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1st PPP4Broadband newsletter

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1st Newsletter of PPP4Broadband project is out!

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1st PPP4Broadband newsletter

  1. 1. Dear Reader, Welcome to the 1st issue of the PPP4Broadband project newsletter. In this issue you will read about the: • project idea • lead Partner: AIEC • project partner: Technical University of Gabrovo • project partner: ADEP S.A. • events related to project progress and • news about broadband development • webpage, dissemination pack Quality infrastructure is the key element for development of the regions in order to attract investors, entrepreneurs and also to improve the qual- ity of life of citizens. Broadband is such kind of the infrastructure which has, especially in the South East European rural areas, significant gaps in the coverage, capacity and quality. As private as well as public sector alone cannot solve the Broadband gap in South East European rural areas, there is the opportunity to establish successful cooperation between Public and Private Partners. PPP4Broadband project aims to improve Broadband coverage in South East European rural areas by Public-Private Partnership. Content Page 1-2: The project idea Lead Partner : Agency for Innovation and Eu- ropean Cooperation Page 3-4: Project partner : Tech- nical University of Gabrovo Page 4-5: Project Partner : Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning & Devel- opment - ADEP S.A. Page 6: Project progress
  2. 2. 2 What is PPP4Broadband project? Project will research 9 PPP models tackling Basic, NGA and Ultra-fast broadband. In each participating country there will be established PPP4Broadband National Centre of Excellence with role to provide knowledge experience, guidance (using developed PPP Models) and standardization. Network of PP- P4Broadband Centres of Excellence will be established in or- der to assure the quality and availability of services also after project closure. Proof of concept To prove and to demonstrate the project concept, PPP4Broad- band methodology will be demonstrated in three pilot areas (Greece, Macedonia and Romania) where investments based on three selected PPP4Broadband models will be elaborated. Lead Partner : Agency for Innovation and Eu- ropean Cooperation AIEC is an NGO focusing on innovation and research on the national as well as on the international level. AIEC is de- veloping and maintaining innovation activities, technology transfer and promotion of European projects. AIEC’s objec- tive is to strengthen the collaboration between its partner institutions and develop the innovation activities at national level. AIEC would like to become one of the top Innovation agencies connecting basic research with practical application. Through national activities, it aims to act as important subject that spreads innovation technologies across the regions where it operates. AIEC is providing the supporting activities which are strengthening the competitiveness and innovation capac- ities within region. AIEC is non-governmental non-profit organisation with strategic focus to support the development of transregional cooperation in the areas of Innovation Services, Environ- ment and ICT with strong focus on two thematic areas: 1. The development of the transregional tools, standards and methodologies improv- ing the national/regional frameworks or gov- ernance and generating, capitalisation and 2. financing of Innovation through tran- sregional cooperation of private/RTD and public actors. AIEC establishment members are bringing to NGO expertise from all these priority areas. AIEC as a Lead Partner of PPP4Broadband project brings important expertise to PPP4Broadband project as it has experience in ICT development, Broadband development, e-government strategies and frameworks elaboration and from implementation of PPP models, especially in services and also experience in support of RTD cooperation between businesses, universities and public actors. Project rollup
  3. 3. 3 AIEC has experience from 2003 in ICT development in Brati- slava region and throughout the whole Slovakia and was sup- porting many activities oriented in the same line as the pro- ject content (especially in telecommunication field). These experiences, experience with DLA methodology (through participation in DLA Interreg IVC as external ex- perts), with Broadband and e-government development will be used during WP4 leadership. AIEC will focus on develop- ment of PPP4Broadband Centres of Excellence SEE Network. AIEC’s associated strategic partner within PPP4Broad- band project is the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic Ministry of Economy is responsible for preparation and im- plementation of various national policies, strategies and pol- icy instruments at national level. As the most important are the following: • It’s expected that the ministry will be the responsible managing authority for implementation of some structural funds in the programming period 2014-2020. Some of them will be used as supportive policy tool for broadband develop- ment. • It is co-responsible for policies, tools and frameworks for ICT industry in Slovakia, where ICT industry is key stake- holder in PPP4Broadband model • It is responsible for support of entrepreneurship, in- dustrial development, investment support (through agency SARIO) where the development of infrastructure (including Broadband) is quite important success