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Book Resort in Shoghi, Shimla - Suro Resort

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Suro Resort is a top class resort in Shogi who offers award-winning services in a friendly environment with the natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh. We are a perfect place to stay while your visit to the beautiful destination in Shogi around shimla.

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Book Resort in Shoghi, Shimla - Suro Resort

  1. 1. Suro Treehouse Resort UNWINDYOURSELFAT THE MOST LUXURIOUSHOTELAROUND SHIMLA, SHOGHI - THE DELIGHTFULSURO RESORT Call Now for Booking on 98166-03700 http://www.suroresort.com
  2. 2. About Us Address: Village Suro, P.O. Basha,Kaithlighat, Near Shimla, Himachal Pradesh Suro Resort is a very special luxury hotel and a Leading resort in Shogi near Shimla who offers luxury facilities, world-class service and an outstanding accommodation experience Our Resort is so famed for memorable holidays, business travel and special occasions to suit all tastes, styles and budgets. Our stylish accommodations are entirely designed to deliver personalized service Plan your trip with us and give you a warm sense of relaxation. We are equipped with all modern facilities and amenities. We are also known as finest weekend resort for family and honeymoon couples.
  3. 3. Facilities  Tea Coffee maker/Kettle in room  Private sit-out with forest views  Washroom with shower cubicle Bathroom amenities and hairdryer Thick Bath towels & Hand Towels  Cotton bed sheets and pillows Intercom Facility Fridge and mini bar Power: Private 3-Phase Transformer 24 hours Hot and Cold water LCD TV with D2H Service High-speed Wi-Fi Table Tennis Badminton Call Now for Booking on 98166-03700
  4. 4. Activities Nature walks and hiking Wildlife spotting Village visit Mountain biking Forest picnics Camping Bonfires Call Now for Booking on 98166-03700
  5. 5. Tariff Suro Treehouse Resort Tariffs Per Night Call Now for Booking on 98166-03700
  6. 6. Contact US Suro Treehouse Resort Village Suro, P.O. Basha, Off NH 22, After Mahalakshmi Furniture, Thana Bhadol - Jangal Shadyal Road, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh http://www.suroresort.com