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Far away from Eden Ep.5.2.: Business as usual?

  1. Far away from Eden Ep.5.2.: Business as usual? Ep. 5.2. of my Apocalegacy: Overworked and Writers Block - Read and rate anyway - pretty please? Family Name: Jaquet Lot Name: 223 Idlewild Street Categories:Komödie,Lebensgeschichten der Sims,Satire
  2. Hi there, Liz Here! - Well, actually it's Amaryl-'Lis', but I like 'Liz' better, so just call me Liz, 'kay? - Anyway, welcome back to next part of this Vampogacy, where my family struggles through an unfriendly takeover from the vampires of our neighborhood etcetera... - Question: does anyone still know, who is on which side? For me, they look all alike - boring townie clothes and haircuts and no personality at all. Well, fear no more, Heiress Liz will save the day, lol!
  3. Sooo, what do you say to my new dress and haircut? Yes, we've updated our Custom Content, with wonderful meshes, haircuts etc. from XMSims, PeggySims, NoukiSims2, RoseSims2, MTS2 - all credits to the wonderful designers! Stats for my current Clothing: Haircut is from Nouk, Dress from Maxoidmonkey, Makeup from the Exchange - I love it!
  4. And now to something completely different: Ladies, meet Alex, my bigger brother - this handsome Hunk with his gentle behaviour and good manners and a promising career in the Redistribution Business, *cough*Criminal*cough* is still available for a steady relationship with a fine, distinguished woman, so if you're interested to meet him, just give me a call, and I'll set you up for a Date! "What the... are you doing there, Sis?!" "Trying to help my dear Brother to find the Love of his life?" "Sis, as much as I appreciate your concern, but I don't think..." "Hey, if you're going to sell a product, advertising is the first step. Oh, and make sure, that they bring in enough cash, so they can buy..." " SIS! " "OK,OK, what can I say? I'm Fortune, after all..."
  5. "... like Dad, though I'm not totally sure, if that is really true. I mean, Fortune Sims are supposed to lust after money, but Dad only lusts after Mom... and a jukebox, period. And Mom - well, I guess, you all know Mom already: Founder, College Overachiever, Mother of three kids, possible oldest living Being on Earth... - if you ask me: she takes herself waaaaayyyyy too important...." "Young Lady, I think, we need to work a bit on your manners..." "Aw, Mom, you were the first rebellious teenager on Earth after all, how'd you thought I would turn out?"
  6. "...21?" " Annnd that's a good way to introduce my future Hubby Ben Long... you know, he looks actually sexy in his new custom uniform - thanks to matthewterra from the exchange - and excluding his facial extremities..." " 21,21,21,21,21...." " Aw, sorry Honey, I forgot... He doesn't like to be reminded of this... oh, and don't pay attention to his little numerological obsession either, I hope, he snaps out of it, once I turn..." "...21?" "Yes Benny, now go and do some skilling, darling. I know how much you love skilling, my little..."
  7. " *Snort*... my little ..., tell you what, Sis, you should sell this freak and get a new one, though I doubt, anyone would take him, even for free..." " Oh, be quiet, Lil'Bro... and could you please stop posing like this in front of the camera, it's disgusting!" " As if anyone in this household would care! You're all making out in front of it 24/7! I'm the only one, who does at least some regular skilling..." "My brother Antoine, the mean Knowledge Sim... yes, the one, who took over my older brothers teenage girlfriend..." "And why not? I need to keep my motives up for skilling, and why should I waste time looking for another bi..."
  8. *SPLAT* "AUUUGH! UNFAIR!" " *Snicker*, serves you right, Bro. Hey, Superdewk, throw another one, and you'll get 25% off on all prices at my place! " " You....CAPITALIST! " " RED THREAT!" " SOULSELLER! " "METALLIC FREAK!" "ANTOINE!!! AMARYLLIS!!!" "Aw, Mom..."
  9. *purr*purrrrrr* [translation: foolish, freaky humans... you just have to love them....]
