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The Top Selling HR Book On Amazon - And Why You Should Read It

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Chantal Taly Russell, an NYC HR executive, details the advice and tips given in this top-selling book on overcoming HR difficulties in office and teamwork environments.

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The Top Selling HR Book On Amazon - And Why You Should Read It

  1. 1. the top selling hr book on amazon ANDWHYYOUSHOULDREADIT chantal taly russell
  2. 2. There are millions of people in the world. And with millions of people, come millions of opinions. Some of those opinions can lead to manuals or books, mass produced for the public. And even fewer of these books become best sellers.
  3. 3. When thinking about the Human Resources industry, you can imagine that there are a lot of books and resources available to help professionals develop their skills within the HR industry, as there have been many successful HR professionals behind successful companies throughout history.
  4. 4. Taking a look on Amazon, I came across the top selling HR book on the site. For any author to top an Amazon list is a big deal, so there was no hesitation in my mind that I should read a snippet and see what this particular book had to offer. The result? Exactly what I wanted. 
  5. 5. The book, entitled, “5 Dysfunctions Of A Team,” was written by Patrick Lencioni. Centered around how teams function, or in this case, don’t function, Patrick tries to outline the breakdown and destruction of teamwork. By outlining where things can ultimately go wrong, Patrick also describes ways to inherently build your team back up. I m a g e C r e d i t F r o m A m a z o n . c o m
  6. 6. According to the book, the 5 dysfunctions of a team are as follows: AbsenceofTrust FearofConflict LackofCommitment AvoidanceofAccountability InattentiontoResults
  7. 7. WhyIsThe BookSo Effective? What Patrick does here, is take the reader on a plausible journey that makes the lessons extremely relatable. The writing is very clear and concise, without overwhelming someone with the thought of how their teams can fail. For any HR professional, it gives great clues on what to look for in order to stop a team from breaking down before more signs of trouble start to show.
  8. 8. WhyIsThe BookSo Effective? Another key point of Patrick’s guide is that while he points blame to certain causes, he doesn’t point blame towards the individual. Patrick shows how  turning attention to the whole group and how the whole group can overcome negative aspects of work can be incredibly effective.  
  9. 9. This guide also comes with a great pyramid infographic that clearly identifies where breakdowns may occur. I m a g e C r e d i t F r o m L I N K E D I N
  10. 10. The key to Patrick’s findings within his best- selling HR book simply come down to him listening and observing the behaviors around him. This is also, unironically, part of the base layer of his exercises for teams. Having trust in others around you, and knowing everyone’s individual strengths, is an important aspect of working in a team. LESSONS LEARNED
  11. 11. Doyouhaveabook thathashelpedyou developyourcorporate skills? Ifso,commentonthe articlebelow.
  12. 12. thanks for reading FORMORE,VISIT: talyrussell.net