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Far away from Eden ep. 1: up'n down in the town

  1. Far away from Eden ep. 1: up'n down in the town by TwilightOutside First Chapter of my Apogalegacy; Founder manages her way through college... Family Name: Terrano Lot Name: Landallee 16 Categories: Komödie,Lebensgeschichten der Sims
  2. - Hello and Welcome to the first Installment of my first (apoca)legacy ever, starring Anais Eden, from my lost neighbourhood, Edenville. For a quick background of her watch Episode 0, Rules for the Legacy Challenge and Apocalegacy Challenge by Pinstar can be found at - "Where is the dorm?"
  3. - As perhaps you've already recognized, like most other Apocalypse Challenges, we start at the Campus at La Fiesta Tech, there are already enough freaks here, so Anais will nicely fit in. - "Oh, thank you for the nice compliment, now where is the dorm?!" - A short look at Anais personality: she is a pisces, with a personality of 4/5/7/2/7 - yes, you've read right, seven nice points, but she is mean as hell - at least to me. Her Turn-ons are Custom hair and Vampires, her Turn- off fat. Oh, and I rolled pleasure for her - Lifetime want 50 Dream Dates. "FOR THE LAST TIME, WHERE IS THE DORM?!!!"
  4. - Hey, calm down. And to be honest, there is no dorm on this lot. - "WHAT?!" - Well, in fact, this is my second try with this challenge. Somehow, my comp can't handle dorms, so, after dormies becoming motionless, taxi call disappearing, constantly crashing of the dorm... oh well, I used a backup and started again. This time, I start with an empty lot, to avoid this things. This'll make things a bit harder, but... well, it was just too easy last time... - "LAST TIME? TOO EASY?" - Yes, and to make it even harder, I'll added some Legacy handicaps, as there are: The Apocalypse (Obviously), Aspiring to do it the hard way, Do it yourself, Free Roaming Ghosts, Fearless, Matriarchy, Middle of Nowhere, Noble Composure, One Way Street, Presidential Physical Fitness and Storyteller - whew, that's 18 points in total, I think, we can perhaps add the true love handicap to make it twenty...
  5. "ARE YOU CRAZY?! NOT ONLY YOU WANT ME TO GET THROUGH THIS IDIOCY -" - Legacy - " I DON'T CARE! I DIDN'T AGREE TO THIS AND I NEVER WILL!" - Do you realize, how many legacy founder say that in the beginning? If Maxis would get a dollar for that every time... - "I HATE YOU!" - Yes, this is also the common reaction of all legacy founders. And could you please stop speaking in capital letters, it's rude... - " I get you for this one day..."
  6. - Whatever... Okay, since the lot already costs around 200 Simoleons, we have to choose our equipment carefully... I think, we'll invest in a phone and a bookcase... " Hello, Campus bureau? Could you please give me the number of a competent lawyer, I have to report an urgent case of mistreating innocent Sims... What do you mean, there can nothing be done, there has to... hello? Hello?!" - I suggest, you should call a taxi. Come on, Anais, I promise, I'll take good care of you! - " Brrr, this from your mouth sounds like a prediction of doom and eternal hell... what have I done in my former life to deserve this...?"
  7. - And off to Campus we go! - " Hey, where did my Phone and the bookcase go?" - I sold them, we won't need them anymore, one book is enough. - "One Book? You expect me to study with one book?" - I didn't make the rules of this game, I just play it -
  8. - Okay, first of all, let's buy a handy, it will become really... handy! - " Haha, really funny. Even your jokes suck! "
  9. - And we already spotted our first victim... I mean first secret society friend, Anna. - " Hi, I'm Anais, I'm new here and controlled by a vile entity which commands me either to become your friend or get killed if I refuse his orders, so you're in the moral dilemma socializing with me or run away to save your own life... " - Despite this introduction, Anais and Anna became friends after playing chess and watching a cooking tv show, and it showed me the power of Outings, nothing beats that! - " What I don't understand: why does this increase my motives? Am I taking drugs in the process?" - Gah, you sounded just like my parents, when I explained it to them. Can we skip the topic? - " It was just a question. After all, we all *know* what bubble blowers and hydroponic..." - YES, okay, I get it. Now call a taxi, we have to find some more memb... I mean friends. -
  10. - On the journey searching for more secret society friends, we met Maja, who played drums at the desert loungue - and surprisingly well. I always thought, secret society members are all completely talentless dorks only worth to be turned into cheeseloving zombies, married to hideous women, becoming famous for making Chili... - " Not that I want to interrupt your Candi - Admiration, but do you realize that classes have already started? " - No, I'm pretty sure there aren't any classes for me today. - "MY classes!" - Relax, you won't need so much classes, a short visit to meet the prof should be enough... -
  11. - And finally we found our third Secret Society friend, Chris. All female - where are the males? - "... And he talks to you all the time?" " Yes, right now he is complaining, that he didn't find any guys with this Llama jacket." " Oh they're all at the "Miss Uglacy Competition" for three days, which means this whole semester. Do you understand why everyone is so in this 'ugly sims' thing?" "Sssht, for the sake of my unborn children, don't give him ideas!"