  10. ... Dear readers, at this point, I think it's time for me to interrupt. To prevent any misunderstandings: Amaryllis and my little Brother Antoine aren't Enemies... well, not usually... they just like to tease each other a lot... "Hey, Alex, that's mean, it's my turn this chapter! Mom, tell him, that I'm the one telling the story this time!" "Mom, I still have to write down what I found out about who's behind creators's missing and..." "Yeah, yeah, if anyone would miss him... But since I'm still going to have a little chat with your sister about foul words and disrespect, you might as well continue, my son..." "Aw,Mom..." "And that's another thing, I don't want to hear anymore, young Lady..." .... well, anyway...let's see what I found out so far...
  11. ... it was a dark and stormy night... Ice and snow hold the neighborhood in it's iron grip... when in a mysterious, unknown castle (by cokebuilder at mts2) at the Outskirts of the neighborhood, surrounded by high walls and deep waters, guarded by angry spirits and invisible flying ninja monkeys... ehr, I mean... well, when screams, full of despair and betrayal, echoed through the dark corridors...
  13. "OH, FRAMMIT, Count! How long will you continue with this... this..." "But my love... my beautiful Anais...*sob*" "For the last time: Forget this greenskinned Freak! We might have lost the first battle, but the war has just started, so get a grip of yourself already!"
  15. " SHUT UP! SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP! I KNEW IT! THIS WHOLE THING WAS JUST ONE OF YOUR STUPID IDEAS AGAIN TO IMPRESS A GIRL!" "She *SOB*... she wasn't just 'a girl'... *sniffle*... she was the... Love of my life..." "Yeah, just like the other 3 dozen Chicks before her...!" "THIS *WHIMPER*... WAS DIFFERENT!" "Right, the last times you stopped being an idiot BEFORE you drove us in the..."
  16. *DING-DONG*
  17. "Oh, great, the doorbell... again... this isn't a castle, it's a game walkthrough... I told you, invisible monkeys are NOT a sufficient... oh forget it..."
  18. "Hrrm...good evening and just in case, if you're a newlywed couple with a broken car, this is NOT the castle full of homosexual transvestites, that's the next one down the road, so would you please..."
  20. "A good evening to you, too... I assume then, this is the Counts Castle... the one with the vampire army *evil*, I mean?"
  21. " *Urrgh*... this face, this face... I think I'm going to... must be my last lunch from threehundred years before... *Hullp* "
  22. " Grmmbl..., Just to your information: you're not my type either, Miss Cheekypuffs! *Glare*"
  23. " *Groan* What's the matter, Countess, why did you scream...?... By the way: I was just about to commit suicide, but I can't find the scissors, have you seen them anywh...?"
  24. ".. What the...?" " :.. This Face, This..."
  25. "... Arrowr... now that's something... Countess, may you introduce me to this... georgous, beautiful creature, please?"
  26. " To this... WHAT? Have you finally lost your marbles? I've seen squashed toads that looked..."
  27. " Hush...!... Ehem, Forgive my dear friend, the Countess, for her totally lack of acknowleding true beauty, Miss....?" "Uranium." "Aaaah, Uranium... what a wonderful name... it totally matches the graciousness of your Body and Soul, my dear visitor... now, may I ask you the cause of your visit?"
  28. "You!" "...ehr, me? Well, I feel honored, but why...?" "To get over with this fluffy talk: 'YOU' have an army, 'I' want an army, 'YOU're already drooling over me and 'I' want Woohoo! So, deal or no deal?" "...21?"
  29. " ... I assume, you mean 'yes'... well,then... B**B ATTACK!" *UMPS*
  30. "Ehehehehe... Oh Uranium, dream of my countless - not COUNT-less - years of my undead existence, I've never meet such... such....will you be my eternal bri...?" "Yes, and I've read chapter 1 of this story already, so you don't need to repeat yourself... now hurry up to the bedroom, presto!"
  31. "Ah, your wish is my command, my love... command, and I will lay down the world to your feet..." "Ah, good...but I think, for starters, there is something else that needs to get laid first, hehehe..."
  32. "... can somebody please pinch me? This must be a nightmare, it just HAS to be..."