factor Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic is supporting the project at national as well as regional level: • Project is being implemented in Slovakia through strong cooperation with relevant national policy stakehold- ers, thus is secured that implementation will be fully in line with Slovakian development strategies • Ministry will secure political sustainability of project for post project phase • Ministry will be partner of National Centre of Excel- lence of PPP4Broadband • Ministry will bring to the project implementation unique knowledge and expertise from the ICT industry, PPP model implementation in Slovakia and infrastructure devel- opment. Project partner : Technical University of Ga- brovo Established in 1964 as an institution of higher education training specialists for the industry in Central Bulgaria, to- day TU-Gabrovo seeks recognition as a modern European university. Its curricula are consistent with the current mar- ket conditions and business requirements for preparation of highly qualified specialists. The Technical University of Gabrovo strives to be one step ahead of other universities. Grounds for this reputation are the established traditions in teaching advanced courses in engineering, technology, economics, social work and ad- ministration. The high scientific level, the collaboration with business and the highly qualified teaching staff make TU-Ga- brovo a preferred university. Today the Technical University of Gabrovo is a renowned educational and research centre. The University Campus in- cludes 6 spacious study buildings with well-equipped lecture halls and laboratories. A new University Library has been built, with modern infrastructure and technical equipment. More than 6,500 students pursue their studies at the Techni- cal University of Gabrovo – 3,500 full-time, 3,000 part-time and 75 are Ph.D. students. Some of them are foreign citizens from Algeria, Germany, Greece, Iran, Macedonia, Poland, Syria, Turkey, Latvia as well as regions inhabited by Bulgarian population in Ukraine, Moldova and Albania. The students following Bachelor degree courses are more than 4,300, while those studying for Master degrees are 900. The Technical University of Gabrovo is a lead- ing institution for training of qualified person- nel and conducting scientific research, meet- ing the European standards.
  4. 4. 4 The structure of the Technical University of Gabrovo includes three faculties: Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Me- chanical and Precision Engineering and Economics, as well as the Technical College of Lovech and the Department for Language and Specialized Training. The University employs a total of 359 people, 205 of which are academic staff. The Technical University of Gabrovo takes pride in its thou- sands of graduates, who pursue successful careers in this country and abroad and contribute to the development of modern society. Technical University of Gabrovo’s associated strategic partner within PPP4Broadband project is the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications in Bulgaria. Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Com- munications in Bulgaria is the ministry that determines gov- ernment policy in the field of transport and ICT. As part of the Department are “e-governance”, dealing with the issues of e-government and its imple- mentation, “Information Tech- nologies”, which works on poli- cies related to the development of information technology in Bulgaria, “EU Coordination and International Cooperation” which works on policies relat- ing to the EU and international cooperation and the “National Transport policy”, dealing with transport issues. Project Partner : Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning & Development - ADEP S.A “Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning & Development - ADEP S.A.” is the main development company of the Mu- nicipality of Patras and is located in the city of Patras, capital of Region of Western Greece. The company employees highly qualified personnel with various skills who deal with a wide range of activities and also it cooperates with external experts on a stable as well as ad hoc basis. ADEP S.A. has been the main consulting mechanism for most of the city large scale development projects for years (e.x. foundation and opera- tion of the Recycling Centre of Western Greece, elaboration of the study on Patras Craft Park, upgrading the quality of life of the old part of the city Patras, implementation of Patras URBAN initiative, environmental training programs for pu- pils since 1994 etc.). During the current programming period (2007-2013) it is much more empowered through the development of Nation- al projects but also EU funded projects. ADEP S.A is highly committed to quality services and procedures and several ini- tiatives have been undertaken to safeguard this priority (e.x adjustment to ISO 9001 standards, compliance with new na- tional quality standards for companies dealing with National projects, regular training courses etc.). City of Patras – Broadband development Since 2008, several broadband infrastructures are developed in the city of Patras, including 88 kms of the Municipal Fiber Optics Network, but also wireless connections in areas that covered today with wifi networks. The Municipality of Patras had also a regulatory role in private fiber optics infrastruc- tures that developed within last five years in the city of Patras from Telecom operators, in order to improve their own net- works or the quality/variety of their services.
