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Far away from Eden ep. 2: Red Riding Hut

  1. Far away from Eden ep. 2: Red Riding Hut by TwilightOutside Chapter 2 of my Apocalegacy: Rise of the Vampires... beware! Family Name: Gieke Lot Name: Gondelgasse 33 Categories: Komödie,Lebensgeschichten der Sims
  2. - Hello and Welcome everyone to the second installment of my Legacy "far away from Eden" Last Time we just saw how Anais Eden, my Founder managed her way through Uni - or should I say through downtown? In fact, she stayed a lot more time there then on campus ground, befriended nearly every loco in the city - honestly, she had 130 friends (!) at graduation, except Marsha Bruenig all of them best friends - , and made enough cash to buy herself a nice villa and live there in peace for the rest of her life - too bad that this is an apocalypse challenge... "I hate you!"
  3. - But Joke aside: I think, I really overdid it a bit ... Hey Simself (yes, that's me), could you show the readers a bit of Anais 'efforts'? - " You mean, clear her inventory?" - Correct. - " OK, but this will take some time." - We'll wait; I think I'll show the readers our little home in the meantime. - " Don't you mean "my" little home? And isn't it a bit schizo, if you talk with your own self?" - Can we please end this conversation? it's making me dizzy... -
  4. Okay, so this is my... I mean Simselfs...rrrgh, so this is it. A beautiful little jewel, built on a 1x1 lot made by Andie8104 at MTS2, created by the great General Oohoh - thanks for allowing me to take pictures of it, general. Perhaps in later chapters I'll show some of its interior. For now, this must be an apetizer... "OK, I'm done. Want to see it?" - Sure. -
  5. - Oh. my... Holy... this is actually a lot of stuff. Flower bouquets, love letters, robots, dj booth, dance sphere, piano, whirpool, bowling alley, car, photos... Unbelievable how much stuff can go into inventory...- "Excuse me, but could you please take my property back in there? I need some room to move at least!" - Don't worry. We have to sell it anyway. - "WHAT?!" Only three things in inventory, when the apocalypse starts - that's the rule. Your diploma (she graduated with summa cum laude, obviously) already counts as one, so I think, two potions Vamp-D will do, too many vampires around...now I only have concerns, that the extra money we'll get from selling all this is somehow against the rules... -
  6. "...And than this &%$§ started complaining that I have too much money for this challenge and that he should better familyfund me down... I mean, WHAT THE HECK? I worked my butt off the last 4 years, obeying his wishes, doing all the stuff he wanted me to do... and for what? It's not fair, Stella, it's just not fair!"
  7. - In case, somebody doesn't know: this is Stella, Maxis premade Alien Student for La Fiesta tech - " Anais, I can understand, that you're a bit upset about this, but look at it that way: at least stringpuller cares about you. I mean, remember what happened to Mrs. Martinez, she had three breakdowns in this time... Or look at me: I'm just the placeholder for the last chapter and perhaps will never be played again... that's not a great perspective either..."
  8. " uh... sorry 'bout that, Stell'... " " It's okay. At least I'm happy we've became friends, how many placeholders can say that about 'their' Legacy Sims? "
  9. "Thanks, Stell'. You're the best."
  10. " I'm there for you every time, Red (despite your green). " - Hm... where did her hand go...? - " Hey! Can't you at least give me a few moments without ruining the mood?!" - She has a flirt want for you in her want panel... - "That. means. nothing !!!!!"
  11. Okay, on with Anais graduation party - or better a little before that, because we had to take care of a small detail...
  12. "... And now a toast to the new star of the business world - Mrs. Anais Eden!" " Thanks Jerry! I really appreciate this...especially the food, after four years...- too bad my future won't be that bright..." " What do you mean? Of course it will!" " Trust me... if you'd knew what awaits me... that why I'm a bit afraid to ask you... something..."
  13. " Jerry... guess what in this little black box is..."
  14. " Oh... WOW! WOWWOWWOW! A 137-Carat-Diamond, flawless and eyeclean! " " Yes... yes, it is..." " And WOW! That's 24-Karat gold with platin inscripts!" " uhm... yes... so Jerry... do you accept this ring to live with me, a live of misery und harsh restrictions, tormented by a stupid stringpuller..." - HEY - "... especially never be able to take a bath again, or eat a decent meal, or sleep in a decent bed, or watch tv, or..." "WOWWOWWOW!" "... *sigh* Have you even listened to me?" "... Huh? Oh sorry, Red, got a bit excited about this... being a Fortune Sim and stuff... but yes, of course, I do!"