  12. - Okay, meet prof, know three Secret Society members, this is almost everything we need at campus. Next stop: maxis-made downtown. We start at the gym club, as it has showers, a coffeebar, a grill - everything (for) a Sim(s) needs. There, the Outings continue - I really don't know, how many Outings Anais had for the whole College time, it must be thousands... " *Yawn*, do you even hear yourself listening? Who cares about this stuff?" - It could be helpful for others... - " No, it cannot! And now stop bothering me, I have an appointment with Professor Sunday later."
  13. - And for that *appointment*, Anais asked for some help from a pro... - " So that's all? I always thought, there has to be something more about dates. At least the traditional 'Movie - Dinner - to you or to me or see you' - thing." "Skip this, sweetie. No Sim ever does this anyway. So, do you want a potion now?" "Sorry, not enough money. But thanks for the advice. If I get some rose bouquets, I'll consider your offer again."
  14. - With this tips, Anais *Appointment* was forced to be a success - " Oh, Miss Eden... I never had such an *drool* intelligent and competent student - ever..." " Thank you, Professor Sunday, teehee. Sorry that I never visit your classes, but I was thinking... well, perhaps you could give me some *private* lessons?" " Oooo...f course, I always encourage my students to improve their *skills* on their own..."
  15. "Grrr... I hate these player-controlled Sims. I work here 24/7, with enough Skills to get into every career I want, and this b**ch just raises her grades with *this*!" - Nicole, look at it that way: you can stay indefinitely here, with the vague hope getting into Uni someday, where you'd do the exact same thing as her. - " Not to mention, that it's not always so easy for me too... OUCH, You... ehr, I mean...Prof, the lower toes were mine, teehee!"
  16. - Okay, Grade bar is filled, now we go for mate hunt - "... working as a store clerk can be really hard sometimes, especially without any decent skills... but I got the worker of the month award one time... well, the others were all ill that month..." - Nope, sorry, definitely not suitable for an apocalypse challenge... - " Waitaminute ...Let me get this straight: I have to ask every guy on this lot what's his career, just so you can figure out, which one would the best for me, my children and even my grand children???" - That's the plan. - " EEEWWW, that's just sick! I've heard of 'prearranged' marriages in legacies, but this just freaks me out!"
  17. - Still the Search continues... this one's a bit better... - "Yeah babe, I'm a counterfeiter. Half the money this town has comes from me!" "Do you tell that every girl you've just know for a few hours? What if I was a famous crime fighter in my former life?" " Babe, crime is an important part of economy! We even have job advertisements in the news paper!" - Somehow this a good argument... -
  18. "I'm a Hall of Famer." - RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Definitely a candidate for the Challenge! - " Have you seen his face? He looks like..." - Nonsense, you motives are low, and you want fifty dream dates, I think we'll start now. - "Do I have to marry him ??!!" - Hm... No , I rather look for Medicine or Culinary... We'll spare him for later generations... - " And I should date the later husband for... if you excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom to puke my guts out..."
  19. - But finally I could persuade Anais to go for the kill - I mean Date.- " Oh Red (despite the fact that you're green), I never felt such a burning in my chest..." " Heart Cancer?" " No, it's like an arrow piercing through my heart..." " Like the one over your head?" - Anais, don't be so rude with the poor guy. - " He's a romance Sim, for crying out loud! Once he's had his way with me, he'll already be heartfarting about the next two or three girls!"