  33. "OKAY, THAT'S IT! DO YOU HEAR ME COUNT??!! THIS WAS THE LAST STRAW! DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH THIS TOAD SQUISHEE, BUT I'M OUT OF THIS! NOW I'll FOLLOW MY OWN PLANS, AND THERE IS NO WAY... " ... And that was the last time someone heard from the Countess... No one knows what happened further in this night, all we know is, that the Count has now a new Companion, an evil being named... "Okay, you had your turn, now I'm telling the story again!" "But Sis, I haven't finished yet and..." "MINEMINEMINEMINE!" "Alright, alright... your wish is my command..." "Really Funny..."
  34. " Alex, you should stop teasing your sister..." " Dad, she started it! She even wanted to set me up for Dates ! And after all, I don't have time for this, I still need some creativity points for later promotions..." " Alex, she' s your younger sister... and about Dates: your Mom didn't do anything at college except dating me... *sigh* ..., so why bother with skilling by writing novels?" " ...Okay, but I'll look for date partners myself, is that clear?!" " That's my son... hmm, could you look after your door, it's somehow windy in here..." " Hey you, could you at least give me a hint, that you don't need a carpool? I'm not driving through Ice, snow and evil vampires just to see both your...!"
  35. " Okay, I'm back in action, so let's see, how I 'upgraded' the common fashion sense in the neighborhood *giggle* ! First, I think I'm gonna tell you, how 'I' adjusted my own Looks..." " And that's more important than what I found out about...?" " Alex: MY! STORY! And you should better prepare yourself for your dates! A lot of women have already responded to my announcement at the beginning, so better style up a bit..." "WHAT?!" Ehem, as I said, I adjusted my looks - not that I'm not already irresistable, even with this stupid 'Marsha B.'-Haircut...
  36. ... but hey, if even a... 'Dude*' tells me, that I could use a bit makeup to spice up the attraction... " I just can't believe, that you just set me up for dates without even asking if..." " Aw, come on, Alex, drop it, 'kay? I promise, I've already selected out the 'Good Ones', no Uglacy material or any murderous Simselfs!" " ... *groan* why me....?!" ------------------- *DonDude - writes the Insomnia Apocalypse
  37. "... Pfft, brothers..." okay, as I said, I needed to upgrade my looks, so I went and tried out some of the new custom content...
  38. "... and 'Dude' totally fell for it... well, Big Bro might have reservations about Simselfs, but I'm not so picky... "
  39. ... especially not, if it's good for business... the customer is king after all, so there...
  40. ... still I wasn't totally satisfied with my looks, so I started a bit experimenting around... what do you think, am I not absolutely adorable as a Geisha*?... "Sis..." ----- In the background: DutchessAxel aka CarrJoshua1991, wrote the Apocalypse Legacy, the Apogaypto and the Exit Apocalypse Challenge.
  41. ... or how do you like me as the 'Bad Girl'? This could be something for your... female employees, right? *snicker* "Sis, I don't think..."
  42. ... or do you rather prefer - 'nice girls'? But beware, the cutest kitties often have the sharpest claws! "..."
  43. ...oh, oh, oh, and what about the punk dress? I looked absolutely cooool in it, and... "Little - Sister - Amaryllis! This - is - an - apocalegacy, not some kind of model show! " " You're no fun, Bro..."
  44. "... but okay, my current choice of style won the competition anyway..." "Finally..."
  45. .. but now I had an even greater task to achieve: to style up our neighborhood!" "Oh, no..." Yes, it's true, all these poor, hopeless townies with their boring clothes, their boring haircuts and their boring make-up came now to my little beautyshop for some advice - and I gave it to them! In the end, they left the shop as (almost) newborn people, like...
  46. ...Brasimlian Samba Dancers!...
  47. ... Space Pirates!...
  48. ... Elven warlords!...
  49. ...Teen Angels!...
  50. ... not to forget the classic 'Dracula Style' for the stylish vampire! A good choice, Mr. 'Slob'* - or should I call you 'Mr. Snob' now? ... -------------- * the Slobs: Counterpart to Mr. Big and the Diva: Belching, Farting, Poor - you just have to love them!
