sign in  Sync data selection : mails, calendars and contacts.  Finish > confirmation screen  To Run The Gmail App:  Go to application: Gmail app > Choose from your different accounts  For Different Folders > All labels  To Uninstall:  Go to Setting > apps > Properties > Uninstall app Android
  34. 34. Android
  35. 35.  To setup Gmail Account in iPhone:  Go to iPhone Settings > Choose Mail Contacts and Calendar  Add Account > Click on Microsoft Exchange > Fill in the details  Username > Password > Next  Put in Server: m.google.com  Sync Data Options: Mail, Contact and Calendar > Switch On or Off > Save  To Run the app:  Go to apps select mail app > choose from different mail >  all Mail box  To Delete the App:  Go to Settings > Choose Mail Contacts and Calendar > Delete desire account iPhone
  36. 36. iPhone
  37. 37.  Gmail is the process of continues innovations.  New features getting added each day.  New updates are launched each month or so.  Technology is changing drastically.  New devices are coming in. Getting Updates and Help
  38. 38. G Mail Blog  New Features  Recommended Reviews/ Articles  Articles and Screen Shots  Priority inbox  Alert by email  Gmail on Twitter  Subscribe:  Gmailblog.blogspot.com  googleappupdate.blogspot.com
  39. 39. Help Center  Recommended Articles  Gmail Help Forum  Specific Questions.  Post a Question or Questions  Or See Another Relevant Question Answers
  40. 40.  Problems: loading Mails Sending Mails Receiving Mails or any other problem  Try sing out and login in  Delete browser cookies  Use HTML 5 supported browsers  Google App Status Dashboard Trouble Shooting
  41. 41. Google App Status Dashboard