  20. - But in the End (after 5 Dreamdates, one after the other - Bullet Speed Dating, lol) Hoagie - I'll call him Hoagie - finally succeded: - "Uh, hun, to be honest, I... never had it with... I mean..." "Ooooh... is little Red shy? That's okay... I'll be nice..." - I didn't pay attention, who said what, but it could fit for both. In the end, it was the same result:
  21. woo, woo, woo, woo, hoo I'm aspirationwise I can improvise woo, woo, woo, woo, hoo I'm motivesmart I've got SimCity heart *free after "Why should I worry" by Dan Hartmann and Charlie Midnight, sung by Billy Joel in Walt Disneys Classic Animated Movie "Oliver and Company" -
  22. - Okay, back to business, Anais got a call downtown (never knew, that you can be called while on a community lot), and guess who? - " Hey Anna, why the sad face? " " Anais... there is something... something I have... to tell you..." "If you're pregnant, I'm most definitely not the father, unless it's a glitch." - ANAIS! - "What? This has happened one time in my former life..."
  23. "I'm so totally in love with you!" " Ug... I knew this little flirt at the begin was a bad idea..." - Awww, but she is cuter than Hoagie, you have to admit...- " I didn't ask you about an advice for my love life, nor did anyone else!" - Okay, okay, I'm fine with that, do as you please. -
  24. - Yes, really pleasing... or: 6 Dreamdates later... - " Oh...My... I can't believe you did THAT!" Again, I don't know who said that on the picture...
  25. - Finally, after spending literally weeks downtown, Anais finally returned home - "If you can call a total empty lot Home..." - ehrm, she returned home, and the 'effort' followed immedeatly... " Aww, for the..." "...most wonderful, lovable..." "...person of the whole world." - Do you realize, that since only one person is living on this lot, you most definitely came for the same person? - "Never!" "Impossible" "My girlfriend would never cheat on me!" - ...*sigh* townies... -
  26. - While waiting for the next taxi - yes, again - Anais got some skill points on their own.. - " I still don't understand, how a single paperback book bears the knowledge of over 1001 cooking receipts, advanced electronics and the modern techniques of desinfection and sterilization." - Have you ever read the title? - " Junior Woodchucks Guidebook for College Students... oh. Okay, the magic of Disney, right?"
  27. - By the way: since Anais already has enough aspiration points, and the aspiring to do it the hard way restriction forbids the use of any aspiration reward except the ReNuYu-Sensor, I placed one of them here... just in case, a Sim in the reds walks by and accidentily stick his head in... - " Don't. make. me. ever. do. it." - Well, at least I tried...-
  28. - To socialize with some other students (and to get the Big Sim on Campus memory), Anais travelled to the Campus Café this time - carrying her precious guidebook with her... - "Anais, I can't believe that even the 'normal' version of this guidebook exists." "Jasmine, I couldn't believe it myself, but the proof is right here in my hands!" "Well, then... didn't you want to be out of this Challenge? Perhaps this books knows how to do it." " Hey, that's a great Idea... Let's see... ways out of... page 873! Okay, so the best way to get out of a challenge like this is to... What the... someone ripped out the pages!" - You didn't really think, I would give you the book without acknowledging some of the safety arrangements for Simplayers (Page 875)? -
  29. - Downtown again. Anais made her first tenthousand, by just bartending forever - "Man, am I tired. Not even the occasional coffee fight exites me anymore... Can I have least a coffee for myself this time?" - Nope, Outings are cheaper. Why don't you try your Luck with bathing suit guy over there? - " Oh why not... hmm, you know, he actually looks cute..."
  30. - And he's a Restauranteur, Level 9 of the Culinary Career! Goodlooking, high Skills and appropiate career path - Jackpot! - "Thank heaven! Can we stop with this mate hunting now, please?" - Stop? We haven't even started yet! - "Oh no..."
  31. - But I allow you to fall in love with him! - "You... allow me???!" - Well, remember Hoagie? Anna and the Prof only appear at Uni, so no danger there, but Jeromé here - I'll call him Jerry - can be a bit more complicated... - Edit: In fact, Hoagie found her 4 times cheating, but thankfully, he always fall again for Anais Seduction...
  32. - And now it's about time for some Presidential Physical Fitness... - "Wow, look at my muscles! I'm the strongest girl on earth!" - Do you realize your left arm would've been stuck in the wall, If I didn't scroll them down? - "Well, now it's stuck in the balustrade. Seems like I have to use my superhuman strength to free myself from this... Ah, just like in old times, when I..." - I think, we can skip this and move on to new things like... -
  33. -...pool billard! It took some time, but Anais was born for this. In no time she became a famous billard player... -
  34. - taking the money of all the losers, that were dumb enough to mess with her- like Kennedy Cox here... - " *Sob*, there goes the last money of my recruit job for the next 10 Years..."
