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The “E” in STEM – spotlight on the engineering employment market

A new info graphic on the top growing engineering specialties and geographic markets in the U.S. is showing a clear picture: Demand is growing and impending retirement of many of the profession's most experienced workers looks set to put further pressure on organizations seeking top engineering talent.

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The “E” in STEM – spotlight on the engineering employment market

  1. spotlight on engineeringThe ‘E’ in STEMExperts agree that STEM jobs are essential to a growing Opportunity Markets expected job 86% of theeconomy and vital to our nation’s competitiveness. The top eight metropolitan areas that have a strong concentration growth to 2020 engineering and a sizeable volume of engineering jobs (compared to total workforceSTEM jobs are in demand and an engine for job growth, Demand for architecture and is malecreating more downstream jobs which fuel the economy. employment) and are predicted to grow their engineering engineering workers is expected employment by more than 6% in the next five years. to add more than 268,000 newArchitectural and Engineering occupations account for jobs to the U.S. workforce.34% of overall STEM employment. Engineers use creativitycombined with science and math to design and buildthings like bridges, iPods, buildings, and water filtrationsystems to improve the way we communicate, work, live, baltimoretravel, maintain our health and enjoy our free time. Kansas City washington sacramento dallas virginia beach huntsville 10.3%what education/skills do you need for engineering jobs? houston architecture engineeringA bachelor’s degree in engineering is leadership, interpersonal skills, etc.) occupationsrequired for most entry-level jobs, but are increasingly becoming a keysome research positions may require requirement for engineers. Oncea graduate degree. Continuing trained, it is possible for engineerseducation is vital for engineers to transfer their knowledge from one Top 10 jobs by employment average wages (2011) The top 3 specialty The aging workforceto keep up with advancements in branch of engineering into another. engineering jobs by 1 Civil Engineers Average salary (2011): Impending retirement willtechnologies that support their ability This flexibility allows engineers architecture and engineering growth % (through 2020) create near-term talent 77,120to design and build new products. to move into specialties as their 2 Mechanical EngineersIn addition to the proper education,soft skills (e.g., communication, interests change or to those with better employment prospects. 3 Industrial Engineers $ Biomedical Engineers 62% gaps for Civil, Mechanical and Industrial Engineers. 4 Architectural and Average salary (2011): Engineering Managers $88,360 Younger than 45 years average starting salary (2011): 5 Electrical Engineers Petroleum engineers 6 7 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians Electronics Engineers, Except Computer $ 80,849 – the highest for any major Environmental Engineers Average salary (2011): $83,340 22% older than 45 years 8 Engineers, All Other 9 Architectural and Civil Drafters Civil Engineers 19% 10 Architects, Except Average salary (2011): Landscape and Naval $82,710 engineering bachelor degree demographics White asian/pacific islander hispanic black other