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10 Reasons to Date a Presenter

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Have you given a thought on who to date on Valentine's Day this year? Try a presenter and be smitten with his great qualities. <3

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10 Reasons to Date a Presenter

  1. Created by SLIDESHOP
  2. He researches your favorite foods, restaurants and flowers. He takes time to learn about that hobby you’re passionate about. You’d be positively overwhelmed at the time and effort he devotes to knowing you better. He thoroughly prepares for a date
  3. to talk about when he’s with you, whether you’re out for the evening, on a weekend getaway, having dinner with your folks or just out for coffee. And he understands that timing is important. He thinks of great topics
  4. He makes sure his hair is trimmed and neat. He chooses smart but comfortable clothes, and keeps his shoes in great shape. He is well-groomed
  5. that make even casual dates fascinating. He doesn’t just choose any old stories - he knows what will hold your interest, and how to match your mood. He shares engaging stories
  6. You’ll rarely hear an "um" or "uh," and no silly buzzwords or clichés. He speaks with substance, enthusiasm, eloquence, clarity and style.
  7. He knows when you are comfortable, having fun, uneasy, distracted, or ready for something new. He gets your signals - the way you look at him, or give your hair a flirty flip. He is sensitive to your body language
  8. He asks questions, consults your opinions, makes you laugh with just the right jokes. And he always makes sure you’re both on the same page. He connects with you in different ways
  9. with others and get along well. He won’t feel awkward, uneasy or left out when you take him to a get-togethers with your friends, working colleagues, or family. He has confidence & courage to speak
  10. And that makes him cool. He keeps his cool
  11. whether he’s listing the reasons you make such a great partner, sharing suggestions for making your relationship even better... or even asking you to spend the rest of your life with him. He can create an awesome presentation
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