  15. - And with that, Anais got engaged. Awwww...- "Ahem... a few moments? PLEASE?!" - Sure, sure, go ahead. Photo Booth is right over there... -
  16. - And now, finally Anais's Graduation Party - Stella was invited and of course Anais friends from the secret society, as well as Cheerleader Cadence - in case, that a Cow mascot wanted to ruin the mood... -
  17. - But everything went well, Anais just said good-bye to her friends... -
  18. - ... a little spin... -
  19. - And TADA! Hm... well, I think I can live with this Outfit... -
  20. - A last look back and... oh, the postman. Anais, have you paid...? - "Yes, dammit! Seriously, this is my last day here, why even bother...?" - Money is not good for the character, Anais... - " RIght, especially the absence of money... like the 130.000 you funded me down!" - True, but you still have over eightythousand... honestly, who has ever heard of a Sim with 217.374 (!) Simoleons earned in College? (yes, that's the final sum after selling everything, and I swear, I didn't use any cheats!) - " Bah, Losers! " - And that's just rude... -
  21. " So Miss, where should it go?" " Somewhere out of this game, if possible." - Anais... - " *sigh* , to a secret society apocalypse safety house please..." " Oh, another one! There are surely a lot of apocalypses happen these days..."
  22. - And so we finally start with the real challenge. For everyone who hasn't heard of the Apocalypse challenge: it's the Superbowl on TV, during break nearly the whole Nation goes to the toilet and flushes simultaneously, dropping the Water pressure down in three nuclear plants, causing meltdown yadda yadda yadda... -
  23. ... and finally hordes of evil Undead are roaming the... hey, waitaminute... You're not zombies! - " Right, we're vampires." - Where are the zombies? - " Not existing. There wasn't a nuclear fallout. And you only asked for Undead, bleh!" - But... but this is supposed to be an Apocalegacy... sort of... - " So what? Redo the story a bit and that's it." -... Ummm... Ooookay...let me think for a moment............................................... ah, yes... -
  24. - ...Okay, so during the superbowl, the Count's Vampire Army (see Chapter 1) started their sinister plan for world domination, filling the air at night with the sound of their wings... -
  25. -... bit everyone who dare to cross their path, raising the number of soldiers of darkness... -
  26. - ...and finally destroying every last resistance that was left. - " Uh, you know, I like to be followed by my admirers, but somehow I'm not in the mood for autographs today, so could you please, please stop following me?" - Joe (aka Mr. Big), I don't think, they're here for your autograph... unless you sign it in blood... - * Watch Joe Curtain in the ApocaFUNlypse by Ephemeral toast... I wish, I could get Uranium for this legacy...
  27. - ... the police was helpless... as always ... -
  28. - ... and the military lacked of competent leaders, who where either dead or already joined forces with the army of darkness... - " I didn't 'join'! They throw me out, because I was 'demoralising' the troops!" - I said 'competent' leaders. - " I AM competent!" - O yeah... that's a good joke, general pinocchio... -
  29. - ...and political help was not in sight... "Maior Gilscarbo, as the majority of your voters, we highly expect, that you fulfill your political promises. We'll not tolerate any excuses!" " But... a spooky Vampire Castle for every Vampire isn't possible! We don't have enough money and..." "Nonsense! Cut down the worker taxes, level up the ground prices for non-vampires, and if anyone complains, send them to us, we know how to solve these problems, Bleh!"
  30. - ...And so, the Area suffered from High taxes and Economic loss. Even Water, Energy and Food became a problem, since most people were too afraid to leave the house and there was no one to restore broken water pipes, and getting food or Vamp-D or even turn on the light was dangerous with all the vampires roaming around... -
  31. -... In fact, the criminal underworld was the only institution that got a profit out of the situation, selling overpriced food and earning protection money for not.... HEY, YOU! KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY REACTION TESTER! I WARN YOU...! -
  32. - Okay, got Reaction tester back, so let's continue... Finally, in order to ensure their reign of terror above the humble humans, the vampires had befriended the (were-)wolves... (Yay, I've got pets now... drat, and seasons is just out...) -
  33. - ... who should guard their coffins at day ... - "Wruff, wraff, wrraf, wrruf (*translation: that's somehow stolen from 'underworld'...)" - Well, do you have a better idea, hm? - " Wrruuuf, wraff, wruf, wraff, wraf, wrruf." - um... okay, haven't thought of that... but I think,I'll continue this way... -
  34. - ... Finally, a vampire commando, lead by the malicious count, was sent out to destroy any visible sign of vegetation to make it impossible to create wooden stakes or plant garlic... uhm, count? Don't you think, that destroying the plants is a bit... I mean, every living creature depends on plants in the last instance - animals from plants, other animals from these animals etc. -and you need blood... - " First: we AREN'T alive, we're undead, and second: do you've ever seen, that a 'Sim' vampire actually NEEDS Blood? After all, we came with Nightlife, there's no need for food, we have Outings and Dates for..." - And what about the (were)wolves? hm?- " Bleh, I never liked them anyway... or any other pets. If everyone turns vampire, they'll hopefully die. In the meantime, this mafia dude will take care that they won't get to smart to rebell..."
