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Storybacker - Use Cases for Social Media Influencers

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This presentation contains detailed description of use cases for YouTube and Instagram bloggers (vloggers). Explore how Storybacker.com can improve your social media channels and upscale your revenue from advertising and product placement

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Storybacker - Use Cases for Social Media Influencers

  1. 1. The first professional network for YouTube and Instagram bloggers, subscribers and businesses Use cases for social media influencers
  2. 2. Problem Today the major social networks such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are flooded with low-grade profiles, poor-quality content and spam. This causes many problems in search for talented bloggers, who create video and photo content of high quality and are willing to place sponsored publications or advertisement.
  3. 3. The absence of an integrated platform for search and collaboration with bloggers and opinion leaders Problem Promoting a new channel is an uphill struggle It is challenging to get additional proactive user engagement (likes + subscriptions) through real users rather than various cheats It’s far from easy for novice and mid-level bloggers to monetize their channels and businesses There is no harmonization of business processes and payment system between clients and bloggers There is a lack of simple and straightforward analytics for boggers
  4. 4. Advertising Solution BusinessBloggers Followers Content $$$ Storybacker connects bloggers and followers in one spot Activity
  5. 5. Solution The possibility of photo and video content promotion (publications). The increase of the number of likes and shares Attracting new clients and leads The boost of income from advertisment and sponsored posts The chance to work with clients through convenient communication system and secure payment gateway Making more income from YouTube and/or other social media Being able to track your audience, likes, dislikes and comments
  6. 6. How does it work?
  7. 7. Bussines owners and marketologists contact bloggers through sending requests, which simplifies work and protects from spam. If the blogger accepts the conditions, the collaboration with the сustomer starts and lasts till the advertising campaign has been fully executed. After that, the blogger receives the payment through a secure payment system, which serves to insure both the client and the blogger against spam and other types of cheating. In case of any problems, Storybacker support is ready to assist in resolving any issues. Collaboration
  8. 8. Our network allows to promote bloggers’ channels (profiles) and content in top social networks, such as YouTube, Instagram & Twitter. Storybacker users can actively engage and vote for their favorite content, thus increasing the number of likes and shares in your social networks. Engagement
  9. 9. Storybacker is building a closed community with high-quality media content. All the bloggers, vloggers and opinion leaders go through a certain validation process. In order to initiate this process, you need to fill out an application form on the website or get an invitation from the bloggers who are already registered in Storybacker network. Registration