  35. - And then, Anais also got her bust-a- move for persistent dancing... and suddenly, it began to rain friends... How much best friends do you have now, Anais? - " oh about 15 or so... Mr. DJ-guy here is possibly Nr. 16..." - Anyway, at the end of this semester, she had almost twenty... and she didn't stop there... - "I didn't stop? You didn't stop!" - You rolled the wants *cough*closetpopularitysim*cough*. -
  36. - She also tried her luck with poker - and i realized, that this game has no hidden skill at all...- " It was just a bad card last time. Just let try me again, okay?" - No! And you stop rolling this poker want! -
  37. - But at least the pokertable has some advantages... Ehrm, Miss Crumplebottom? There are two people k-i-s-s-i-n-g! Right in Front of you! - " Shut up, kid! I'm just about to kick this fat Toymakers butt! Now gimme your pants, you Loser!" - Golden Poker Rule: Never play against Mrs. Crumplebottom, she always wins. -
  38. - Meanwhile, with 3 Logic points gathered by Outings, I let Anais take some time to improve her meditation skill - "Oooooooooooom.... concentrate...... breathe.... forgetthatyourcreatorisashamelessself promoter.... Ooooooooooom...."
  39. - Back for the Hunt - I forgot his Name, but it's a Celebrity Chief! - "We have negative Chemistry." - Who cares, we can... - "Listen! I'm sick of this game. I'm willing to continue this stupid job interviews, if you stop your constant 'oh, take him, no take him, no take that' and so forth, okay?" - mmm... agreed. Oh, we haven't asked this guy over there yet! - " *Sigh* "
  40. Job Interview Nicolai Wood: "I'm a Mad Scientist." " You don't look so... well..." "It's just the job title. But my Idol is Loki Beaker! He's my Hero!" "Loki... your... okay, this 'is' mad!"
  41. Job Interview Goopy Gilscarbo: "I'm the maior of SimCity!" " You're the... Who in the world would be stupid enough to vote for...?" - Considering Goopy's Popularity within the Community, it's not that surprising, don't you think so? -
  42. Job Interview: Benjamin Long " I'm a General." - Oh, hothothot...- " Hey, can I please take a break now?" - A break? this were only three persons... - "... Out of nearly the entire male population downtown! I've asked everyone of them, and got everything: unemployed, Level 3, 4 or 5 of every career path, even elders! I want a break!!" - mmmh... okay, how about a visit to Bluewater Village, perhaps the Beautysalon? -
  43. "This is absolutely not, what I had in mind with a break..." - Hey, you're doing great, this is your first makeover and you didn't even ruin his hair in the process - though I had hoped for some funny pictures... And switching him to Custom hair raises your relationship with Jerry to a triple-bolt-combination... - " Which means..." - Remember true love Handicap? I think, we have a winner... -
  44. - Some Dream Dates later, switch of partners... remember Hoagie? - "Oh my... What did you do to me?" "Uhm, sorry Hoagie, but I realized you're very shortsighted when you kissed the Pool balustrade instead of... and I kinda hoped the beard would hide your... um..." "My hair! I meant my hair!" "Oh that... ehrm, so how about another try?"
  45. "See, with the Cap nobody will see, and you look like a Sportscoach or something now." - He actually liked it... and I realized, that unlike other badges Styling can be earned even on community lots, as the sign shows... Anais, I think you might enjoy your stay here a bit longer... - "Don't tell me you want..." - Preparation for this Challenge is everything...- "Oh no...."
  46. - Originally I wanted to add now dozens of pictures showing victims of Anais Styling, but in fact, she nearly never failed, and by constantly making over the same guy again and again, she earned her Gold badge in no time... with short breaks doing dates at the whirl pools...-
  47. - Back Downtown: Meet Count... ehrm... what was his name... oh never mind... - " Somehow he doesn't look like a 'Normal Vampire'... and he resembles General 'Pinocchio'... But strangely he's still hot... (considering me being turned on by vampires)" - Oh that... In fact it's Enaylas Vampire Skin from MTS2, made default... and the other Sims have default Skin from Simscribbling... All Credit to them! - "So, um, Count... ready for a night full of... fun?"
  48. - In fact, he was... - "Rrrgh... Thisisn'texactlywhatImeantwithfun..." - Trapped between two Vampires (the Countess right behind her...), it was impossible to escape... - *At this point I wasn't sure, If the Do- it-yourself -handicap allows to buy Vamp-D from the gypsy, since you actually can't do it yourself, and thankfully it was answered with yes... "EXCUSE ME, but during your stupid rule-bubbling, daylight came out and I really don't want to sunburn!!!!!!"
