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What to Expect in New Angular 9?

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Techtic Solutions prepared PPT of Angular 9 which consist Angular 9 new features. We also include which bug fixed in Angular 9 and which changes are made for performance improvements for Ivy in Angular 9. Get in touch if you are looking to hire AngularJS developers to deliver, secure, high performance and faster web applications. Call us at +1 201.793.8324 or visit us https://www.techtic.com/angularjs-development-company

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What to Expect in New Angular 9?

  1. 1. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com What to Expect in New Angular 9? 9
  2. 2. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Angular is one of the prominent open-source frameworks for building web and mobile applications. A new version Angular 9 is the smaller, faster, and easier to use and it will be making Angular developers life easier. A key goal of Angular 9 is to make the Ivy compiler available for all apps. The main benefit of Ivy is that it is able to significantly reduce the size of small and large-sized applications. Angular 9
  3. 3. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com  Added undecorated classes migration schematic in the core.  The formControlName also accepts a number in the form  Now allow selector-less directives as base classes in View Engine in the compiler.  Added support selector-less directive as base classes in Ivy and also make the Ivy compiler the default for ngc.  Convert all ngtsc diagnostics to ts.Diagnostics  bazel: support ts_library targets as entry-points for ng_package.  core: add dynamic queries schematic. Angular 9 Angular 9 Features
  4. 4. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com  core: Mark TestBed.get as deprecated.  ivy: expose window.ng.getDebugNode helper and also support ng-add in localize package.  ivy: i18n – add syntax support for $localize metadata block.  ivy: i18n – reorganize entry-points for better reuse.  language-service: enable logging on TypeScriptHost.  language-service: provide diagnostic for invalid templateUrls.  language-service: provide diagnostics for invalid styleUrls. Angular 9 Angular 9 Features
  5. 5. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Previously, in Ivy applications, Hammer providers were included by default. With this commit, apps that want Hammer support must import HammerModule in their root module i.e. import {HAMMER_PROVIDERS} from './dom/events/hammer_gestures' Angular 9 Breaking Changes in Angular 9 1) Ivy applications :- Remove deprecated option versionedFiles from service worker asset group configuration in ngsw-config.json 2) ServiceWorker:
  6. 6. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Angular 9 Before 2) ServiceWorker: After
  7. 7. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com common: update $locationShim to notify onChange listeners before emitting AngularJS events. compiler: return enableIvy true when using readConfiguration Ivy: 1. Get name directly from nativeNode 2. Handle empty bindings in template type checker 3. In ngcc, handle inline exports in commonjs code 4. The ngcc should only index .d.ts exports within the package 5. The ngTemplateOutlet error when switching between null and template value Angular 9 Bug Fixes
  8. 8. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com language-service: 1. Instantiate MetadataResolver once 2. Remove 'context' used for module resolution Ngcc: 1. Handle deep imports that already have an extension 2. Ignore format properties that exist but are undefined Angular 9 Bug Fixes
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  12. 12. Contact Us Visit us: https://www.techtic.com Email: info@techtic.com Phone: +1 201.793.8324 Source by - https://www.code-sample.com/2019/08/whats-new-in-angular-9-angular-9-new.html