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Why Use Social Media in Construction?

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Petcha Kutcha presentation given to the Institute of Civil Engineers Essex Branch on January 12 2012.
Notes are added, please view them in the tab below the slides.

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Why Use Social Media in Construction?

  1. 1. Why use Social Media in Construction? Muppet Mobile Lab by Jurvetson by @ Subutcher
  2. 2. Social Media http:// theconversationprism .com/
  3. 3. Your advocates speak well of you when you're not there. Nicole Bachmann Golf by Robert Scoble
  4. 4. We are SMEs Source: RIBA 2009 Chartered Practice Members Staff Numbers by firm
  5. 5. We pretend we’re good at it
  6. 6. … but we aren’t
  7. 7. The Industry is Borked The Effect of Recession on Partnering in the Construction Sector - Don Ward
  8. 8. Work together … and we can fix it http://insb.us
  9. 9. You Don’t Know Everything Photo by Cea Article
  10. 10. You Don’t Need To BIM and Integrated Design
  11. 11. But Why do it online? http:// theconversationprism .com/
  12. 12. Saves Time
  13. 13. Do Nothing Twice
  14. 14. I can find out about you
  15. 15. … make it what you want
  16. 16. Everyone is Doing it Eric Fischer
  17. 17. Do it where they are
  18. 18. Make footprints http://architectmap.net
  19. 19. Recap: <ul><li>Talk to each other </li></ul><ul><li>Do it online </li></ul>Twitter Stream Graphs
  20. 20. Thank You. @ SuButcher www. justpractising .com Images: Creative Commons Google me!