  35. - ... And so, society as we know it, came to an end... to celebrate their victory, the vampires lighted great fires at night... -
  36. - ...tossing in all remnants of civilisation, like Electronics - vampire hunter movies and games are way to dangerous -, Gym trainers - to avoid that anyone stealths his muscles to actually fight the blood suckers - and decorations, including plants - could be garlic in disguise -, paintings - especially vampire hunter comics and pictures - and statues - the count met a lot of those people for real and disliked all of them, especiallly gnomes and flamingos... -
  37. - ... and with the big fires polluting the atmosphere, every hope for a 'normal' life turned to ashes... -
  38. - ...but still there were legends... legends about a lonely heroine fighting for justice..., for peace... for the restoring of civilsation, and the name of this one was.... -
  39. - Anais Eden! (DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUN!!!) - " Urgh...this... was the BIGGEST nonsense I've EVER heard in this and my former life! Do you really expect anyone to actually believe this sort of crap? A Vam-pogacy or what? Come on!" - ... ehrm, as I said, Anais Eden (DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUN!!!)... bravely accompanied by her fearless partners....
  40. FRED and NORM (DUNDUNDUNDUNDUN!!!)! " What? Who? " ....
  41. .... .... ....
  42. .... *crickets chirping* - Please talk... -
  43. "What the... are you doing there?" - ... I hoped for some funny comments from Fred and Norm... - " Who in the world are Fred and Norm? " - The mailbox and the trashcan. Like in Rubbersushi's Apocalypse. This is the Witch's Hut, after all...- " Have you totally lost it? A Mailbox and a Trashcan? Talk? They're inanimate objects, they can't 'talk' ! "
  44. - In Sushi's Apocalypse, they can talk, Fred is even the father of... - " Father? Okay, that's too stupid, even for me, I'm out of here..." - Now just wait a minute... sooner or later they'll say something, I swear... Fred, Norm, please, tell her, I'm right... - "... Uhm, I can talk, sir. " - Huh? - " I'm over here, sir. See me?"
  45. - You're... the stilt? - "Uh.. yes sir. I'm the stilt. My name is Frank, sir, nice to meet ya, sir." - A... talking stilt... - " Yes, sir. I can even dance, sir. Wanna see me dance?" - ...ehrr...I don't think, I need a talking or dancing stilt... - " Oh please, give me a chance. I always wanted to be part of a legacy, pleaaaase..." - Sorry, I don't think, this will work out... - "... oooh *sob* I'm a failure... nobody liihhikes meeeheee *sob*...
  46. " Oh don't take it so hard, Frank. We all like you. Jack Stairs and I think, you're the best friend we can have. Honestly." " *snif*, you mean that, Maurice? " " Of course!" "Yeah, you're a great buddy, Frank. I mean that, Maurice means it, even the sarge means it, isn't it so, sarge? "
  47. "Aye, Jack! Now Heads up, Frank, the army doesn't need whiny softies. We need warriors, upright stilts with backbones, right, guys?!"
  49. " OKAY, THAT'S IT, STOP THIS! " - Are you talking with me? - " Who else? And now: stop taking pictures of stupid, inamimate objects and underlying them with text pretending that they're alive. THEY - CAN'T - TALK! THEY - AREN'T - ALIVE! GOT- THAT?"
  50. " WAAAH! SHE'S MEAN TO US !"
  51. " Oh for heaven's sake... what have I done to deserve this ? Living in a vampire apocalypse, with all these stupid restrictions, in a house with talking stilts and stairs... just kill me, kill me now..." - Okay okay, I agree, this was a bit too much... better do a little meditation now, to preserve energy... -
  52. - ... and so, Anais started to meditate... accompanied by their fearless... - " Oooooooooooom.... Ripoutstringpullersthroatifheevermen tionsthesestupidnamesagain... Ooooom..." - ... well, she meditated... -
  53. - ... till the paperboy arrived, looking for a job suitable to light a small candle in the darkness of hopelessness, bringing back peace... too bad, only criminal, politics and athletics showed up, so...back to meditation... -
  54. - ... till it became midnight... (by the way, just to remember, I'll operate with a few more restrictions, as there are: The Apocalypse, Aspiring to do it the hard way, Do it yourself, Fearless, Free Roaming Ghosts, Matriarchy, Middle of Nowhere, Noble Composure, One way street and (possibly...) the true love handicap)... Anais, can you stop your mediation for a while? - " Sure, what's the matt...?"
