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FERGHSC Customer Story
FERGHSC Customer Story
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  1. 1. Why choose eLearning and еCompany.pro?
  2. 2. eLearning – increased financial efficiency
  3. 3. Among 200,000 employees who participated in more than 20,000 e-learning (Institute For Human Resources, 2011): Said that the trainings that they have passed are focused and directly applicable in their work. Said that the trainings that they have passed, have helped significantly in improving their personal competencies and skills. 79% 55%
  4. 4. A study of Institute For Human Resources (2011) demonstrated that: The return of the resources invested in e- learning and development of talent is: 353%
  5. 5. 01 02 03
  6. 6. 04 05 06
  7. 7. What do we guarantee?
  8. 8. A free demo version of your account consistent with your corporate identity and working 100%. 1 2 An enduring pricing policy which ensures stability of the financial framework and includes the innovation of the product over the years. Every year you get more for the same price. 3
  9. 9. еCompany.pro
  11. 11. The system has a corporate wiki with the opportunity to create important informative articles that are convenient for quick reference - for example, when working with clients. So that knowledge becomes a part of the service because it is well organized and accessible. More Information
  12. 12. The virtual classroom can reduce travel costs when conducting meetings or trainings. It is convenient to train a small team, but with recording option it also helps those who can not attend. eCompany.Pro assists organizations in introducing a competency model associated with the processes of learning and development in the organization. You can use various templates competencies or create your own. You can connect automatically competencies and achievements. The system is able to generate 360 degree feedback and its commitment to the development of competencies. The system acts as a corporate social network using the internal forum, chat, email and personal portfolio to visualize your ideas and certificates of passed trainings and courses. More Information
  14. 14. More Information
  16. 16. Conducting thorough statistics consistent with the organizational structure and management of all trainings – e-learnings and “face to face”, and other development activities in the organization like consulting, mentoring and coaching. The system allows tracking of learning outcomes in groups, courses and other categories of users. For evaluating the effectiveness and ROI of activities for training and development of people in the organization. Extraction of a user lists selected on a number of criteria and seal properly storing documents in the module or a training class. This facilitates the implementation of mandatory and legislated briefings. The system can generate, manage and track e-courses covering a variety of learning resources and e-learning courses compliant with global standards. More Information
  17. 17. AUTOMATION
  18. 18. Automation of key processes for learning and development - mass creating accounts, switching and scheduling, saving significant resources as managers and experts in human development organization. The module "Attestation and evaluation" automates and simplifies the evaluation of performance. Able to adapt to the unique characteristics and requirements of your organization. The system automates and supports fast and easy synchronization of your calendar with virtual and real events of both the organization and your personal desktop. Automation eases and tracking statistics, analysis and business intelligence derived from data entered once and structure of the organization. More Information
  19. 19. SUPPORT
  20. 20. Training for groups up to 15 people, opening up the possibilities of the system and ways of management. Training of key staff Detailed manuals in a PDF format for content creators, users and administrators. Manuals form the system Short and focused video tutorials that help with the functions of an electronic environment for training. Video tutorials for the system More Information
  21. 21. SAFETY
  22. 22. eCompany.pro is based on ILIAS.de project, which developed already 19 years by hundreds of developers worldwide, mainly working in the Swiss, German and Austrian universities and companies. eCompany.pro meets the highest levels of security of international financial institutions like KBC Group and Groupama Group. The system meets all security requirements of NATO and has been selected to manage the e- learning processes of the Alliance, the Canadian Air Forces and the United States Joined Forces Command (US JFCOM). ILIAS.de is used as an e-learning platform on leading institutions related to security, business, and education worldwide. More Information
  23. 23. BENEFITS
  25. 25. iSpring Suite
  26. 26. More Information
  27. 27. 4) Expert advice 1) Preferential prices 2) Support 3) Experience partners More Information
  28. 28. PowerPoint Conversion Convert your presentations into online mobile-ready courses. Interactive Assessments Develop comprehensive tests with branching and flexible scoring system. Dialogue Simulations Build realistic dialogue simulations to train communication skills. Video Lectures Easily create video narrations and synchronize them with your slides. Content Library Create courses from ready- to-use templates and assets. Extensive LMS Support Publish iSpring content to any popular learning management system. More Information
  29. 29. https://goo.gl/ELTT1v https://goo.gl/zrvT8Z https://goo.gl/lKcdpi
  30. 30. Why choose eLearning, iSpring Suite и еCompany.pro?
  31. 31. Five years of experience Several thousand users and the best prices Leading Bulgarian and international organizations Turning learning and educating into a creative and dynamic process More Information
  32. 32. 4) Ability to develop unique modules 1) Best price offer 2) Easy implementation and localization 3) Flexible and innovative solutions
  33. 33. Още информация CURRENT CLIENTS DS Smith Bulgaria S.A. Groupama insurance & Groupama Life insurance Part of Groupama group Solvay Sodi AD Foundation “For our children”
  34. 34. Още информация DZI insurance & DZI Life insurance Part of KBC group CURRENT CLIENTS KCM GROUP
  35. 35. Още информация CLIENTS - eLearning content DS Smith Bulgaria S.A. UniCredit Bulbank AD Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company
  36. 36. Thank you! Request a test account you can do here Moby2 Ltd. Sofia 1408, 66-68 Burel Street, Office 01 Office Phone: +359 2 491 23 53 e-mail: office@moby2.com www.moby2.com