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Selenium for everyone

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TAGS in short is a generic framework which has been specifically designed to cater to needs of any TFT client who seeks a low cost end-to-end automation solution using open source tools.

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Selenium for everyone

  1. 1. Selenium for Everyone www.seleniumhq.org Think Technology..Think Future
  2. 2. What is Selenium• Is a suite of tools to automate web browsers across many platforms• Can be used for – Automate web application for testing – Automate web administration tasks – Measure Performance – Test Security• Supports multiple browsers, platforms and Languages – Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, – HTML Unit, Android & iOS phones and tablets – Java, C#, Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, etc.• Deploys on – Windows, Mac, Linux• Variants – Selenium 2 (Webdriver) , Selenium 1 (Remote Control), Selenium IDE Think Technology..Think Future
  3. 3. Selenium - History• Started in 2004 in by Jason Huggins who worked in ThoughtWorks• Jason joins Google in 2007• Currently CTO of SauceLabs• Simon Stewart Started work on Webdriver in Google• http://google-opensource.blogspot.in/2009/05/ introducing-webdriver.html Think Technology..Think Future
  4. 4. Growing importance of Selenium Think Technology..Think Future
  5. 5. Need of Test Automation• Frequent regression testing• Rapid feedback to developers• Virtually unlimited iterations of test case execution• Support for Agile and extreme development methodologies• Disciplined documentation of test cases• Customized defect reporting• Finding defects missed by manual testing Think Technology..Think Future
  6. 6. Selenium IDEPros – Easy to install as a Firefox plugin – Record & Playback – Easy Execution – Export script – Suitable for creating simple scriptsCons – Sequential Execution – Not easy to data drive – No basic Programming Construct Think Technology..Think Future
  7. 7. Selenium IDEThink Technology..Think Future
  8. 8. Selenium RCThink Technology..Think Future
  9. 9. Selenium RC• Client-server architecture• It ‘injects’ javascript functions into the browser. Uses its javascript to drive the AUTProblems• browsers impose a pretty strict security model on any JavaScript to protect a user from malicious scripts.• Examples – trying to upload a file (IE prevents JavaScript from changing the value of an INPUT file element) – when trying to navigate between domains (because of the single host origin policy problem) Think Technology..Think Future
  10. 10. Selenium WebDriver• Makes direct calls to the browser using each browser’s native support for automation – For Firefox, implemented as an extension – For IE, makes use of IEs Automation controls• Circumvents JavaScript security restrictions• Can make use of facilities offered by the OS – More closely model how the user interacts with the browser, and that we can type into "file" input elements• Support by browser vendors - Opera, Mozilla and Google are all active participants Think Technology..Think Future
  11. 11. Selenium WebDriverFirefox Driver Architecture:IE Driver Architecture: Think Technology..Think Future
  12. 12. Sample Webdriver Test Think Technology..Think Future
  13. 13. Why choose Webdriver• Object Oriented, smaller, compact API - This can make it easier to work with compared to RC• Mimics the way that your users work with your site and apps• Offers advanced user interactions APIs – Drag and Drop – Clicking multiple elements with Control key• Support for WebDriver is baked into the browser itself: your tests run fast and are stable Think Technology..Think Future
  14. 14. Issues• Changing element locators• Changing data• Reusability• Maintainability• Readability• Reporting Think Technology..Think Future
  15. 15. Need framework to…• Allow organizing tests into different Pages• Abstract element locators• Abstract data• Allow verification points• Capability to deal with file systemdatabases windows dialogs, etc.• Be maintainable to keep pace with fast agile development Think Technology..Think Future
  16. 16. What is Think Future Automation For Generic System (TAGS)…• Built using selenium web-driver• Parallel test execution on multiple browsers• Uses spreadsheets to define test flows• Easiest maintenance of object definitions• Reporting in xml, html format• Performs Database Testing• Integrates with test management tools- Quality Center, VS Test Manager 2010, xStudio• Execution on Cloud like Saucelabs• High Degree of Reusability Think Technology..Think Future
  17. 17. About..• Think Future Technologies is a global software development, QA & Testing services firm. Incorporated in India in 2006 Commercial Support Provider Think Technology..Think Future
  18. 18. Important URLs• Meetup Group on Selenium in Delhi / NCR – http://www.meetup.com/seleners/• Selenium Conference Slides – http://www.seleniumconf.org/speakers/• Book on Selenium – http://www.aosabook.org/en/selenium.html• TAGS Framework – www.tftus.com/tags.html Think Technology..Think Future
  19. 19. Twitter: @SeleniumHQ@thinkfuturetech Think Technology..Think Future