  56. " OH..."
  57. " ...MY..."
  58. " ...DEAR..."
  59. " ...LORD..."
  60. " ...IN HEAVEN!" - Great, isn't it? I had to finish it today, since 'middle of nowhere' forbids more building for the next days. I even created a 'backup' of this house at another lot, just in case this one gets glitching... -
  61. "Wuhuhuhu.... I live in an ugly house.... ayayay.... blblblbl..." - Anais, you're permaplat, and there exists no "live in an ugly house"-fear in the want panel... so please go back meditating now... - " Hell must be paradise against this... "
  62. - So next day... since the dreadful 'become friends with the paperboy' already appears in Anais Want's panel... - " ... and have you heard of the Count's Plans for turning everyone into a vampire ? And just because he want's to impress a girl, I've heard... " " Uhuh... so, why did they spare you?" " Because I'm a paperboy. Everyone want's his news paper as soon and fresh as possible, so I've got Immunity!" - Somehow this makes sense... -
  63. - Despite the nice conversation, no luck for jobs. only Artist, Paranormal and Natural Science in the paper... - " I thought, I should take Natural Science. I've studied Biology for this!" - This was my idea before pet rules (snapdragons, snapdragons...)... we have to reconsider now... -
  64. - So another night passed... a night with a full moon... a night with fighting werewolves... darn, forgot to take a picture... -
  65. - The next day, we we're finally luckily: after slacker and criminal, we finally got... SHOWBUSINESS! - " I shall save the world with showbusiness? " - Of course, Vampire movies are a big hit, and most people watch TV the whole day, so if you want to teach them the right way to defend themself... - " Whatev-Aaaah!" - And to celebrate this, a little gift for you... -
  66. - TADA! - " What...is...that? " - That's the maxis car for those people who ordered nightlife early - with a nice rusty recolor from the exchange (credit to the creator), perfect for an apocalypse challenge. - " Oh no... hopefully nobody see's me with 'that'..."
  67. " Hey Anais, nice car you have there *snort* " " Urge... to kill paperboy... rising... "
  68. - Despite the rusty look of her car, Anais earned her first promotion easily... and then the first Outing reward from college dropped in... too bad we can't sell it, so up into inventory, mr. gnome. -
  69. - And the next day of wohohohohor....- " Haha, really funny." - *Giggle* sorry Anais... in fact, you look so good, I could eat yohohohohouhuhuhu... - " Two words: drop. dead."
  70. - And then I realized, that her car was in fact a cabrio... - " show me one car, where these fake fries don't show through."
  71. - And another promotion rolled in this day - as well as another Outing reward... -
  72. ... And the same on the next night. Thankfully, only small stuff, too bad, that according to Natsci flowers aren't allowed... up into inventory as well... -
  73. - And so, the first week passed, and it was time for the first protection money... I replaced everything over 100 simoleons(not that there are any troubles with this, we already have 30.000 in cash and growing...), and changed the recolor of the car to show that protection money was paid... - " What do you mean, 'change the recolor'? I scrubbed and polished the whole week to get of the rust!"
  74. - ... and another Outing reward... too bad, inventory is full, I have to think of alternatives... -
  75. - ...like this one: I call it the 'Incineration' etage... if the Outing rewards become to expensive, I'll fire up the grill and burn some of them... what do you think of this idea, mr. gnome? "Mommy..."
  76. " Hey, Excuse me, talking with a Lawn gnome is surely interesting, but I'm tired and stinking!" - ... and got two promotions in a row, that 's great, Anais! -
  77. - ... And now, ladies and genlemen, a world sensation: for the first time in her life, Anais... sleeps! - " And it has to be a coffin, right? " - Higher energy rating, you've got ten body points, so no evil vampire will disturb your sleep... - " Yeah, yeah... at least I'll die in the right place, if I suffocate here by my own odor..."
  78. - And after restoring her energy, Anais first Sponge bath! Applause, Applause! - "Put the &%§/% camera away! Have you ever heard of P-R-I-V-A-C- Y, dammnit?!"
