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GlobalCorporatePresentationFINAL (002).pptx

  1. 1. Stefanini Global Institutional
  2. 2. Stefanini Purpose Innovation Ecosystem Anywhere & Anytime Delivery Exponential Growth at a Glance Digital Transformation Approach Stefanini Global View Stefanini Digital Evolution Stefanini Differentiator 1 Clients & Industry Verticals Market Recognition 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 Solutions for Client Success 8
  3. 3. We believe that entrepreneurial strength makes things happen. That’s why we want to make digital a reality for everyone. We co-create with our global ecosystem in a flexible and agile way to confront business challenges, and develop disruptive solutions focused on delivering results for businesses of tomorrow. We’re Upfront About Our Purpose: Co-creating for a Better Future Why
  4. 4. Flexible organizational structure Tailored Delivery Model Agile, Adaptable and Quick to Respond Entrepreneur Mindset Long-term, Successful Partnerships Average 10 years and 94% client retention 25K+ Global Workforce R&D Investment 5.2% of Global Revenue Co-Creating Fosters a Partnership Approach and Sets Stefanini Apart 98.5% Client Satisfaction Why
  5. 5. An Innovative Approach to Digital Transformation in Phases Strategy to enhance current business models by identifying opportunities and optimizing current applications, software, platforms, networks, and data usage for higher productivity. EXPLORE INNOVATE DISRUPT Apply new technology enablers like intelligent automation and analytics to increase process efficiency and improve external customer experiences. Envision future possibilities with new transformative business philosophies and a disruptive mindset to generate new revenue streams, markets, products, and business models. How
  6. 6. DIGITAL JOURNEY ENABLE FOR: • Digital Industry • Digital Manufactory • Digital Banking • Digital Retail • Digital Insurance • Digital Healthcare • Digital Payments • Digital Media & • Communication • Cultural Transformation Consulting • INSEAD/Stefanini Executive Digital Transformation Program • Scaled Agile Organization Enable Consulting Co-Creative Immersive Approach • Dive (1 week) • Deep Dive (2-6weeks) Minimum Viable Product Implementation & Evolution • Aquarium (4-12 weeks) • Submarine (12-* weeks) • Media Performance • Brand Performance • Engagement & Loyalty Services • Agile Marketing BPO • Human Resources • Payroll • Finance • Procurement • Contact Center • Document Management • RPAs & Workflows Stefanini Solutions for Success in each Transformation Phase EXPLORE INNOVATE DISRUPT OUR DIGITAL CAPITAL VENTURES ACCELERATORS & PRODUCTS Finance: • Topaz Core Banking • Capital Market Platform • Smart ATMs • Payments Processing • Money Laundering Prevention AgriBusiness: • Hydro Control Solution Loyalties & Customer Engagement: • Inspiring Platform • Omni-Channel Customer Attendance Retail: • Behavior and Relationship Credit [Spark] Platform Healthcare: • Hospital and Clinicals Management Systems • Hospital infection Prevention Solution Multi-Purpose: • Cyber Security • Sophie – Cognitive Platform • OCR’s & Workflows Engines • Smart Attendance Check-In [Infoturnos] System General Industry & Manufacture: • Production information Tracking • Connect Plants (PIMS/MES integration) Platform • Achelus - Minimize damage due leakage Platform Logistic: • Stefanini Advanced GeoIntelligence Awareness Solution • Smart Locker • Locus - Indoor localization and tracking of equipment and products DIGITAL WORKPLACE • Service Desk • Field Service • Asset Management • Device as a Service • Network Management • Data Management • Operational Systems Management • Network Operation Center (NOC) • Virtualization Management • Cloud Services (IaaS) • Cyber Security Services • ITSM Tools Provider DIGITAL APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT AND EVOLUTION • Scaled Agile Development (Squads) • Digital Channels Development • Low Code Platforms Development • Mainframe Development • Quality Assurance Services • Applications Management (AMS) • Applications Performance (APM) • ERPs Implementation (Oracle, SAP, others) • IoT Development • API & Microservices • Cloud Development (PaaS) • AR/VR IT DIGITAL STRATEGY • DevOps Strategy • PMO as a Service • IT Strategic Plan • IT Execution Plan • IT Change Management • Cloud Migration Strategy BPO • Human Resources • Payroll • Finance • Procurement • Contact Center • Document Management • RPAs & Workflows How