  51. ...or what about this stylish greek-'ll never guess, this would be Miss 'Slob'...
  52. ... excluding some bad habits...Eeeeew! " Sis, for the love of... this is torture,not storytelling! Do you really think, anybody actually wants to read this?! " And you're just like Mom: always complaining! Come on, let me have some fun!"
  53. " ..Let me have some fun... you've just forgot to tell, how much money you made with your 'fun', after you set all prices to 999 Simoleons..." " Well, top quality, top prices, hehe..." ---- Current Victim: Michelle Fobbs, writes the Planetary Apocalypse
  54. "... and what did you think, when you started selling religious fashion?... you know, what Mom thinks about religion..." "Aw Come on, Alex, look at it that way: Nobody is forced to buy something, and all these poor Souls, in search of a higher purpose for their lives, leave at least as happy new customers..."
  55. "... and make me happy as well, by raising my bank account... 100.000 is not bad for a Teenager, right?" " Fascinating, you said that without even getting red." " Alex, what's your problem? I'm heiress, I can't escape my fate as the bearer of the next generation; I'm a Fortune Sim living in a vampocalyptic world full of crazy, bad-clothed people believing in crazy religions, and I'm already destined to marry a guy, who lived with us since I was a baby! Can't you at least let me have some freedom without making me feel guilty?" "...sorry..."
  56. " Hey, it's okay, I've never considered myself being a saint, lol...:" Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me, I think, they're okay. If they don't give me proper credit I just walk away.
  57. some boys romance, some boys slow dance that's alright with me If they can't raise my interest then I Have them let to be
  58. Some boys try and some boys lie But I don't let them play Only boys who save their simoleans Make my rainy day, 'cause we are
  59. Living in a material world And I am a material girl You know we are living in a material world And I am a material girl
  60. Boys may come and boys may go And that's alright you see Experience has made me rich And now they're after me, cause everybody's Living in a material world And I am a material girl Living in a material world And I am a material girl ----- [free after] 'Material Girl' by Madonna
  61. "... and now it's time for your dates, Bro - hey, nice Tux....Unfortunately, it'll have to go, your first partner has a Turn-off for formal wear... oh, and she is a totally talentless dork and adores stink, but otherwise she's go, and don't forget, she's one of our best customers, so be 'nice' to her, 'kay? Have fun, Alex!" "*groan*"
  62. Date Report Alexandre Eden: First Date - Jane Smith, Member of the garden club, talentless dork: " Ehrrr.... well, Miss, my Sister told me you're a good customer here... I guess, you like to go shopping...?"
  63. Some dates later: "... and how much did they sell to you?" " It wasn't really selling... everytime, he opened his mouth, I just heard bells and only could say 'I do'... *sigh*" " Same here... he's such a Cutie, isn't he? Too bad, that I don't even have the money now for proper rose bouqets..."
  64. Date Nr. 14 1/2 - Carla Klein, Rookie, Triple-Bolt Compability (!): "... perhaps I could sell some blood for the roses next time... or donate a kidney..."
  65. Date 19: Alva Klimm, Medical Assistant: "... and this one extra for helping our illegal clinic out!"
  66. Date 26 - Cadence Summer, Police Squad Leader: " I guess, I should report this guy and his organ seller ring... then again, I could not date him anymore... decisions, decisions..."
  67. Date Nr. 29 - Jennifer Martinez, Smuggler (pulled some strings for promotions later!): " ...And they sell their Blood and Organs to go out with you?" "... I *DON'T* want them to!!! I never said they should!! I didn't even ask them to buy something!! They just say 'I do' , then grab something and that's it! Can you even imagine, how horrible I feel?!" "... I do."
  68. " Sis, I can't do this anymore!" " Why so upset, Alex? Thanks to you, we earned another 100.000 and..." " That's something we have to talk about, Sis: You - cannot - sell - these - women - something - while - I'm - dating - them!!!" " Hey, I just ask them occasionally: 'Do you want to buy this?', that's all *grin* ... by the way, your next date is already waiting for you..." " Sis, I told you, I don't want to.... " " Come on, Bro, this is the last one, I promise!" "... fine, I guess one more won't hurt anymoooo...OH MY...!!!!!!"