  49. - Thankfully, Anais knows how to meditate, so I can wait till next night for the gypsy...- "Oooooom... forgetthatyou'reactuallysmokinglikeac igaretteofalungcancerpatient....Ooooo ooom...."
  50. - But after biting Anais, the Count somehow... became addicted to biting... "ARRG, I knew it was a bad idea to switch shifts with Sara at the Toystore...!" - Remember Nicole? See, now you don't have to work anymore 24/7, in fact your Life has become an endless night shift... -
  51. Also the Countess went wild... and she didn't even stop her behaviour in the daylight...
  52. - I spent searching the next night for the gypsy, but never found her, but thankfully she already was at the home lot, so... - "Finally, the nightmare is over..." - I thought, you 'like' vampires? - " But not being one of them...I'll better buy some more Vamp-D, just in case..." - Yes, just in case..., you know, this whole no-motives-decay at night...hmmmm.... - " I don't like, where this is going..."
  53. - Despite the whole biting thing, Anais was only more attracted to the Count. And so another Bullet (Dream) Dating followed. - "Anais... In the countless - not COUNTless - years of my undead existence, I've never met such... such... do you want to be my eternal bride, raising fear and horror under the mortal scum, starting the reign of the V-Empire(s)?" "Oh Count, *giggle* what a generous offer... but I don't know... see, I have lots of human friends and... there aren't so many Vampires, I mean except you, the Countess, a former NPC-Shopgirl and a random townie whose Name I forgot..." "If that is your only concern, fear not, my love. Soon armies of Vampires will rise to power, following my commands, bringing chaos to rotten human society..." - And that's exactly what he did... -
  54. - ...because very time now, when the Count walked on a Lot, he generally bit a least one Sim, if it were townies... - "Rrrrgh, we'renotevenfriends,why'dyoustillbit me?" " For the power of my love, I'll do everything!"
  55. - or NPC's.. - "Damn, I knew It was a bad idea to switch shifts with Nicole at the Gym Club..."
  56. - ...or even other playable Sims. - " Great, how should I explain this to my husband now?" - Wendy, at this, rate, Stephen will follow you soon to 'the dark side'. And your daughter'll love your new look... -
  57. - And what about Anais? Well, while the Count was busy with this entire army thing, She just managed to fulfill her lifetime want - Fifty Dream Dates - and we're still in the first semester!!! - "Finally... I didn't think I would survive the last ones..." - There'll be some more later. - "WHAT?" I think, I'll go for the Impossible Want Point of 100 Dreamdates - so you're already halfway through... "..." - ...Hate you? - "I give up..."
  58. - We still had some time till the exam, so Anais spent her last hours in the library, maxing her first Skill, Mechanic...with her precious guidebook, of course. " Chapter 11... How to get control over 'the Sims 2' freeing yourself from creators slavery..." - You can stop reading, I ripped out these pages too. - "Damn."
  59. - And with that, Anais finally finished her first Semester. Just for the Scorecard: Perfect grades, Permaplat, Maximized Mechanics, 28 other random skill points from Outings and Dates, Big Sim on Campus, five lovers, three Secret Society friends (not abducted yet, it never became night at the home lot) and around 30 other friends, most of them best friends, a Gold stylist badge, Pool billard master, great dancer, and around 17.000 Bucks by bartending etc... and everything without cheating (!!!) - - ... Oh Anais, what would you've done without me? - "Certainly living a life in sheer happiness instead of sheer exhaustion from all this stuff..." - But... but you've reached so much... - " And now most of my daydreams circle around sleeping in a bed at least one time, or eating a third hot dog..."
  60. - And so, to raise her mood a bit, I invited over Chris and Anna - Maja left the lot right after entering it, so she was spared from the following... I think everyone knows the termpaper trick: If you influence more than one Sim to write your term paper at the same time, not only your grade will be raised...
  61. - ... one time... -
  62. - ...but two times... -
  63. - ...even three times, which is almost the full grade bar... you know Anais, this is somehow cheating... "Do you'd prefer if I invite Professor *teehee* Sunday over and be *really* nice to him?" - Good point... I really wish real world would be that easy... - "EASY?! I'm being commandered around here by a guy, who only sees me as a Sum of stats *he* achieves!" - Let's stop fighting, okay? I promise, I'll change... - "Good!" -...someday... - "ARGH!"
