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The 5 C’s that your content marketing strategy cannot afford to lack

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The 5 C’s that your content marketing strategy cannot afford to lack

  1. 1. C’s that your content marketing strategy cannot afford to lack. www.stickyeyes.com
  2. 2. There are key traits that your content marketing strategy simply has to have.
  3. 3. We call these the five Cs
  4. 4. Capability
  5. 5. There is a skills gap in digital marketing…
  6. 6. (BIMA) A survey of 272 UK digital agencies found that it takes eight weeks to fill a digital vacancy.
  7. 7. And that skills gap is costing the UK economy £63bn…
  8. 8. Whilst the cost to the US economy stands at $1trn
  9. 9. So how do you solve this problem?
  10. 10. Look at the skills within your team,
  11. 11. Identify where the skills gaps lie, and tackle them,
  12. 12. And encourage a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  13. 13. Capacity
  14. 14. Capacity and resources for producing content is one of the biggest challenges facing content marketers.
  15. 15. (Hubspot) of content marketers cite “producing engaging content”, “producing a variety of content” or “producing enough content” as their biggest marketing challenge… 66%
  16. 16. (Hubspot) …whilst a further 20% claim that “budget to produce content” is their biggest challenge.
  17. 17. So how do you put that right?
  18. 18. Finding the time to produce content is obviously important…
  19. 19. … but the argument for securing that time is often difficult, particularly if it adds to existing workloads.
  20. 20. So instead, focus on the goals of your content…
  21. 21. …because with clear goals and objectives…
  22. 22. … you can make a better business case for more resources.
  23. 23. Celerity
  24. 24. Speed and timing can be crucial in content marketing…
  25. 25. …particularly if your strategy is built around real-time events or fast- moving trends.
  26. 26. So you can’t afford to be waiting around for resource and support…
  27. 27. … and you may need to be on hand outside of your usual office hours.
  28. 28. So what’s the answer?
  29. 29. Identify what matters most to your audiences...
  30. 30. What are they interested in? What do they talk about? What matters to them?
  31. 31. Build your content strategy around those findings...
  32. 32. … and ensure that you are ready to release that content quickly.
  33. 33. Clearance
  34. 34. (Econsultancy) 53.4% of content marketers claim that it takes too long to get feedback or sign-off.
  35. 35. (Econsultancy) 45.9% Whilst almost half claim that changing briefs after the content has been produced hold them up.
  36. 36. Too many good ideas are held up by lengthy sign-off processes.
  37. 37. And whilst sign-off procedures are sometimes necessary...
  38. 38. …don’t let them get in the way of a great opportunity to reach your audiences.
  39. 39. So how do we overcome that?
  40. 40. It’s all about empowerment.
  41. 41. Give your content team the power to make decisions…
  42. 42. … without always having to refer to management or compliance.
  43. 43. That often requires some training...
  44. 44. … and a lot of trust.
  45. 45. But with the right guidance, you can avoid unnecessary hold-ups.
  46. 46. Creativity
  47. 47. There are hundreds of different ways in which to tell your story.
  48. 48. What works for one platform, or one audience, may not work for another.
  49. 49. But producing different content for different mediums takes time, resource, skills & authorisation…
  50. 50. …all of the things we have talked about earlier.
  51. 51. So you need to think creatively, and make the best use of each and every platform.
  52. 52. And how do you do that?
  53. 53. Simply, you need to address the other four Cs.
  54. 54. Creativity flows when people have time to think and time to create.
  55. 55. Creativity flows when you have the right mix of skills and expertise.
  56. 56. Creativity flows when you have a clear objective to aim for.
  57. 57. Creativity flows when you have the agility to respond.
  58. 58. Creativity flows when the shackles are removed.
  59. 59. So in summary
  60. 60. Capability Get the skills that you need
  61. 61. Capacity Make the business case to make time for content
  62. 62. Celerity Build a team and a structure that is agile.
  63. 63. Clearance Empower your teams to make the right decisions
  64. 64. Creativity Come up with remarkable ideas that will engage.
  65. 65. Want to learn more?
  66. 66. Build your Content Marketing Dream Team Download the guide at stickyeyes.com/dreamteam @stickyeyes