  69. Date 30, Sarah Morgan, unoccupied elder... " I'm soo making her pay for this, I..." "What? Please speak louder, I can't hear you..." " Nothing, Nothing... now please hold still, while I at least try to adjust your looks a bit, you old b..." " WHAT?!" "... but this one you could hear, right...?"
  70. A little makeover later: "Oh, my... I look and feel like 20 years younger now!" " I... have to say, I'm impressed myself... for an elder, you look now really... well..." " Sooo, you don't think I look anymore like an old... what was the word?" "... I'm sorry?" "Hmm, I think you owe me something more than an apology for this..."
  71. Some dream dates later: "... *smooch*... please, Sarah, that's enough... I'm already late for work.... *smooch*" " Aww, Alex... just one more time... remember, medicine restriction doesn't count for elders...*smooch* " " ... Blackmail!... You know, I'm supposed to be the criminal here, not the other way round... but okay... *smooch*..."
  72. [ Insert obvious noises and words here °o° ]
  73. A bit later "Alex, we need to talk." "Dad, I swear, I didn't want to..." " Alex, I know, it's necessary for our... 'job' to keep your aspiration and motives and skills and friendships up..."
  74. "... after all, me and your mom are just doing the same... we just had our 250th dream date...*sigh*"
  75. "...and of course, everyone in the household is already used to all these roses on the street..."
  76. "... but could you please tell your partners to stop blocking the street with this unusable junk?! This is a legacy house, not a trashcan!!!"
  77. " Uh, Hello? It's me, Sophie! I just wanted to deliver another date reward for Alex for the time when we were an item, though I'm with Antoine now... I mean, I'm trapped here and need heeeelp!!"
  78. ... Yes, as you can see, while Alex had a great time, his date rewards became an annoying problem... all these rewards, blocking up space and being unusable due to the lack of water, electricity and clouded skies *cough*restrictions*cough*, not to forget about paying protection money for them...but luckily, my calculations were right, and our sales more than covered our losses...
  79. ... while Alex finally made it to the top... and became famous under the Name 'Mickey Blue Eyes'... :] "... really funny... here is another one: I've just found out, that I'm supposed to be the head of an Organ seller ring... and a money laundering syndicate, widely known as 'Fashion & more' ... oh, and a 'flower' cartel, specialized in opium and... rose plantation... which is strange, since I don't remember doing anything of this, I just dated... anything you have to tell me, Sis?" "Ehrrr... well... I... okay, okay, you've won, I admit, it was..."
  80. "...Dad's idea!" "WHAT?!" "Don't tell me, you thought it was me!? After all, it's Dad's secret wish to become a criminal mastermind, not mine!" "But... but why...?" " Well, first to help you to get promoted... and then it was the best way to cover *his* actions by making anyone think, you were the leading force, while you were only dating..." "... I... don't know what to say... I think, I need to lay down a bit..." ... and with fulfilling his lifetime want, Dad and Alex achieved legendary status as 'the Blues Brothers'... :))
  81. " Hey, Hey, look who's there... it's Big Bro, the Master of the underworld... *snicker* ... " "Don't tell me, you knew that with Dad, too..." " It wasn't so difficult to figure it out, Mr. 'Date-a-Lot'... or do you prefer 'Looking-for-Creator-but-too-blind-to- see-the-obvious-trickery-around-him- Super-Researcher'?" " YOU... *ahem, guess what the difference between us is, Antoine?" " That I've maxed my Body skill and you don't? " " No. 'I' have lifted a restriction and am now free to do, whatever I want, while you..." " Sorry, Alex, Knowledge Sim, Love to skill, no dates needed!" "... to quote Mom: 'I hate you'..."
  82. and with that, the crime restriction was finally lifted...I have to confess, I'm happy for my Brother, because I know, that Alex is rather a good guy, and being a criminal... but don't worry, he'll eventually get over this... this being said, I now like to tell you one more thing, about what happened at the night before my birthday...
