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Tenco proto general presentation

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This is a general presentation of Tenco Proto and its capabilities, vision on the market and future production and business models.

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Tenco proto general presentation

  1. 1. Tenco Direct Digital Manufacturing
  2. 2. Timeline  2008: Establishment of Tenco Proto bvba Technical ENgineering, COnsulting & PROTOtyping  2009: Official supplier of Sherline for BeNeLux + Germany + France  2012: Tenco Protohas 2 divisions Tenco Products Tenco DDM
  3. 3. What is DDM / AM? - Direct Digital Manufacturing is the process where a part is directly produced out of a digital file (no tools, … are created) Additive Manufacturing is the process where an object is created by adding material in stead of removing material. The technique of AM makes it possible to produce very complex structures and parts in one production process.
  4. 4. DDM vs. Conventional production techniques. Conventional production techniques : Design Tooling Positive:: - Know techniques - Industry is familiar with this concept and product design is based upon this technical model. - Interesting for high volumes - Fast production technique - Technology and knowledge easy to transfer. Nagative: - O,ly interesting for larger series - Long time to market - Heavy ecological footprint (energy, waste, …) - Expensive machinery and tooling Injection moulding
  5. 5. DDM vs. Conventional production techniques. Direct Digital Manufacturing / Additive Manufacturing: Design Positive: - Short time to market’ - Producing complex structures in a simple way (reducing material, save weight, …) - Interesting for low and medium volumes - Short design fase - Low production cost through ease of design - Green technology (low energy cost, no waste, …) Negative: - Not (yet) interesting for large series - Long production time per part compared with injection moulding - Available material database is limited. Production
  6. 6. Tenco DDM : Future vision Conventional production Production in the future Production model will shift towards customised products and micro technology.
  7. 7. Tenco DDM : Vision Bron: Engineeringnet.be
  8. 8. Tenco DDM : Visie With the support of the Flemish governement, iMade is lounched. “iMade is een project dat als doelstelling heeft het vormen van een regionaal netwerk waarbij cutting edge technologie en gedeelde infrastructuur flexibel worden ingezet om lokale productie-op-maat en snelle, veelvuldige productie van kleine volumes mogelijk te maken.”
  9. 9. Tenco DDM : the professional approach Home & private use Industrial use
  10. 10. Tenco DDM : Applications
  11. 11. Tenco DDM : Applications
  12. 12. Tenco DDM : Applications
  13. 13. Tenco DDM : Applications
  14. 14. Tenco DDM : Applications
  15. 15. Tenco DDM : Applications
  16. 16. Tenco DDM : Applications
  17. 17. Tenco DDM : Applications
  18. 18. Tenco DDM : Competence - More than 15 years of experience in plasti industry More then 10 years experience in technical coatings, a unique combination with prototyping. Not only AM techniques but also CNC turning, milling are used inhouse High end finishing techniques (decal printing, photo etching, … These key competences give Tenco Proto the possibility to offer customers a total concept and to support the customer from the design fase upto the production fase.
  19. 19. Thanks for your attention.