2013 Toyota Tacoma is in North Charlotte

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The brand new 2013 Toyota Tacoma is at Toyota of N Charlotte! These great Toyota Truck comes in four different models to choose from. We want to help you get into the brand new Toyota of your dreams!

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2013 Toyota Tacoma is in North Charlotte

  1. 1. 2013 Toyota Tacoma is in North Charlotte! One of America’s most popular trucks is out with a new model. The 2013 Toyota Tacoma in is N Charlotte! There are some great new features added to this truck for the new year. While the 2012 is always a great option, we are excited for 2013 models to be at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership. There are four different trucks to choose from in the Toyota Tacoma family. Whether you need to movecargo or people, we are sure there is a model that’s right for you and your family.Let’s start with the 2013 Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab. This truck is the most basic of the four, but stillcomes packed with amazing standard features. While it is only a two-door cab, it will still get you whereyou need to be –and safely. All new trucks come with the Star Safety System to keep you and yourpassengers safe. There is even a Tire Pressure Monitor System to let you know when your tires need air,decreasing the chance of a blow out on the road. If there is one word to describe this truck, it’s reliable.All of the safety features and the guarantee of Toyota Care make this truck a standout from the rest. Youcan also choose your transmission –automatic or manual.If you’re looking for something a little bigger, there is the 2013 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab. This Toyotatruck near charlotte has a backseat. The rear seat has a bench seat to seat a total of four passengers –two in the front and two in the back. It also folds up when you aren’t using it, and would rather utilize thespace for cargo.Toyota Tacoma near Charlotte has different cargo options!For even more room for passengers, check out the 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab. This Toyota trucknear Charlotte has it all. It is a four-door cab so you can get the family in and out more easily. In this truckyou can easily seat five people with plenty of room. It has Daytime Running Lights for safety and a niceblack front grille for added style. Fixed cargo bed tie-down points make it easy to move things from place
  2. 2. to place-- whether it’s furniture or new appliances. But let’s say you need an extra-long bed; maybe youenjoy moving lumber every Saturday. Then Toyota of N Charlotte has a truck for you.The 2013 Toyota Tacoma x-Runner is the best of the best. It has a sporty design that is achieved with thecolor-keyed body kit and hood scoop. Not only does this Toyota truck look great, it performs. The bedlength is 73.5 feet – a whopping 13 feet longer than the Double Cab. You can move some serious cargoin this truck but still have added sport factor.What’s new for 2013 is a standard display audio –display is only part of it. Every single Toyota Tacomanear Charlotte comes with Bluetooth technology, USB port with iPod connectivity and hands-free phonecapability. That’s right –standard. This is an amazing standard feature brought to you by Toyota of NCharlotte!Come visit us at Toyota of N Charlotte! We have a great selection of used cars in Charlotte, as well asbrand new Toyota cars and trucks. The 2013 Toyota Tacoma is just one of the great models on our lot.We are conveniently located in Huntersville off I-77—we can’t wait to see you!