  83. 'Twas the night before my birthday, when all through the shop Not a creature was stirring, not even a dog the clothings were hung by the racks with care in hopes that customers soon would be there;
  84. When out on the sidewalk there arose such a clatter, I sprung from the bubble blower to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash, tore open the shutters and threw up the sash. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a woman, glowing like a lightbulb, walked into my lair ------------ Rubbersushi, writes the Apocalypse AC - ---------- Comment from the author: apologies to anyone, who feels offended in his/her religious beliefs by the following - the author still prefers to eat his cheese instead believing in it...
  85. More rapid than eagles, to me she did came And she wistled and shouted and called me by name: " Greetings, Amaryllis, don't be afraid of me, because I am the grilled cheese deity!"
  86. She was dressed all in cheesy colors, from her head to her foot, and her clothes were all smelling like... well, not very good... A wink of her eye and a twist of her head soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread. So I finally exclaimed, not without some despite: "Would you please be so kind and turn out your damn wonder-light?! - Some of my customers are vampires, you know!!" ----- free after Clement Clarke Moore's 'Twas the night before christmas' ;)
  87. - BZZZT! - "Better?" "Much better, thanks... hey, the smell's gone, too!" "Aromalight." "Ooookaaay..."
  88. " So, my dear heiress, have you ever heard of the word of Don?" " The what of who?" " She means this Zombie Guy with the grilled cheese aspiration, who switched to Chili after eating too much of them, Sis..." " Bro, get out, you had your part of the story..." " Well, I didn't place the mirrors in this room..." " Not to sound rude, but could you both please stop your brother-sister- quarrel for a minute? I'm a deity, after all..."
  89. " So now hear the story how I, in my infinite wisdom, created everything...*ahem* In the beginning me created cheese and sandwich...' " " Oh please, this joke gets old... I've already heard everything, from 'In the beginning, there were no diapers' to 'In the beginning was the flying spaghetti monster'..."
  90. "... you're really not the religious type, aren't you?" " Sorry, but the only higher being my Mom ever talked about was my Grandmother's Boss... and that he/she/it fired her... " "... and you're not afraid, what waits for you, if you 'don't' believe in me...?.. a hint: it's a fiery pit of..." "...melted cheese, right? To quote Mom again: 'Either god is good, than he isn't almighty, because bad things won't happen, free will turned on or not... or he is almighty, then he isn't good and gives a crap about what I think... in both cases, why should I believe...?' "
  91. " But I AM good AND almighty... minus the fiery pit, I mean..." "Well, if you are almighty, how comes, that the other religion has the better bullies, hm?" "What do you mean...?"
  92. "Remember the little fight at the temple of apocalyptical tridiot... I mean 'trinity' in the last chapter*? Well, the potty-god follower won!" ----- *watch the apocalyptical battle of religions in chapter 5.1. 'Deities and Demigods'...
  93. "..." "Uh, hello?" "..." "Oh, come on, it's not that bad, everyone can have a bad day now and then..."
  94. "Hmmm, so this ugly Alien really tries to take over this neighborhood...? Well, if you want a 'battle', Uranium, you can have it..."
  95. " So listen, little Heiress..." " I'm turning adult tomorrow!" " Whatever... So ' Amaryllis ', Have you ever heard of a vile Alien named... 'Uranium'?" "Well, my brother mentioned something about her, and that she had something to do with creators missing... I didn't really pay attention to it, this whole 'creator side story' isn't really..."
  96. " Okay, so you haven't heard of her... but I guess, you haven't heard that she isn't alone, because someone... accompanies her..." " Oh, that she and the Count had joined forces was already told, that's old News..."
  97. " No, not her... someone else... the one that actually captured your... 'precious' stringpuller..."
  98. " Someone... okay, that's new... so, who is it? And where did he drag 'Scuba Guy' ?"
  99. " The one who... accompanies her... is like a shadow, a black knight in the game of the gods, a mere pawn, but still..." "Could you by any means be a bit less cryptical about that?" " Will you join my church then?"