  64. - And so, the first night at home arises... and the power of the Mighty Chicken dance... - "Anais Eden, you've been arrested for..." " Finally! What took you so long? You should arrive at 11, not at midnight!" " uh... we had a little Glitch on the way..." " Whatever, now do your perverted handcuff game and get over with it! At least it's not a stinking taxi this time, I never want to see a taxi again for the rest of my life!"
  65. - Awww, the secret society... I have to confess, I've never visited 'this' secret society before... what wonderful things will we find here? -
  66. "...And that's all? A jacket, a pooltable and a glasshouse? I've somehow expected more..." - hmm... you're right, it's not that impressive... and Outings aren't possible here either... - "Is that everything you can think of?" - Now, now, no more fighting, at least you're in, so you won't have to worry over a house anymore, once the apocalypse strikes... -
  67. - So we returned home, with some of the Society career rewards. - "And I still think, the hydroponic garden is some sort of..." - Yes, I know... -
  68. - Speaking about plants... Anais, you should take care of the roses...they're already crowding the street... - " I've never seen a car on this street before except for the taxi, so why should I even bother?" - Still, it would be nice, if... - "Fine, I'll place them in my Ã- nventory, okay?" - In fact, from now on, she placed everything there, entire wagons of roses vanished in her inventory... -
  69. - ...and other gifts, too... wow, Professor Sunday, that's really generous! - "For the lady, that can shake my b... uh... so well, nothing is too exclusive!" - And it went on: Statues, TVs of every size, Stereos, Fountains, more DJ Stands... aw, man, real world... - "Not this again!"
  70. - Okay, so now I have a 'real' present for you, too! - "Hey, cool! Thanks, it even matches my Hair and Skin color!" - I knew, you'd like it. - " Everything is better than a taxi... waitaminute, where did my money go?" - Uh... Oh look, your motives are down, better do some Outing with your new car... -
  71. - And some Outing later, we're at the beauty salon again. To memorize the high Level guys I've decided to give them a makeover... ignore the fight in the mirror, it means nothing... - "Wow, General Grunt will be green with envy if he sees me!" - I have to agree, except for the nose this is really an improvement... Now if we could change his dress, too...
  72. - Next one Nicolai, Mr. Loki Beaker Fan... - "Oh my gosh, I look like Loki's lost Twin Brother... Perhaps I actually AM Loki's lost Twin brother..."
  73. - And all the while the Outings continue... in this pic, Anais maximized her Cooking Skill... -
  74. - ...And here her Logic Skill... but I still can't figure out the logic behind the random Outing/Date Skill raise... neither quality nor number of persons seem to have any influence... -
  75. - More predictable are of course the Career rewards. Here Anais raises - with the help of this Celebrity Chief whose Name I still don't remember - to maximize her Creativity by growing Mar... Plants, just ordinary, harmless Plants... -
  76. - For his help, a free makeover waits for him... and I think, I'll let Jeromé just choose another career path, I have something in mind... - "Ouu... Ca c'est magnifique! Tres bien... but why am I talking french now?"
  77. - And another makeover... this guy is a maior like Goopy... Why do they need two Maiors? Well, I was out of ideas, so I chose beard and zylinder like... like... some victorian maior... kinda...-
  78. - And here we have the superheroine of Simcity! Too bad, she's female, so no chance in a matriarchy... - "At least I can sleep safe now - if I'm ever going to sleep - that someone protects the City like me before..."
  79. - After that, we continued with the dates... this time, it weren't always Dreamdates... Here the Prof had a bladder failure and just finished the date seconds before the final... -
  80. - ...And here, Jeromé had left due to an illness... I tried to teach him Logic with the Biotech station... and he produced a virus! Strangely, next time on a community lot, he was totally okay again... - "Mmmh... how nice! I've never got a love letter before. And these roses start to annoy me..." - These few roses... what did we have? Around 70 dates only... -
  81. - And the third semester starts. For the Scorecard: Perfect Grades, 4 Skills Maximized, only 13 Skill points left, still five lovers (caught two times cheating, sorry, forgot pics...), over fourty friends, nearly 30 of them best friends (she rolls the wants, not me), 21837 Simoleons, *without* Date/Outing rewards...perhaps I've really overdone it, this should be a challenge after all... "So you'll end this obscenity? Pretty Please?" - Mmmh, no... I think, I'll try some of the impossible wants first... - "drat."
