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Pitch deck for HackPack.press

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  1. 1. The global network for the media industry Strengthening independent journalism to help media outlets better inform the public about our world Contact: Justin Varilek; email: justin.varilek@hackpack.press; Skype: justin.varilek; US: +17814601649; Russia: +79651054975 HackPack.press
  2. 2. Editors Are Losing Their Networks Problem: 51% drop in newspaper revenues in the past 15 years has led to loss of staff and global networks Option 1: Try to provide coverage using outdated cumbersome excel sheets Option 3: Gain investments and expand global networks, i.e. VICE, Buzzfeed, Politico Option 2: End coverage, copy the wires, or aggregate – diminishing competitiveness Need: Media outlets need a subjective, up-to-date means to expand and provide coverage based upon their needs.
  3. 3. Companies React Problem: Turbulent media market means fewer journalists are covering more topics, new influencers arise, journalists are swapping publications. Option 1: Spend months developing journalist database and fight for their attention Option 2: Hire expensive PR agencies in every location Need: Tech startups and international companies need global access to local influencers and media markets. Option 3: Purchase expensive journalist lists that only focus on English-speaking markets
  4. 4. Consultants and NGOs Seek Other Options Turbulent media industry means fewer Western journalists in locations to conduct risk analysis, research businesses, and assist in aid activities Companies need subjective means to select individuals who will ensure anonymity
  5. 5. Our Solution: connect the entire vertical Fixer Videographer Journalist Editor Photographer Expert PR ProfessionalInformation Intelligence
  6. 6. What is HackPack? !  Searchable Database !  Specialized profiles for the media industry !  Subjective feedback from colleagues !  Offline events !  Training, social gatherings
  7. 7. What is HackPack? !  Twitter, but following topics, not people, including: !  Job opportunities !  Quote queries from journalists !  Press Release Distribution !  Event announcements !  Demo: www.youtube.com/ watch?v=s5hszKCX0Ls
  8. 8. Where Are We Now? 1620 members 40 countries Avg Growth of 690% per mo. for past 4 mo.
  9. 9. $2.1 bln Global Market Services !  Contact Management !  Press Release Distribution !  Media Analysis !  Media Monitoring Burton Taylor Media Intelligence and Public Relations Information & Software Competitor Market Map: http://www.burton-taylor.com/samples/ B-T_Global_Media_Intelligence_and_Public_Relations_Information-Software_Competitor-Segment_Sizing_2015-Free_Download.pdf Primary paying clients !  PR agencies around the globe: ~12,700 U.S., U.K, Russia (2014) !  VCs: 735 in U.S., Russia (2014) !  SMBs <20 employees: ~5,130,000 in U.S. (2012)
  10. 10. Business Model Group Pricing Model Journalists, Fixers, Photographers, Videographers Free Access + payment for extra Private Messages Editors Freemium access Media outlet Monthly Subscription PR agencies, Companies, Universities, Consulting companies Monthly Subscription NGOs Monthly Subscription or Free with specific amount of activity
  11. 11. Market Ripe for Disruption 1.  Private-equity fund, GTCR, purchases main competitors 2.  Main photographer/fixer search tool closed April 2014, GTCR bought Vocus for $446.5 million May 2014, GTCR acquired Cision for $170 million October 2014, GTCR bought Gorkana for $300 millionJune 2015, UK regulators forced GTCR to divest Cision and Vocus operations Sept. 2015, Lightstalkers closed down
  12. 12. Community Growth Strategy Utilize Dropbox-style referral program Target Key Audience in Facebook Groups •  Find a Journalist Around the World – 13,340 users •  Moscow HackPack – 1700 users •  Foreign Journalists in Ukraine - 1060 Ride the election wave •  US General Elections •  French Elections •  Belarus Elections •  Russian Duma Elections Hire Community Leads in key geographies •  Organize offline events •  Create localized content •  Promote news-worthy events and local members •  Drive local partnerships
  13. 13. Community Growth Timeline Ukraine Launch; Russia Focus NH & IA Focus; Kickstarter; Belarus elections Launch Smartphone Application IA Caucus Elections NH Primary Elections St. Petersburg and Moscow events; Enter Iran & France markets Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb.
  14. 14. Our Media Partners This is every commissioning editor’s dream. I need a better way to evaluate writers before hiring them. VICE is now producing 35 episodes a year and needs access to local fixers all over the globe. "HackPack was an instantaneous and landslide of a success in my hunt for employees at our office. In less than one week, I found three candidates, one of which has already begun working full- time." Igor Serebryany, Editor "I spent weeks looking for a solid Moscow-based business reporter without success. HackPack found the perfect candidate in just a few days." Erica Alini, Deputy Managing Editor
  15. 15. Our Expert Partners Human Rights International Law Economics Terrorism Politics Technology
  16. 16. Team Entrepreneur, Journalist, and PR Professional. He has rebuilt the US press office of Acronis, a global software company, and founded the press office for Skoltech, a global university in Moscow, Russia. Past journalist at The Moscow Times. Justin Varilek CEO Programmer, Entrepreneur. Pavel has developed his skills at global companies LinkedIn and Mail.ru as well as on a previous startup, Onefamily.co, where he led frontend development for this Airbnb for babysitters. Pavel Ivanov Frontend Programmer Alexander Chubarov Backend Programmer Web developer with seven years of experience. He has built an expertise in high-load projects with complicated business logic at the fast-growing development company DevHub and created projects using big data analysis and social networks.
  17. 17. Team Leonard Grayver Legal Advisor Technology and Venture Capital Attorney at Greenberg, Whitcombe, Takeuchi Gibson & Grayver. He counsels middle- market, emerging growth, and startups in corporate and securities laws, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic business deals. In 15 years, he has also founded six startups, including Artec Group. Ed Crawley Advisor Professor of Engineering systems at MIT and serial entrepreneur. Cofounder of Active Control eXperts, (sold successfully in 2000), BioScale Inc., Dataxu (Named the fifth fastest growing company in 2012), and Ekotrope. Currently, he serves as the founding President of Skoltech.
  18. 18. Team Artem Galustyan Community Lead, Russia & CIS Maxim Eristavi Community Lead, Eastern & Central Europe Journalist, fixer, Web-projects producer. Artem works as managing editor for multimedia web-projects at Kommersant.ru. He has covered the Ukrainian crisis from Kiev, Lviv, and Crimea since Nov. 2013. He is a Ph.D. candidate for New Media and Communication Theory at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Journalist, fixer, entrepreneur. Maxim is the cofounder of Hromadske International, a new media conglomerate focused on Ukraine. During the 2013-14 conflict in Ukraine, he became one of the most famous English- speaking journalists providing coverage for international media outlets. Journalist/Editor. Luke is currently the executive editor of The Dartmouth and its partner blog Dartbeat. He previously covered social issues and their intersection with college life and students. He is finishing his degree in comparative literature and creative writing at Dartmouth College. Luke McCann Community Lead, New Hampshire