  100. " Aaah,that's how it goes..." "Sooo...?" " Aww, come on, tell me... at least where he took Helmet Guy... hey, how about I lower the costs for your follower's robes by... 10%?" " You...How dare you to corrupt a deity with your... your...!" " 20 %?" "..."
  101. "...21?" " ... did you ever realize, that most of your thoughts center around money?" " Not true, I have a lot of other interests: Fashion, Boyfriends... ehm..." "... and boyfriends equals date gifts, and fashion sales, right?" "..." "Aha... see, that's the problem with most of you Non-believers, critizing religions, but nothing else left to believe in except money..."
  102. " Awww, you poor misguided soul... don't worry, little heiress, there will be always a place in my church, you just have to follow your heart..." " nose... must...breath... scent is... unbearable..."
  103. "... so good bye for now, Amaryllis... and don't forget, stay aware of the shadow of the alien..." " 25 % ! My last offer! " "... grow up, kid."
  104. - BZZZzzZzZzZzZzzz. - "Damn, seems like I have to change the batteries again..."
  105. ... and with that, I was left with a lotsa questions like: where was creator ? Who was this guy that captured him? And perhaps Grilled Cheese Deity was right one about thing: I really think a bit too much about money... hm,, perhaps I should lower some of the prices for... nah, I'll save that for later... right now, I guess I follow at least one of her advices...
  106. "... growing UP! WEEEEEEEEEEEH... see you next time!!!"
  107. Epilogue I: - At the Counts Castle, Bedroom - "... so, you know, what you have to do...? ... No, I don't trust you, not at all...and if you screw this up..." " Uranium, darling... who're you talking to..?... please, come back... *hint*hint*" "Sorry, honey... business talk... now, where were we...?"
  108. - somewhere else, location unkno... - " THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! "
  109. - Hey, how should I've known...? -
  110. " HOW SHOULD I'VE KNOWN? 'Let's make a Legacy', he said, 'It will be fun, he said' , 'You know, we should invite some Simselfs' , he said, 'Let's download Uranium', he said... and there you're $§%& telling me, 'How should I've known?' ?! To let you know, I'm so near to crash your helmet and..."
  111. " Hey, could you both tone it down a bit? I'm trying to figure a way out of this mess..."
  112. "...and could somebody please silence this guy? He's making me..." " ... we will all die... why, oh, why did this happen to me.. why...?" " Oh, shut it, you damn..."
  113. " OKAY, that's it, all of you... for the last time... "
  114. " LEAVE - ME - ALONE! " " This will be a bit difficult... we're all you, after all..." " I DON'T CARE! I don't want to see you anymore, you stupid POTC³- Halluzinations...GET OUT!"
  115. " OKay, okay, but don't tell us later, you're lonely..." - Weird Guy... talking with hallucinations of himself... and what is POTC³ ? - " 'Pirates of the Carribean 3', you Moron... now move, there are some legacies waiting for us to be raided..." " Can we stop by the supermarket first...? ... I got hungry in this... whatever it was..."
  116. "... finally they're... well, now let's try to figure out how to escape from this place..."
  117. - It seems, that I didn't made myself clear: GO - AWAY! - " What the...?!" - For the last time: I may be trapped here, but the last thing I need, is getting insane and seeing hallucinations! -
  118. " HEY, who's the Hallucination here? I'M the real one, you're the hallucination! " - Oh, Reaally... to make this clear, I'm the real one, comprende?! - " No, I am the real one!" - No, I am! - " NO, I ! " - NO, I ! - " NO, I...." to be continued...
  119. - Epilogue II: This chapter was generously hosted by the Jaquet Family at Bluewater Village - "Thanks everyone for reading!" "AUUUGH, it's burning, it's... MOM! What the... are you wearing?" "Like it? This girl has a fantastic shop... If that doesn't get me a new guy, nothing will... I'm in the Bluewater Phone book, so don't forget to call me, sweeties!" -------- Instead of phoning... rather go to and read about (other?) great legacies!