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Media Contact:
Tony Spangler
817-798-3371 cell
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The Starr Conspiracy Opens San Francisco Operations

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Fort Worth Firm's Intelligence Unit to be based in heart of technology epicenter, now coast-to-coast operations.

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The Starr Conspiracy Opens San Francisco Operations

  1. 1.   Media Contact: Tony Spangler 817-798-3371 cell tony@thestarrconspiracy.com THE STARR CONSPIRACY OPENS SAN FRANCISCO OPERATIONS FORT WORTH FIRM’S INTELLIGENCE UNIT TO BE BASED IN HEART OF TECHNOLOGY EPICENTER, NOW COAST-TO-COAST OPERATIONS SAN FRANCISCO (June 5, 2014) — The Starr Conspiracy (TSC), a strategic marketing and advertising agency for enterprise software and services companies, proudly announced today the opening of its San Francisco operations at the 2014 Influence HR Conference. TSC’s Intelligence Unit will now operate from San Francisco, led by TSC Partner Steve Smith. “We’ve been a leader in marketing and advertising for enterprise software companies in the HR arena, and now we will have a physical presence at the heart of innovation,” Smith said today from TSC’s 2014 Influence HR conference in San Francisco. “For me, living and working in San Francisco will increase my ability to collaborate with clients. As we staff our office in the coming months, our clients will benefit from industry- leading strategy and insight from our team of market analysts, researchers, and consultants.” Today’s conference is being led by TSC’s Intelligence Unit, providing game-changing discussions led by human capital management (HCM) and enterprise software industry experts. TSC’s Intelligence Unit will also unveil findings from a survey it conducted in conjunction with the Brandon Hall Group and the Human Capital Institute centered on learning buyers. “We’re kicking off our new presence in San Francisco today with key insights into the mind of the learning buyer and showcasing our expertise in the enterprise software and HCM industries,” Smith said. “We plan to continue providing this acumen to our clients and to organizations yearning for expertise that gets results.” ABOUT THE STARR CONSPIRACY INTELLIGENCE UNIT There’s a new era of enterprise technology that can finally unleash the full promise of human potential. If you’re on board, we’re ready to get you there. The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit (TSCIU) delivers growth-oriented strategy, research, and advisory services, providing the guidance and key insights you need to grow market share and increase profitability. Let’s face it: The protectors of the status quo in marketing fall back on outdated formulas that won’t deliver growth and aren’t sustainable. We’ve seen it before, and that approach to marketing is dead. TSCIU takes your business as personally as you do, and we will challenge you to shift your perspective. Most important, though, we deliver marketing clarity so you can make decisions with confidence. ###