  5. 5. 5 The exploitation of the existing broadband networks but also the provision of e-services in a unified and equal to all citi- zens’ approach is one of the main targets of the Broadband policy of the Municipality of Patras. Due to the fact that the city of Patras includes disadvantaged or isolated areas, the need for the development of an integrated Broadband strat- egy and the coverage of these Rural/Less populated areas is necessary. On the other hand the economic crisis and the current fiscal conditions of the public sector in Greece are more demanding than ever for the activation of the private sector and the attraction of investments in the field of Broad- band networks or services. The PPP4Broadband project is an excellent opportunity for the city of Patras to exchange knowledge or best practices in South East European space, to exploit the broadband net- works of the city of Patras in a more sophisticated or mod- ern way, to study new models of PPP cooperation with the interregional cooperation with other European partners and finally to test the results of these activities by developing pilot cases in selected rural or less populated areas. Broadband Internet in Schools for supporting e-Class Suite and Online Lessons in the city of Patras Municipal Building (9.5.2013) - Press confer- ence for the Connection of the 40 first school complexes to Patras Metropolitan Fiber Optics Network The Greek Municipalities during the last years developed and constructed broadband infrastructures, that can significantly contribute to the local economic growth but they can also make the Greek Municipalities more competitive, attracting investments in technology, knowledge and innovation. The Municipality of Patras, is one of the most active Greek Municipalities in the field of Broadband development, having constructed a Fiber Optics Network of 88 Km, exploiting the financing of the ERDF structural funds and the Operational Programme “Information Society”, with a total budget of 4.2 Million Euros. Municipality of Patras cooperated with the Computer Tech- nology Institute, which has the role of National coordinator of the Greek School Network, for the activation of the Met- ropolitan Fiber Optics Network of Patras in order to inter- connect all the School Units in the city of Patras, providing broadband Internet and Networked Services through the backbone infrastructures of the Greek Research & Technol- ogy Network. In May, 9th 2013 the Municipality of Patras along with the technical team of the CTI announced the interconnection of the first 40 School Complexes (almost 100 school Units), sup- porting the Teaching community with new Educational tools and giving the opportunity to serve the modern educational needs. The direct benefits from this initiative for the Teaching com- munity and the students are the access to Virtual Classes and Lessons (e-Class services), the access to advanced Video Ap- plications, the use of collaborative training environments, the better management of the existing Information systems and IT infrastructures of the school units etc. The Municipality of Patras will have the option to monitor the operational status of the Fiber Optics Network in real time, to further exploit the network to link other buildings of the Public or Private sector, to locate directly the damages correlated with public works or possible hardware failures.
  6. 6. 6 Project progress The kick-off meeting was held in Strbské Pleso, Slovakia, the 29th-30th January 2013 and the 1st project meeting was held in Novi Sad, Serbia, the 29th May 2013. Every day project and financial managing is assured by Lead Partner. In the first 6 months that is behind us communication plan of the project was realized, the web-site – www.ppp4broadband. eu – was launched and the tools of the project’s inner com- munication were determined and started to be used. Partners started the dissemination of knowledge concerning the project through the Initial Info Days where items of the 1st dissemination package – leaflet, folder, note-book and pencil - were started to be distributed. Also for the wider communication of the project idea and its actual results press releases were realised by all partners based on the media lists that they had made up on their media con- tacts. As for the professional work, all partners have been deeply involved in research activities which aims to develop mod- els and guidelines for using PPP models in practice. To be able to develop models for successful use in practice, project also need to take into account similarities and differences of Broadband development and PPP legislation frameworks in all participating countries. For this purpose, the leader of the tasks, ICT Technology Network Institute from Slovenia, prepared 2 questionnaires, Template for Broadband develop- ment and Template for PPP legislation and sent them to part- ners to fill in. All partners sent their feedback, which was then used as a basis for a Summary report. Summary report was presented to all partners during the 1st project meeting in Novi Sad. Now members work in work groups which are re- sponsible for research of different PPP models each based on different broadband technology – Basic, NGA and Ultrafast. Website of the project: www.ppp4broadband.eu Dissemination package: