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Purposeful LinkedIn Networking for Business

My top two best practices of networking on LinkedIn, with purpose and intention, focused on my business goals.

Many LinkedIn Members miss out on the awesome power of networking on LinkedIn because they don't do it with purpose and intention focused on their business goals and they do not follow these business processes that I have proven for me to create real business value.

Your sales team can get greater business value from LinkedIn Networking if they adopt these best practices and integrate the use of LinkedIn into their daily business processes.

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Purposeful LinkedIn Networking for Business

  1. 1. BCIBCI Purposeful LinkedIn Networking By Teddy Burriss
  2. 2. BCIBCI Networking on LinkedIn 610 Million LinkedIn Members to consider connecting with. Powerful search tools w/ 11 unique filters in LinkedIn & 22 filters in Sales Navigator. Be purposeful about the decisions you make when networking on LinkedIn. Consider my best practices:
  3. 3. BCIBCI Two important best practices 1. You don’t need to connect with every Tom, Dick and Betty on LinkedIn. 2. There are two people you should consider connecting with on LinkedIn: a. People you can help. b. People who can help you.
  4. 4. BCIBCI If you are not sure, ask before connecting Use the Manage All page on your LinkedIn Network page to send a message asking; “who are you and what do you want?” (Use more polite words) Remember, purposeful connecting requires this query when you are not sure.
  5. 5. BCIBCI The People you can help may include: 1. People you can encourage, motivate, inform or education through your engagement on LinkedIn 2. People you can help them through a direct conversation 3. People you can help by alerting them of opportunities they could benefit from. 4. People who need help connecting with another LinkedIn Connection who can help them.
  6. 6. BCIBCI The People who can help you may include: 1. People who provide encouragement, motivation or education. 2. People you can get into an open and mutually beneficial conversation with. 3. People able/willing to introduce you to your Most Important Viewer. 4. Your Most Important Viewer who may be open to a business conversation.
  7. 7. BCIBCI Don’t just connect - engage immediately This is a huge missed opportunity for many LinkedIn Members. Regardless of the reason to connect, say something to your new LinkedIn Connection immediately after connecting. Make it purposeful and all about them. Invest more time immediately engaging with your Most Important Viewer and less on all of the other connections. (There is only so much time and we have to be purposeful)
  8. 8. BCIBCI Networking for Mutual Benefit Edict I wrote these two edicts in 2010 #1 - "Networking is finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward through life.” #2 - “Connect with someone new every day of your life.” I live by these edicts in real life as well as on LinkedIn. Everyone should.
  9. 9. BCIBCI Are your sales professionals networking with purpose on LinkedIn? Maybe we should talk Teddy Burriss 336-283-6121 / info@burrissconsulting.com