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Email Marketing Techniques

Whatever you might think about email marketing, the truth is that it can lead to higher lead conversions, increased sales and brand awareness for your small business.

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Email Marketing Techniques

  2. 2. More Effective Than You Might Think INBOX STARRED IMPORTANT SENT MAIL DRAFTS FOLDERS 1 S A L E 58%of people said they are more likely to buy after reading a brand’s promotional email. 4,300%! Email marketing has an ROI of OF PEOPLE SAY THEY NEVER MAKE PURCHASES AFTER READING EMAILS. LESS THAN 10%
  3. 3. Write a Killer Subject Line Aim for five to eight words (25-40 characters) Incorporate urgency ONLY 15 LEFT!
  4. 4. Captivate Your Audience Keep it short, ask questions and add a personal touch. Use the word “you” to be more persuasive. Keep it natural and add some personality. Be human!
  5. 5. Convert Readers Into Buyers {$ Become a friend first. Gain your readers’ trust before selling. Don’t sell, but highlight the benefits your customers will gain. Show them what they will miss by not buying. Give a deadline to create a sense of urgency. Have a clear call to action and include multiple links.
  6. 6. Integrate With Mobile 48%of email is opened on a mobile device. 30%of subscribers will leave if the email doesn’t render properly. trailrunning.pngmenstrailrunning.png email photo courtesy of TheClymb.com
  7. 7. Targeted Marketing Don’t only ask for a name and email, include 3-5 categories your customers could fit into for segmentation. What data points will give you the ability to send more relevant messages? * * ENTER THE INFO BELOW TO RECEIVE OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER! First and last name Email address Select your age Select a topic How did you hear about us? SUBMIT
  8. 8. Saying Goodbye UNSUBSCRIBEUNSUBSCRIBE We’re sorry to see you go. Before you unsubscribe, please let us know why you are leaving: Some of your email list subscribers will leave you eventually, but try to find out why. Add a simple one- question survey when people unsubscribe.