  82. - To save some time, I'll keep this semester a bit shorter - there didn't happen so much, anyway... After rasing her Grade bar, Anais maxed Cleaning... - "I found a thumbnail of you on the ReNuYu-Sensor... Please don't tell me, you've used it..." "I just wanted to figure out, what it is..." "...Do you like *Cheese*? "Cheese? I'm allergic to Cheese!" "Than you *really* don't want to know..."
  83. - After that, for Body and Charisma left, we drove to the Swimbath... - " *Teehee*, but Prof..." " Mmmh, Hoagie..." " Oh Count, *giggle*..." " Oh my...Anna..." " Jerry, guess what I have in this small box..." - Know their weaknesses...At least she isn't a romance Sim, so I can keep record... -
  84. - And after that, I decided, instead of the home trainer I'll invest in a bowling alley. The rumors were right: It's faster than a home trainer, but doesn't drain energy and and hygiene so fast. So the Scorecard for this semester: Maximized All Skills - without any aspiration rewards, I've never done that before -, Got the thirty best friends want - also normally impossible for me - 36543 Simoleons in Cash, and lots of flower bouquets from 87 Dream Dates... - " Don't forget to mention how much I've suffered for that..." - I'm suffering too. After all, I'm not so sure anymore, if I should post this Story, too little Misery and suffering at all...- "TOO LITTLE?!"
  85. - Fourth Semester arose...instead of the library, this time I bought some Computers for the Home lot. This Time all three of Anais Secret Society Friends showed up... - "You know... I somehow feel like I'm commiting slave labour..." - They agreed to it and weren't forced to do it, I don't see any problem with that... - " I don't know what bothers me more: the situation, or the fact, that I could almost agree with you..."
  86. - With all Skills maximized, it's now time for some Business Talents... - " Will you never get enough? And where is my Car?!" - In your inventory, so it's worth won't decrease so much... - " In my...? And there I've found it funny, when they told these stories about Adventure Gaming Characters..."
  87. - Two days later - in Home Lot Time, we always took breaks downtown to regain motives- , Anais achieved her gold flower badge... the same day the playtesting rules for pets came out... I decided to try these new rules... after all, pets aren't allowed in Uni, so no great loss, that I don't have the Exp now... "Hello? I'm now done with the snapdragons, may I take a rest now?" - Could you take a quick look first at what I've bought you? - "Oooh no..."
  88. - And surrounded by snapdragons, only with breaks for Outings/Dates/Friends/Money, two hours before the next semester, Anais got her Gold Robot badge... - "At least I can have a Servo now..." - Sorry, Do-it-yourself Handicap, no servos allowed. - "YOU'VE GOT TO BE %§&/§ KIDDING ME!" -... You should go now, your Exam has started... -
  89. 5th Semester Sorecard: Nearly 50(!) best friends, earned 36783 Simoleons *without* selling Anais Workbench creations, still perfect grades, and 100 Dreamdates... with only five different people. And since I wanted to try this, too, I invited all of Anais friends over - male and female - for first Dates, so she had 50 first Dates as well... too bad, that only one impossible want counts... "..." - Do you want to say something? - "You've forced me to do all kinds of things I'm not proud of, so I've decided to stop complaining. Do, what you want, I couldn't care less..."
  90. -And with that comment, Anais achieved her last working bench gold badge... in five semesters only... - " Finally... Oh, you're still there?" "Anais, we need to talk." "If it's about the term papers..." "No , it's not that... not totally at least. See, we're concerned about you. This whole Outing and Working stuff and your constant talk with this 'creator' you mentioned isn't normal anymore. Please, Anais, tell us what's wrong, we're your friends after all..." "FrIiIiIeEeEeeEnNNDsSssS..." - Uh, oh... - (Imagine the sound of a dice rolling...)
