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How to Build a Successful On-Demand B2B Content Strategy

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Every potential customer’s buyer journey is different, and it’s important for your organization to provide the content they need, when they need it. Building an on-demand strategy for your B2B content can not only improve the discoverability of your content assets, but can also help to increase your content’s lifespan and increase lead generation.

In this presentation, Uberflip’s VP of Marketing, Hana Abaza, and ON24’s VP of Content Marketing, Mark Bornstein, provide actionable insight on how to build a successful on-demand B2B content strategy.

You will learn:

- Why and how you should leverage your B2B content on-demand
- How to optimize specific content assets to be available to your audience on-demand
- How to build a content experience that is designed for on-demand access to your content assets

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How to Build a Successful On-Demand B2B Content Strategy

  1. 1. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Mark Bornstein VP Marketing, ON24 @4makb Hana Abaza VP Marketing, Uberflip @hanaabaza How to Build a Successful On Demand B2B Content Strategy
  2. 2. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Join in on WE WILL SEND THE RECORDING. Questions? We’ve got answers! (At the end of the webinar J)
  3. 3. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 1.  What is your biggest on demand challenge? 2.  Creating strong on demand content 3.  Making on demand content easy to access 4.  Promoting on demand content 5.  Measuring the value of on demand content ! Poll #1 What’s your biggest on demand challenge?
  4. 4. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 1.  Why On Demand is important 2.  How to create a compelling on demand experience 3.  How to get more bang for your buck with On Demand content On tap for today…
  5. 5. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Why on demand is important
  6. 6. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 There are only so many hours in a day…
  7. 7. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 The mobile generation
  8. 8. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Globalization changes everything • Globalization of business means attendees can come from anywhere • No time zone fits all GEOs • Promotional activities are international: §  Mail lists are typically global §  Social media promotions reach international audiences §  Website viewers are global
  9. 9. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Why is on demand viewing increasing? 1100 Registrants 16% International 34 Different Countries 4 global regions 25% On-demand viewers International International registrants 2X likely to view on-demand ! ! ! ! ON24 Case Study
  10. 10. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Source: ON24 2015 Benchmarks Report Why On Demand is Important
  11. 11. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Why On Demand is Important Source: ON24 2015 Benchmarks Report
  12. 12. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 How do you create a compelling on demand experience?
  13. 13. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Just because it’s not live doesn’t mean it can’t be engaging and interactive Branding Multimedia Content Social media User-controlled Interactivity
  14. 14. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 What do you think of when I say Resource Center?
  15. 15. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Graveyard
  16. 16. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Creating a tailored experience for ALL your content Tailored experience Optimized for lead gen Links to on demand content More relevant content mix
  17. 17. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 ”More bang for your buck” !
  18. 18. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Optimizing for lead generation
  19. 19. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Smarter Lead Capture
  20. 20. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Repurpose Content
  21. 21. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Turn your great live webinars into multiple content assets Highlight 1 Highlight 2 Highlight 3
  22. 22. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 1.  We don’t offer our videos/webinars on demand 2.  We put them on the website and that’s it 3.  We only promote via social media 4.  We promote on demand like we promote live ( database, social, website?) ! Poll #2 How to you promote your video/webinar on demand content?
  23. 23. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Promoting your on demand assets
  24. 24. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 •  Continue to promote your archived events •  Utilize your marketing mix •  Secondary tools take on new importance •  Campaign Tracking •  Stagger promotions to avoid over- saturating Have an on demand promotional strategy
  25. 25. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Use “staggered” approach to promotions Webinar A! Webinar B! Webinar C! Webinar A! •  Avoid over-promotion •  Stagger messaging •  Avoid competing with other promotions Let business relevance dictate your on-demand strategy & promotions
  26. 26. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Use results of live webinars to promote on demand Leverage Results of: • Polls • Surveys • Q&A • Speaker Comments
  27. 27. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Promote on demand content from live •  Provide link to on demand portal from live webinars •  Have speakers promote your on demand content •  Create linkages between live content and on demand content
  28. 28. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Promoting on demand from live
  29. 29. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Syndicating Your On Demand Content
  30. 30. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Publish To Social Sharing Sites
  31. 31. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 Syndication Platforms More Targeted – Account based – Less Targeted – Industry publications
  32. 32. #uberwebinar @uberflip @ON24 QUESTION TIME! Mark Bornstein VP Marketing, ON24 @4markb Hana Abaza VP Marketing, Uberflip @hanaabaza hub.uberflip.com
  33. 33. FindouthowBookerdecreasedtheir costperleadby71% withcontent. READCASESTUDY