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C-Square Business Presentation

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C-Square Business Presentation

  1. 1. Building Success Stories
  2. 2. CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore Our intent Our intent is to assist you to seamlessly merge your company’s HO & Store side and help manage your : Assets Stock & People Knowledge Assets – sales ( where, when, how much) Relationship Assets – Manager: Rep & Rep : Customer 2
  3. 3. CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore Who are We  C Square is an IT solution provider for SMEs in the Pharma industry by offering solutions developed with the deep understanding of the changing business scenario of the Pharma industry, promoted by the promoters & senior personnel from the Pharma industry in India.  Our solutions act as enablers to help the SMEs to transform into globally competitive and professionally managed enterprises.
  4. 4. 4 CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore Our bouquet of business transformation solutions
  5. 5. 5 CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore User Base Product Name Customer Count User Count GGSFA 33 20000+ EcoGreen® 39 1600+ Go4+ 28 400+ PharmAssist 600 3000+ PharmSoft® 3000 5000+ Total 3700~ 30000~
  6. 6. CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore What it Translates to  India’s Top 10 Pharma Distributors on C-Square Solutions  India’s Majority Pharma Retail Chains on C-Square Solutions  Bangalore’s 70% Pharma Turnover happens on C-Square Solutions  95% Customer Base is from Pharma Community  C-Square is known as Growth Engine
  7. 7. CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore What it Translates to More than Million Transactions processed on C-Square solutions Everyday!
  8. 8. CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore First to Introduce  RDBMS Based Software  Windows Based Software  Online Stock and Sales  Stock Outs  Electronic Bill  Invoice Tracking  SMS Alerts  Laser Invoice  Live Order - Billing @ Customer doorstep  B I Solutions
  9. 9. CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore What is that we Stand for We Act as an Extended ARM for Information Technology Initiatives
  10. 10. CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore Our Commitment! We will help in creating a Great Customer Experience for your customers
  11. 11. CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore The First Step Approach We think in terms of how our customer make money and create value
  12. 12. CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore The First Step Approach Value/Make Money Enterprise Employee Customer Eco System Partners Principals/ Vendors Government
  13. 13. CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore Back bone
  14. 14. Major Customers
  15. 15. Major Partnerships
  16. 16. CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore Why we are Here To Bring Insights which becomes actionable agenda around business and on customer centricity
  17. 17. 17 CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore Our Promise! Building for you - a Great “Business Brand” one Transaction at a time for every Transaction.
  18. 18. CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore Watch Few of our Solutions Case Study done by Intel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-KGDmZoews http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvjumuVOAY0
  19. 19. CSquareInfoSolutionsPvtLtd.,Bangalore Contact Us Sumedha +91 7406840000 sumedha.d@c2info.com https://plus.google.com/+CsquareIn