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Small groups structured activities

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Structure for session on small group work

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Small groups structured activities

  2. 2. ROUND “How do you use small group activities in your teaching and with whom?” – 30 seconds
  3. 3. PAIRS – ACTIVE LISTENING • IN PAIRS • Each talk to this question: “What is your biggest concern with small group activity?” – Divide into A and B – A talks for 90 seconds and B listens without talking or taking notes JUST LISTENING – B summarises what A said in 1 minute • Swap around
  4. 4. SNOWBALL ACTIVITY • INDIVIDUALLY “1 minute paper”: – what are the 3 main things you have gained from the course so far? – what are the 3 main challenges you face at the moment on this course? • IN GROUPS OF 3 – Share your lists
  5. 5. MINDMAPPING • In groups of 6 produce a mind map capturing your learning on the course so far. You can think of learning in terms of: – Knowledge (‘what’ learnt) – Processes (engaging with learning) – Organisation • Remember to use the structure advised in the video – Main categories are like chapter titles – Subsidiary categories are like sub-headings