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What happens in a classroomstays in ... cyberspace?A student takes a                  class as his Facebook status        ...
NEW: Lee attempts to reinvent news reporting by changing the traditional structure                                        ...
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Special edition for Spring into Bona's

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Special edition for Spring into Bona's

  1. 1. What happens in a classroomstays in ... cyberspace?A student takes a class as his Facebook status PROF’S LOL QUOTES ON WEB |P 4 .comical professor’s quotes during the 2010 fall semes-and shares it with the world ter. Once Mullin decided toon Tumblr.com take Hanchette for anotherBY MADDIE GIONET course, he created a Tumblr LEE AVINGSTAFF WRITER blog dedicated to Hanch- NOTHING ette’s quotes. ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. – “There are about 50 peo- BEHINDYou’re falling asleep in yet ple following the blog right Joey Mullin Competition spursanother boring class. As now,” Mullin said of http:// up progressyour eyes begin to close, thehanch.tumblr.com. “I lin thought Hanchette likedyou hear your professor say, was really surprised when the idea, he said Hanchette By Tony Lee“I don’t get my news from a I received an email from doesn’t seem upset. Editor in Chiefcell phone. In fact, I left mine Professor (Chris) Mackowski “I’m not sure how he Have you noticed theat home today and tried to saying that alums were also knows about the blog, but way The Bona Venturemake a call with my car keys.” following it.” if he says something funny has changed its social Screenshot of TheIntrepid.orgWhat would you do? Hanchette, a 1980 Pulitzer in class, he looks at me and New age, new model, media usage? Have you If you were Joey Mullin Prize winner, said has not set asks, ‘Does that make the noticed an exponential(pictured), you would post out to say funny quotes. blog?’” Mullin said. increase in its web ex- new journalismthis quote to your blog. It just happened that way. Hanchette said telling clusive frequency? In honor of John Hanch- “If it helps students re- colorful stories is his way It might be preten-ette, his Introduction to member something or of illustrating a point to tious to think The In-Mass Media professor, the gets them interested in his students. A student attempts to aware of the importance trepid alone sparkedfreshman journalism and learning more then that’s “PowerPoints are good for reinvent news reporting of social media in today’s The Bona Venture’smass communication major great,” he said. visual aid, but when you’re rapidly-changing world, increase in social me- BY SAMANTHA BERKHEADput together a blog dedicat- Mullin said he only pro- teaching an intro course, considers it essential that dia usage and updat- GUEST WRITERed to quotes that Hanchette moted the blog by posting you want it to be informal,” The Intrepid integrate as- ing frequency, but the Tony Lee is on a self-im-has said in class. links on his personal blog he said. “It’s the students’ pects of social media and timing of the change posed mission to change “He’s one of the funniest and Facebook page. Be- rst impression of college, hyper-interactivity. seems like it did. the eld of journalism.people on the planet,” Mul- yond that, he said word of of their major. If I can explain “This is not a second BV,” Regardless, as a His brainchild, the soon-lin said. mouth has increased the something in a humorous said Lee at a recent presen- student journalist all to-be-launched Intrep- Quotes like “Now I can blog’s audience. manner that gets the point tation given to journalism about progressive id, will be a student-runget sti at the bar and roll Although most of the across, they’ll stay interested and mass communications thinking and adapt- newspaper with a promi-downhill to my house.” quotes are posted by Mullin, and that’s very rewarding.” see LEE on p. 2 nent online presence. Lee, see NEW on p. 3and “Thats the bad news, he said other students have Whether Hanchette wantsthat there is a midterm. submitted their own Hanch- the recognition or not, heThe good news is … I stole ette quotes, too. said he applauds Mullin’s ef- ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY...candy!” don Mullin’s blog “Submissions are always fort to make a blog devoted ...in 1979, Columbia OV-­102 arrived at the Kennedy Space Station. Columbiathat has 55 laugh-out-loud welcome, and I give credit to what he says in class. OV-­102 flew 28 flights, spent 300.74 days in space, completed 4,808 orbitsquotes as of March 20. to the person who gives me “Joey has a good sense of and flew 125,204,911 miles in total. However, on Jan. 16, 2003, the shuttle He said he began post- the quote,” he said. humor,” Hanchette said. “It’sing Hanchette’s quotes from got destroyed during re-­entry, and all seven astronauts on board died. When asked whether Mul- a nice compliment.”
