journal club mesenteric ischemia fistula in ano acute pancreatitis non specific infection splenic injury mbbs lecture cleft palate cleft lip pancreatic cystic neoplasm gallstone pancreatitis hydatid cyst raised intracranial pressure pre operation preparation optimization of high risk surg meningioma intestinal fistula intestinal ishaemia intestinal obstruction intracranial hematomas intravenous fluids in surgical lcbde+lc vs ercp+lc hernioplasty breast disorders gist wound infection wound closure and complication chest trauma diagnosis of gastric ca epidural hematoma rectal carcinoma sepsis update ventral hernia venous ulcer surgical nutrition surgical landmarks and sectio subdural hematoma spinal injury states of unconsciousness diagnostic laparoscopy cholangicarcinoma burn day care surgery blood transfusion assessing surgery outcome acute cholecystitis acute appendicitis abdominal tuberculosis skin swellings skin lumps oral mucosal trauma and injuri pancreatitis chronic pancreatitis ssi surgical site infection disinfection sterlization gastritis ulcer peptic ulcer
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