  7. 7. Stefanini’s Global Innovation Ecosystem Strengthens Our Core Capabilities 7 FUNDS ACADEMIC PARTNERS VENTURES How
  8. 8. We are Well Positioned to Support Emerging Technologies for Business Impact 2018 2019 2020 2021+ 2018 2019 2020 2021+ How
  9. 9. Expanding Our Digital Focus for Disruptive Solutions Stefanini Digital Evolution Revenue Share What
  10. 10. Digital Workplace Cloud Enterprise & Services IT Digital Strategy Scaled Agile / DevOps Organization Setup Digital Channel Cognitive Solutions Digital Journey Definition & Implementation Digital Strategy Digital Accelerators Predict & Automate Cyber Security Customer Experience & Marketing Digital Cultural & Mindset Transformation Leading Our Clients Through the Phases of Digital Transformation EXPLORE INNOVATE DISRUPT What
  11. 11. Smart Workplace MWS Stefanini's persona-based support model is designed to put customer experience first, making users feel like IT was designed just for them. With an anywhere, anytime, and any device model we will support users where and when they need it. Our digital enabling technologies improve the end user experience with their device and interaction with IT. Because we have the ability to tailor to user needs Driving Customer Service with Innovation for the Perfect Digital Workplace What
  12. 12. We operate in every part of the world where a Nike store is located to allow humankind to “always move forward." With drones we are revolutionizing industry by not only increasing efficiency but tackling tasks that put human safety at risk. We’re improving urban mobility with a better digital experience and providing new proactive service response with analytics. Our new digital solutions transformed the financial and payment industry by creating new consumer expectations. New and Innovative Digital Solutions for Client Success What
  13. 13. We increased productivity by automating Nestle’s Distribution Center and integrating IoT and analytics technologies. Our new digital tool supports the dealers' sales force, providing easier and faster navigation of its agricultural product catalog. We helped develop a connected car solution to create positive user experiences for drivers every time they use their vehicle. Our application development and management improves worker productivity and user experience with resources available anytime through a new digital tool. New and Innovative Digital Solutions for Client Success What
  14. 14. Providing Business Value to Multinationals Across Industry Verticals What
  15. 15. Stefanini: 30+ Years of Exponential Growth to Support Businesses Worldwide Solutions Transformative Tech Global Resources Marketplace Recognition Regional HQ • Digital Marketing, User Experience, Leadership Transformation, API integration, IoT and Industry 4.0 • Applications Development Services, Management Services, Solutions Implementation and Support Services • Workplace & Infrastructure End-user Computing, Enterprise, Customer Experience • Advisory BPO, ITSM & IT Strategy, Cloud Based Consulting • Cognitive Platform • Virtual & Augmented Reality • Tech Accelerators • Cybersecurity • Analytics / Big Data • Tech Enablers Sophie, d3, Stefanini Care, Tech on the Go, Tech on Demand Global Presence Global Delivery Centers Global Client 73 Offices 40 Countries 35 Languages 94% Retention 25,000 Employees Delivery Models Agile Teams / Squads * Project on Demand * Shared Team Dedicated Team * Onshore & Offshore ADC – Application Delivery Center Infrastructure Delivery Center • Sao Paulo, Brazil • Southfield, MI USA • Mexico City, Mexico • Brussels, Belgium Digital Studio • Brazil • USA • Romania • Colombia • Mexico • Peru • Brazil • USA • Romania Europe • Belgium • Romania • Poland NA & APAC • United States • India • Philippines • China LATAM • Peru • Brazil • Mexico • Columbia • Argentina 3.0K 1.5K 0.3K 12.8K 3.2K 4.0K 0.2K Employees We
  16. 16. Global Presence: Digital Studios, Applications Center and Infrastructure Support We
  17. 17. Anytime, Anywhere Approach for Global Delivery Anytime, Anywhere Approach for Global Delivery We
  18. 18. Awards and Recognition for Excellence Around the World We
  19. 19. Our Managed Workplace Services Recognized in Magic Quadrant We
  20. 20. Stefanini’s Digital Workplace and Digital Business Transformation Recognized by We

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  • Global Ecosystem - how we work and what we offer
  • The technologies on which we are constantly working on, and its different stages of maturity in the market versus the business impact that each technology.