  2. 2. NEW: Lee attempts to reinvent news reporting by changing the traditional structure LEE: More organization, better SBU news coverageFROM Page 1 timate truth serum,” he said. “Journalists can’t get away with FROM Page 1 community has recently ex-students at St. Bonaventure Uni- making mistakes anymore.” perienced a richer, fresherversity. “The Intrepid is the news The Intrepid, in its earliest ing to the 21st century, content only spurred bythat Bona students have been stages, developed over the past watching fellow classmates competition between twowaiting for for a long time.” three years within Lee’s mind. It rise up to the competition student-run organizations. The importance of social net- all began when he, a California makes me smile. And now, I hope everyoneworking as an aspect of jour- native, discovered St. Bonaven- And I love it, and so should realizes The Intrepid’s visionnalism has been proved by ture through a Twitter search the St. Bonaventure Univer- since the beginning.statistics. According to Creati- for journalism schools. sity community. Both news organizationsveDepartment.com, approxi- He was also in uenced by the The Intrepid started be- not only can coexist but canmately 81 percent of 18-25 layout of the blogging site Tumblr. cause I strongly believed work synergetically to provideyear-olds use Facebook daily. “The reblogging feature of American newspapers can better coverage for the St. Bo-25 percent use YouTube, 20 per- Tumblr is going to change jour- still be a formidable commu- naventure community.cent use Twitter and 45 percent nalism,” he said. Tumblr also has of The Intrepid’s website. Lee nication medium. The Bona Venture currentlyuse some kind of blog daily. a mobile version which adapts plans to start out on a small Newspapers needed new has more sta , and because With individuals connect- to smart phones - a feature that scale, running it mostly by ideas, and journalists needed the organization did a greating at a rate never seen before Lee hopes to establish for read- himself. to be more creative to adapt job adjusting to the market,in history, Lee said he believes ers of The Intrepid and a feature By fall 2011 semester, Lee said to the 21st century. it’ll force The Intrepid to re-that journalists ought to pick up that The BV doesn’t have. he plans to hold a meeting for But The New York Times cruit better and nd di erenton the movement at hand. Lee was nally pushed to those interested in becoming a cannot risk experimentation. story angles. “Social media is a conversa- make his dream a reality at the part of it. Neither can most commu- The Intrepid praises the newtion in a way that hasn’t been end of the fall 2010 semester. Lee’s ambitions are high for nity newspapers. changes at The Bona Venture,done before,” he said. “It is about Disillusioned with the rigid, someone founding a paper that Student journalists can and and so should everyone else.making a conversation between “pyramid-style” structure of The has yet to be published. Along may be the only ones. Most As long as the re withinthe writer and the readers.” BV, he decided to move on. with a constantly updated web- St. Bonaventure journalism St. Bonaventure student jour- With The Intrepid, Lee said he “I couldn’t move up at The BV,” site and a daily newspaper, he professors believe the answer nalists keep getting stron-hopes to “develop a brand of he said. “When a door closed, I hopes that The Intrepid will put to “How can newspapers be ger, the future for journalismforward-thinking journalists.“ opened one myself.” out yearly documentaries and a pro table again?” lied within a looks bright.These journalists will have the His quali cations are legiti- bi-yearly, all-color magazine. student’s mind, too. But maybe none brighterskills to take their own pictures mate enough. He plans to work with indus- As a result, the Bona’s than St. Bonaventure’s.and record their own video as Lee has held a position as try-standard equipment and al-well as communicate‚ virtually The Bona Venture’s online edi- low The Intrepid’s writers to use All of it will be funded by him Whether or not the bold am-becoming walking newsrooms. tor, wrote for Sports Illustrated’s the same equipment. alone and donations without bition behind the Intrepid will The Intrepid’s embracing of golf.com and had a concert re- Writers and editors will have Student Government Associa- make the publication a successsocial media will, he said, ulti- view published on Fuse.TV, the access to Adobe Creative Suite tion ties. is still vague. Yet it’s Lee’s ambi-mately make its writers more website of music television sta- 5, MacBook Pros, Canon DSLR “It’s going to be a challenge, tion and the untarnished beliefprecise and less prone to errors. tion Fuse. cameras and high-de nition but it’s a challenge I’m willing to which make this story so note- “Social media will be the ul- This month marks the launch 1080p camcorders. take,” he said. worthy so early on. ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY... ...in 1965, civil rights activists led by Martin Luther King, Jr. successfully completed their 4-­day, 50-­mile march from Selma, Ala. to Montgomery, Ala.