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Painting with Light

  1. Painting with Light Susan Kulasik Digital Photo 1 Period 7 3/19/2015
  2. Susan Kulasik Digital Photo 1 Period 7 March 18, 2015
  3. Susan Kualsik “Swirls and Sparkles” DP1 3/19/15
  4. Susan Kualsik “Swish” DP1 3/19/15
  5. Susan Kualsik “Swoooosh” DP1 3/19/15
  6. Susan Kualsik “Stars and Swishes” DP1 3/19/15
  7. Susan Kualsik “Magic Hands” DP1 3/19/15
  8. Reflection 1. I took these images with my iPhone. 2. It was most difficult to figure out what shutter speed was perfect. 3. I used the pen tool, the brush to make “stars”, and I liquefied a few parts of some. 4. I used all of the things I did for the other four photos plus another thing that uses circles and colors. 5. The most enjoyable part was editing the photos the least was taking them.