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How to Use RSS Feeds - Power Tip

http://www.sustainabilityconsulting.com/sm-preview/ - An introduction to RSS feeds, and how sustainability professionals can use RSS feeds to stay on top of breaking sustainability news, streamline their blog-reading process, and manage their time on social media platforms. Part of the 8-week, self-guided "Social Media for Sustainability Professionals" program, offered by Strategic Sustainability Consulting and Taiga Company.

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How to Use RSS Feeds - Power Tip

  1. 1. How to UseRSS FeedsStrategic Sustainability Consulting & Taiga Company
  2. 2. How to Use RSS Feeds In this video, Jennifer introduces you to RSS feeds, and how sustainability professionals can use RSS feeds to stay on top of breaking sustainability news, streamline their blog- reading process, and manage their time on social media platforms.
  3. 3. How to Use RSS Feeds If you liked this power tip, youll love our 8-week, self-guided Social Media for Sustainability Professionals program, offered by Strategic Sustainability Consulting and Taiga Company.  www.sustainabilityconsulting.com/sm-preview
  4. 4. Are You Making the Most ofSocial Media? Unsure where to start? What’s the best social media platform? Not enough time?  Building an online presence with blogging and profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be easy and fun.  We share different approaches to social media success, what works, and what doesn’t--with proven skills and best practices to maximize your branding potential, communicate effectively, organize your time and build a network of quality contacts.
  5. 5. Get Social Media Savvy! Our online, self-guided course delivers practical information you need to:  Develop and promote your brand  Establish credibility and improve online visibility  Promote thought leadership  Engage with interested stakeholder groups  Drive targeted traffic to your website or blog  Develop direct relationships with prospects, clients, influencers in the sustainability / CSR space
  6. 6. What You Will Learn Through video discussions, homework, and collaborative forum discussions, you will gain new skills in:  Strategy: See tried-and-true examples of two different sustainability consulting firms successfully using social media to increase effectiveness and reach, brand visibility, sales and business partnerships.  Community Building: Learn how to grow your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles using social media, targeting the correct online communities and grow your business.  Design: Learn the ins and outs of what is best to do, what not to do, best practices, for website and blog design and functionality to best showcase your business, promote your brand, and share your content across multiple social media marketing channels.
  7. 7. What You Will Learn (cont.) Through video discussions, homework, and collaborative forum discussions, you will gain new skills in:  Content: Learn to create and share engaging email content including: articles, blog posts, promotions, links, featured content, tweets, and winning subject lines.  Results: Create a comprehensive social media strategy aligned with your business goals including social media stats to measure the overall effectiveness of your online marketing.  Networking: Learn how to collaborate online with other sustainability practitioners, small and large businesses, nonprofits, NGOs, and associations, and exchange sustainability ideas and contribute powerfully in the sustainability, CSR space.
  8. 8. Meet Your Guide:Jennifer Woofter Jennifer Woofter, Founder and President of Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC)  Jennifer has more than a decade of experience in sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and organizational accountability systems.  She helps clients make the leap between good intentions and long-term sustainable performance, and specializes in sustainability assessments and planning.  She has grown SSC from a 1-person shop to a thriving business that draws upon more than 650 sustainability professionals around the world to deliver amazing results.
  9. 9. Meet Your Guide:Julie Urlaub Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner of Taiga Company  Julie consults, writes, speaks, blogs, and tweets on how viewing your world through the lens of sustainability can refresh your business and deliver uncommon results.  Her effervescent attitude inspires others to eco action. With superstar green blogging power and over 24,000 followers on twitter, she works with companies to not only maximize sustainability strategies but also leverage social media to communicate their story of how sustainability is making a difference in their business and our world.
  10. 10. Here’s the Agenda  Week 1 Getting Started: The Who, What, Why of Social Media for Sustainability Professionals and their Brand. Define what social media is, its various platforms, and begin defining your “voice” in the space.  Week 2 Website: Wonder Wheel or Sign Post? Identify the key functions of a website, understand the importance of keywords, Google search, and conversion.  Week 3 Business Blogging with a Purpose. Learn what a blog is, the mechanics of setting up a blog, the best practices in blogging, and tools to measure your success.  Week 4 Tweet Your Way to a Better Brand. Discover the joys of Twitter, its role in a marketing strategy, how to tweet and best practices for building a following and engaging in the Twitterverse.  Week 5 Getting Found on Facebook. Learn the difference between a Facebook page and profile, appreciate the difference between using Twitter and Facebook, how to build your page and profile and begin building relationships.
  11. 11. Here’s the Agenda (cont.)  Week 6 LinkedIn, More than a Networking Tool. Discover how LinkedIn fits in as a marketing tool for your business, how to build a searchable profile, and build brand recognition.  Week 7 Customer Conversion Using Calls to Action. Learn the basics of creating good Calls To Action for conversion.  Week 8 Think Like a Publisher: Be a Communications Conglomerate. Identify the Social Media Outlets and Conglomerates in the CSR/ Sustainability/ Cause Marketing space and determine if they are a fit for your communications outreach.  Bonus Section: Exploring the Landscape of Social Media and Beyond. Explore other popular social media platforms and how they contribute to a marketing plan. Well cover topics including Google+, podcasting, location-based services (like Foursquare and Gowalla), and more!
  12. 12. More Rave Reviews
  13. 13. Get Started Visit our Social Media for Sustainability Professionals page today to learn more:  www.sustainabilityconsulting.com/sm-preview Would You Like a Free Sample?  Check out more Social Media Power Tips on our website. If you like them, we know youll love the entire 8-week program!  http://www.sustainabilityconsulting.com/power-tips/