  91. Later: "Hey Miss, I'm Marsha! Nice to meet you! Do you want to be best friends with me? I'm a great best friend and I promise, I'll phone you every day just to keep up our precious friendship and..." "I know, who you are, Marsha." "uh... really?.." "AND GUESS WHAT? I WANT TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH YOU! HECK, I WANT TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE I MEET ON THE STREET, INCLUDING NPC'S, TEENAGERS AND CHILDREN! I WANT TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH THE WHOLE WORLD AND I WILL PHONE EVERY LIVING OR UNDEAD BEING DAY AND NIGHT TILL THEY ARE MY FRIENDS OR DEAD! PEACE SISTA, I WANT TONS OF FRIENDS!" " Uh.. I... gotta run... WAAAAAAAAH!" - At the fifth Semester, I rolled Dices for Anais... and she turned into a Popularity Sim! When she left College, every Sim she was friends with - and she had 130, yes 130 (!!!) friends - she also was BEST friends with (but still only five lovers)... Oh, and Marsha was the only exception, but they still became normal friends... She begins to scare me... what have I done? -
  92. - Here she shares a bath with some of her NPC Friends... guess who they are? These are the Llama Mascots from La Fiesta Tech - and she has negative chemistry with everyone of them...but a 100/100 Relationship with everyone of them, too! -
  93. - But not only the Mascots, also the Cheerleaders fell for her, all three of them... - "Oh Cadence, promise me, you'll never agree to marry into an apocalegacy or stuff like that, you see, what has happened to me..." "Uhhmm... okay... so Anais, have you heard of my new boyfriend? He's so cool, I think he'll ask for my hand anytime soon..." *For more infos about Cadence, watch EphemeralToast's 'ApocaFUNlypse' at the exchange or at
  94. - And while Anais continued with her Best-Friend-with-everyone-mission, the Count continued his 'mission' of raising a vampire army as well... - "We'll need warlords for our army... Come over to the dark side, General Long!" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...."
  95. - But the Count knew no mercy. Not even the privacy of a stinking toilet room could stop him... -
  96. - ...neither did rudeness of Brandy LeTourneau... - "We need soldiers, who enjoy pranking and mocking other people, bringing chaos to this world..." "Can't...resist...this...offer..."
  97. ... the Count was unsatiable... Hey Count, isn't this already enough? You've already vamped 6 persons autonomously this night... and at least just *bite* them, not *eat* them and bash their head in the cash register in the process, you're not a zombie after all... -
  98. - But he wouldn't listen to anyone... and soon, humans became a minority at community lots... at least at night... -
  99. - Anais didn't bother with that at all... she became best friends with Humans as well as Vampires, still doing Outings and Dates for the purpose of getting friends, friends and even more friends... And made a lot of Cash, too. What you see here, is the "Earned 100.000"-Symbol... in College! I had Fortune Sims, that never earned this much in her whole lifetime... -
  100. - Finally, she even started to sell books like: 'Outings, Dates and Bests Friends 101', 'Advanced Styling - mark your victims', 'Inventory for Dummies - Be your own Adventure Gaming Character' and 'The Woodchuck Guidebook - Was Barks right?'...-
  101. - And even began to sell paintings... Anais, what are you painting there, may I take a look? - " Wait till I'm finished... actually, it's a portrait of the person I have to thank everything..." - Oh, I'm flattered... -
  102. " It's a portrait of myself! " - Oh... ehrr... - " Who else did you expect? " - Ehrm... nobody else, it was obvious... but you should start taking the career rewards back to the secret society now... -
  103. " This Portrait will hopefully remind everyone forever, who their best friend is..." - Brrr... Hanging it over the resurrect- o-nomitron somehow makes sense... like an Altar for a dark deity that phones you when you're asleep... -
  104. - By the way: Did you see the elixier of life bottles two pics before? Well, I went for Legacy Collection points and this is the result: 125 Bottles = 5 Collection Points... - "You're doing your usual: 'see what I've got , I'm so..." - Nope, just picture proof... now wait, I've got to do some calculation... 125... 15 Days for permaplat... An heir needs usually 60 days to produce the next heir... mrhmnbl... - "What're you mumbling about?" - You know, I just thought... well, if this would be an Alphabet Legacy, with Children named from A till Z, 27 Generations, and if you could use all these bottles, I think, you'd still be alive when the Z-Generation is born! - "Don't. start. with. that. I'd. rather. die." - ... Hmm- I'll still make a backup file for later times... - * For further infos about the Alphabet Legacy... well, of course.
  105. - And here I'll end this Chapter for now... Anyone still awake or even there? Sorry about all this, I just wanted to go for Legacy Points - and Anais has crushed every expectation I ever had with ease... oh, the hell, a toast for Anais and all her friends... ehrm, Miss Crumplebottom, why are you sitting there? - "I'm always in for a little booze...besides, Red (despite she's green) and I are best friends." - You... and Anais are... OoOoh! *Headdesk* -
  106. Epilogue: "Oh Professor Wilson, *TeeHee*, you're so smart... and you actually care about me unlike this stupid creator, who only has eyes for this greenskinned, robo-eyed Freak I'm best friends with..." - Perhaps I should really pay more attention to the other Sims at least sometimes... -