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Holistic Approach in Product Design

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Olga Mishyna from Adyen shares her Holistic Approach in Product Design

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Holistic Approach in Product Design

  1. 1. Holistic approach in product design* *not holistic design, even though it’s cool too
  2. 2. Have you ever tried to organise a holiday for 5 ppl, who live in 3 different countries?
  3. 3. Hi, my name is Olga
  4. 4. What my friends think I’m doing
  5. 5. What my parents think I’m doing
  6. 6. What I think I’m doing DESIGN
  7. 7. What I’m actually doing
  8. 8. Bank A
  9. 9. Individual team vs. Whole company
  10. 10. Design as part of development cycle.
  11. 11. Maturity level of teams is different.
  12. 12. Business goals vs User goals
  13. 13. Take away Invite every team member to user testings. Seeing is believing.
  14. 14. Bank B
  15. 15. Do you like when strangers tell you what to do?
  16. 16. Story B Begining with questions rather than answers. *source: interaction design foundation
  17. 17. Story B You don’t want to have developers as enemies
  18. 18. Take away Listen to Google Ventures. Involve developers at the concept stage.
  19. 19. Story B So, how is it all related to my holidays?
  20. 20. Holistic Communication
  21. 21. Bank C
  22. 22. Story B Invite non-designers to design reviews.
  23. 23. Dream story As designer, don’t be an outsider.
  24. 24. Dream story Empower collaboration
  25. 25. Dream story We don’t hide behind email, instead we pick up the phone. Adyen Formula
  26. 26. Dream story We talk straight without being rude. Adyen Formula
  27. 27. Dream story We include different people to sharpen our ideas. Adyen Formula
  28. 28. Dream story 2 takeaways🍟
  29. 29. Take away Start small. Change people’s mind one by one. Ripple effect. ✨
  30. 30. Take away Involve people with different backgrounds.
  31. 31. Bonus🍬
  32. 32. Take away Don’t try to make it perfect from the start. It’s an evolution, not a revolution.
  33. 33. Thank you!