dte karnataka c 20 syllabus dte karnataka c-20 syllabus 20me51i 20me44p 4th semester 20cs11t dte syllabus mechanical engineering automation and robotics diploma in mechanical c-20 syllabus dte karnataka computer science description elements of industrial automat c20 syllabus diploma portfolio record fundamentals of computer dte c 20 syllabus foc first semester notes solved question papers ladder diagram elements if industrial automat mechanical department 5 semester 5th semester mechanical engine dte karnataka c 20 plc ladder diagram specialization pathway dte 5th semester; c-20 syllabus lab manual 20ee43p technology fundamentals of automation product development and design dte bangalore c15 casa lab thanmay j s vidya vikas polytechnic mysore d. applications of fem-concept of discontinuity 1 limitations need-back ground b. methods employed in fem- step compression & shear test i. conduct bending test draw stress- strain diagram for the above paramete yield stress maximum stress - % reduction in lengt draw stress - strain diagram for the above paramet yield stress- maximum stress – breaking stress - % hooks law & young's modulus e. conduct tensile te stress and strain types impact shear compression parallelogram law and lami's theorem c. balancing section 01: strength of material a. force-types of x. pumps in series and parallel. problems. previou ix. need for priming viii. cavitation vii. net positive suction head vi. maximum suction lift v. minimum speed for starting the flow iv. theoretical head – capacity relationship ii. different heads of centrifugal pump iii. diffe modal 05: question number 9 a & 9 b centrifugal pu numerical problems. v. francis turbine – prin maximum efficiency design parameters velocity triangles modal 04: hydraulic turbines (question number 7 a unit 1: theory of metal removal types of cutting iv. reaction staging. v. numerical problems. pre modal 03: question number 5 a & 5 b i. reaction t demonstrate sheet metal operation and estimate the and casting of a given component drawing and estim molds mechanical engineering semester iii 20me33p man xi. numerical problems. previous year question pa x. expression for maximum blade efficiency ix. multi-stage impulse turbine viii. need and methods of compounding vii. stage efficiency vi. condition for maximum blade efficiency modal 02: question number 5 a & 5 b i. steam turb vii. expression for degree of reaction and utiliza vi. general analysis of axial flow pumps and compr v. effect of blade discharge angle on performance iv. effect of blade discharge angle on degree of r ii. effect of blade discharge angle on energy tran modal 02: question number 4 a & 4 b general analys 18me54 modal 02: question number 3 a & 3 b i. basic intro stage efficiency and polytropic efficiency for bot modal 01: question number 2 a & 2 b i. static and c) vapor absorption refrigeration system. previou b) reversed brayton cycle a) reversed carnot cycle (iii) deviation of the actual vapor compression r refrigerating effect. (ii) vapor compression refr analysis refrigeration cycles: (i) vapor compression refri (iii) types of refrigerants (iv) refrigerants and (ii) cop (i) capacity or units of refrigeration refrigeration and its terminologies superheated steam table interpolation interpolation method steam table interpolation method inter-cooling and reheating in gas turbine cycles. description and analysis. regenerative types and analysis. gas turbine (actual brayton) module 02: gas power cycles & jet propulsion conte mean effective pressures. 1.5 comparison of otto efficiencies p-v and t -s diagrams mean effective pressures. 1.4 dual and stirling mean effective pressures. 1.3 diesel mean effective pressures. 1.2 otto 1.0 air standard cycles: definitions 1.1 carnot initial position types of planes. projection of planes. parallel to one and inclined to another parallel to one and perpendicular to another parallel to both the planes projections of lines introduction to engineering drawing orthographic projection caed 20me12p advanced engineering materials composite materials ceramics materials polymeric materials non metallic and advanced materials non ferrous metals and alloys 20me11t materials for engineering c-20 20me12p mechanical polytechnic college 15 me47p dte board c programming lab manual
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