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Connect Talenox to Quickbooks Online

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Due to Quickbooks Online being one of the easy-to-use accounting platform, we made it easy for you to connect Talenox to your Quickbooks Online account.

For a start, follow the following steps to connect Quickbooks Online to Talenox After that, you can easily send the Payroll details as account entries in Quickbooks Online.

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Connect Talenox to Quickbooks Online

  1. 1. Connect Talenox to Quickbooks Online An HR experience designed for people first. made with ♥
  2. 2. Before connecting Talenox to Quickbooks Online (QBO), we would recommend that you head over to QBO to set up the Chart of Accounts. To set up Chart of Accounts, head over to Accounting in QBO. Talenox < > QBO - Set up Chart of Accounts talenox.com Click here
  3. 3. Thereafter, click on “New” button and start adding the various accounts that will be mapped to the individual pay items in Talenox. talenox.com Talenox < > QBO - Set up Chart of Accounts
  4. 4. Here’s an example on how you can set up your Chart of Accounts in Quickbooks Online to suit Singapore Payroll and Tax requirements. You can create similar accounts for other countries payroll. talenox.com Talenox < > QBO - Set up Chart of Accounts
  5. 5. For Talenox to Quickbooks Online integration, do note that you’ll need to set up pay items naming as Suppliers too. This is to create another method to track the records that are pushed over. You can set up Suppliers over at Expenses > Suppliers. talenox.com Talenox < > QBO - Set up Chart of Accounts
  6. 6. To connect Talenox to QBO, head over to Talenox Profiles app and click on Profiles > Quickbooks Integration to arrive at the screen as shown above. Then, click on “Connect to Quickbooks” button. Talenox < > QBO - Connect to QBO talenox.com Click here
  7. 7. You will be redirected to Quickbooks Online to authorize Talenox to access your company. Click on “Authorize”. If you have not logged in to Quickbooks Online, you’ll be directed to log in. talenox.com Click here Talenox < > QBO - Connect to QBO
  8. 8. Once you have allowed access, give it a while to load before you are redirected back to Talenox. Almost there! talenox.com Talenox < > QBO - Connect to QBO
  9. 9. Once you are back at Talenox Profiles app, start matching the Pay Items to your QBO Chart of Accounts. Choose the appropriate “Chart of Accounts” for the different Pay Items. Do note that you can also Group line items by Cost Centre. Once done, click on “Save”. Talenox < > QBO - Match Pay Items talenox.com Click here
  10. 10. Do note that Talenox will use these settings to push your payroll records into Quickbooks Online. Only those that are enabled will be pushed over. Do head over to the next guide on how to push payroll records to Quickbooks Online! :) talenox.com Talenox < > QBO - Match Pay Items
  11. 11. To read more awesome articles on HR and Technology, get it from Talenox.