  • Nike
    Our partnership began in 2016 to improve global end user technical support for Nike’s 80,000 employees, 1,200 stores, multiple showrooms and distribution centers. Utilizing the ServiceNow platform, Stefanini provides 8 global service desk facilities to support 15 languages on multiple channels including calls, chats, and web ticketing. We also have a global team of field service engineers supporting 30 tech bar locations, VIP support, Deskside services, distribution centers and global store locations.  Additional services include IT procurement as well hardware and software asset management services.
    We started the project in early 2018 to optimize the management of fertilizer inventory and reduce the time to measure inventory volume while also increasing worker safety. Through several DeepDive cycles and experimentation, we developed an Indoor Autonomous Drone to check inventory daily and integrate the data with internal systems to mangage fertilizer production. The project rolled out in January 2019 and is currently being deployed to additional plants. Results include: - 90% to 98% accuracty of inventory;
    -Worker Accidents Reduced 100%
    -Inventory measurement time decreased from 24 hours to 40 minutes
    99 Taxi:
    99 Taxi is Uber’s main competitor in Brazil. We answer questions and handle incidents for both the clients and drivers, solving problems with both digital and humanized solutions. After reporting good initial results, we are now working with 99 Taxi on new innovations to use analytics to optimize driving routes in Brazil and to better serve its customers and drivers.
    Our partnership began in 2016 with Agiplan and the creation of one of the first payment applications in Brazil to use a QR Code. Users open a payment account and then a Wallet to directly pay accredited establishments via a QR Code. This offers a simple, digital payment experience for the user as well as better rates for the establishment. During a big rock festival (Planeta Atlantida) in Brazil, users opened 40 thousand accounts to pay festival venders. Stefanini was responsible for creating all phases of the application including Customer Experience design for account set up as well as security/fraud protection (with document OCRs, fraud validation, etc.). Agiplan is now Agibank, serving both digital and on premise customer needs, and we evolved our solution to support the entire bank using our Topaz digital bank platform.
  • Nestle:
    With sensors (IoT), analytics, and robots we automated the entire distribution center for Garoto Chocolates (Nestlé brand) in Brazil. The results included optimizing processes for reduced cost within the distribution center as well as new truck dispatch agility to improve traffic in the city of Vila Velha. With fully automated conveyer belts, Nestlé is responding better to seasonal changes and rapid, dynamic behavioral demands of customers, like chocolate sales around Easter.  
    In 2016, we created a digital solution for AGCO’s salesforce.  The project started with a Stefanini Dive (1 week) and continued with agile development squads for 3 months. The solution for AGCO's commercial area was an online browsing catalog during client farm visits in order to facilitate the sales process. With the online catalog solution, AGCO can customize budgets in real time without an internet connection. We expect to expand the model to other product lines such as harvesters, sprayers and tractors.
    Your car is now digitally connect to your phone thanks to new solutions like the one we co-created with FCA.  The project began in 2014 when we because innovating with FCA to launch one of the first digital solutions in Brazil that supported 100% interaction with the car using the cell phone. With a practical, secure and connected application, Uconnect Mobile enables the user to bring their digital world to the car and allows users to integrate their smart phone with the media center to make calls, listen to the radio or applications, access GPS features, and control Eco Drive.
    Between 2016 and 2018, we unified Embraer’s system for validating and monitoring the electrical components of an aircraft. Part of this solution also entailed segregating the data from military aircrafts and executive aircrafts for security purposes. The goal of the project was to better obtain electrical data associated with manufacturing requests, check availability of manufacturing materials, isolate testing, and management services performed. In addition, we created a digital manual for better self-instruction, access to resources anytime, and digitalization of third-party diagrams for improved worker experience and productivity.