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realization of production reforming of agrarian sector market reforms archaeologist antique ancient turkic preserved words qualirt of education innovative pedagogy military cncept tenant vaqfdor koranda bevatan sprouts peking cabbage communicative approach russian language suffix masculine gender category apple tree pattern saran fish faun restoration aquatic system word forming homonyms karakalpak language events business approach approach sign semantics concomitant event euphemism danger threatimmunity secondary schools morale concentration specialization systematicity purpose intellectuality tomato melon crops selection of vegetable university og uyo drug preschool education aquaculture topographic-geodesic surface communications phytomorphic metaphorization pupils skills acquisition teaching effectiveness geometry mathematical heritage life other university humanities pandemic infection global importance spiritual and moral qualities monument grammatical rules applied linguistics linguistic competence cognitive activity satrapies titles achaemenids modern teaching methods anemia syndrome iron deficiency anemia anemia bible babylon sumer avesto digital panel research automaton theory lovebirds expert system supervised learning naive bayes classifier human deveopment index rmarkdown cells langerhans cells ugvs autonomous auvs uavs region
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