  79. - ...And the new day arrives... Oh my god, Fred, somebody kicked you! - " It wasn't me, sire!" - Shut up, Frank, I still don't need talking stilts.... " WAAAAAH...!" - And stop whining! So, have you seen, who did this to poor Fred? -
  80. " *snif*... It was the ugly man with the red hair, sire." - Komei? Hey, why did you do that? Aftert all, you're best friends with Anais! - " Pfft, best friends... she hasn't even called me in the the last two weeks..." - In the last two... ? There's a Vampire Army roaming around! - " That's no excuse." - No ex... That's it, I'm telling Anais... -
  81. - Hey Anais, have you seen? Khomei kicked your trashcan, just because you... - " I can totally understand that, I haven't called him in two weeks. When am I allowed to call my friends again *snif* ? " - Anais, please don't make me buy... - " I want to see my friends!"
  82. - I warned you... but okay, here is your phone... - "YAY!" - And from now on, the phone didn't stop ringing... what else do you expect, if you have 130 friends and cannot visit community lots...? -
  83. ...But before that happened, there was: " Hi, Marsha, here is Anais, sorry I haven't called..." " WAAAAH! MOMMY! It's the crazy red-haired Alien lady again! Please, Miss Alien Lady, I promise to be your best friend, but please, please never call me again! *sob* And everyone says, I'm a stalker..." - After that, Marsha really never called again... Instead, one part of the neighborhood called day and night, literally... -
  84. - ... while the other part dropped their Outing rewards at the lot.. -
  85. - ... so mr. gnome wasn't so lonely anymore... -
  86. -... And then the third week arrived... with another recolor... this one has the words 'Grim Reaper' at the front... - " Vampires, a coffin bed, Grim Reaper... I don't like where this is going..."
  87. - And then - Oh joy - Anais did it: she unlocked Hopelessness and Showbusiness! Now, dates, outings and parties are available again, we can buy the makeover chair, use the mirror to change appearance... Hey, Anais why you're running? - " Phone is ringing." - The phone is always ringing, why...? - " I feel, this one is important! Perhaps somebody get's me out of this..."
  88. "Hey, here is Anais, prominent actress, movie maker and... oh, Count... I mean... *giggle* hello Count... A meeting? of course, Count, how about a nice candle light dinner... the Countess too? Uhm... okay... "
  89. " So, Count, what's so important? " " Uggh... Anais, my love, could you please turn this platin thing over your head out? It's a bit too... shiny." " Sorry, not possible. Stringpuller forgot to turn it off. And you have plumbbobs over your heads too, after all." " Well, never mind. So, Anais ... Queen of my heart... Sun of my mind... my Love, for which I have successfully gained control of this country, there is something... something I have to tell you..." " If you're pregnant... "
  90. " ...Gaaaaze into my eyes..." " Oh nononono.... not again..."
  91. " Bleh! " " Ah my love, how much I hate to do this to you again... but this is our only chance to be together... forever..." " BLEH! BLEHBLEHBLEHBLEH BLEH BLEHBLEH! BLEH! BLEHBLEHBLEH and BLEHBLEHBLEHBLEH BLEH! BLEH!" - In case anyone wonders, I censored Anais speech, it's not... so polite...
  92. -... And so... - " Aww, Anais, Honey... please open that gate. Don't you understand this was our only chance to..." " I told you, Count, no more teeth. I'm sorry, but we're through. I like vampires, but I don't like to be one and that's final! Now where's my Vamp-D? " - Sorry Anais, but I think I'll keep care of it... to be honest, this is all part of the 'strategy'... - "WHAT?!"
  93. - ... And in the meantime, you better take care of your sensitive skin... - " You... you tricked me into becoming a vampire? You, you...aargh! Okay, wait till it turns night, then I... - you better should go now, or you're late for work... - " WORK? I'm a frickin' vampire, I can't go to work!" - Oh, you can, all your motives are maxed, this will last till you return... -
  94. - And so, Anais went to work... in fact, it's totally easy to keep up a vampires motives, if she drives in her own car... - " Rrrrrgh... I'm turning to dust, and all you're doing is to glee over your own ego... " - Don't worry, when you return home, there will be a surprise for you - " I *knew* your surprises..." - But this one is good, promise! -
  95. - And at night... - " Oh! oh Jerry, *smooch* I've missed you! " " Whoo... Careful, Red. And since when did you get this big teeth?" - I think, with this question, it's a good idea to end this chapter. Anais has successfully unlocked Showbusiness and turned into a vampire. Sometimes she was starving, stinking and short before passing out at the same time, too bad I forgot to take pictures...drat... so in case, you want 'real' action, you should visit the other apocalypse challenges at www.boolprop.com! (I still hope, some of you will visit again for chapter 3...) -
  96. P.S. This chapter was generously hosted by Placeholder Gerd Gieke, currently location Bluewater Village. Have an Ice day!