anesthesia obstructive pulmonary disease spinal anesthesia indications respiratory restrictive asthma copd broncholiatosrs dialysis ckd chronic kidney disease contraindication caudual anesthesia epidural anesthesia neuraxial anestehsia antithrombin warfarin vitamin k pt inr coagulation blocks epidural anestehsia regional anesthesia anticoagulant spine fluid management hydration hemodynamic acid base disorder electrolyte intestinal obstruction aki thyroid disoder hyperthyroidism hypothyroidsm men calcium channel blockers alpha blockers beta blockers endocrine disorder blood pressure pheochromocytoma blood sugar control systemic involvement preoperative assessment diabetic mellitus antibiotic prophylaxis rheumatic heart disease prolapse mitral valve pulmonary stenosis tricuspid stenosis tricuspid regurgitation aortic regurgitation aortic stenosis mitral stenosis mitral regugitation vavular heart disease history of ecmo circuit cannulation mcs első covid oxygen physiology vv value cpb ecmo controlled hypotension coronary blood flow oxygen demand and supply myocardial laplace law cardaic offpump on pump cabg craniotomy gcs-p gcs nerve block scalp guillain barre syndrome intra-operative cardiac arrest
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